Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : It’s Rishta Time for Abhimanyu

The Episode starts with Mahima checking Akshara’s profile online. Harsh checks Aarohi’s profile. Manjiri comes and says I gave a holiday to the staff, they can also celebrate Dhanteras with their families, so I got late in bringing the tea. Mahima asks why are you such a fool, you don’t value your time, good I m your sister and Jethani also. Manjiri hugs her and says you saved me. Harsh says strange, one sister is a doctor, and other is always busy in household work. Manjiri says its good, Mahima manages the work, this house is my world. Mahima says the world is my home. Harsh thinks Aarohi shouldn’t be like Manjiri. Aarohi comes to the Birla hospital. Akshu comes to the NGO. The man says you just have 10 mins. A boy falls. The man says send two doctors fast. He asks Aarohi are you also a doctor. She goes with him.

Akshu runs to help the boy. The man says you make your career first. She says let me become a good person first. She runs and helps the boy. Mahima looks on. Aarohi treats the patient and praises Birlas. Harsh looks on. Akshu takes the boy to the hospital. Mahima says I was planning to test her, she passed in my sight. Harsh says I planned this practical test for her, she passed. She says I wanted Manjiri’s shadow, such a wife for Abhimanyu. Harsh says she is not like Manjiri, she is a perfect Birla bahu. Abhimanyu thinks to call Akshu. She slips and falls in his arms. She says he is hurt. He worries for her. She says not me, he is hurt. He says thank God, I was so worried. He takes the boy. Harsh says you got selected for the internship. Aarohi asks what, I didn’t give any interview. He says you gave the practical test, you are selected, I have seen all the qualities in you, you will become the best doctor, a good hospital is made by doctors and… She says money and big clients also. He says wow, you said what I wanted to say.

Abhimanyu says don’t worry, its a small wound. Akshu says its a deep one. He says I know. She says oh, doctor uncle will make you fine. He jokes. They smile seeing each other. Harsh says congrats, welcome into the Birla family. Aarohi says I want to become number 1, I will do my best to make your hospital stay on the top. He says great, you will be in Abhimanyu’s team, I will make your documents ready, Abhimanyu will meet you soon. Aarohi says I will wait. She sees Abhimanyu with Akshu. She comes to greet. Akshu asks how was your interview, I was going for my interview and this boy got hurt. He says it means you left the interview. She says maybe that job wasn’t on me. He says Aarohi would be selected, I know a bit, and I know Harsh since childhood. Aarohi says yes, I got selected. Akshu says Dadi will make sweets for you. She hugs her. Abimanyu asks the boy to congratulate Aarohi and thank Akshu. He says congrats, I will throw a party for your selection. Akshu and Aarohi say no, we will give a party. The boy asks for a softy. Abhimanyu says I have to go now, Dadi asked me to come to your house. Aarohi says then come, everyone is waiting. He says I won’t make them wait, I will come soon. He goes. They smile.

Kairav asks how can you do this, sorry, you didn’t ask Akshu. Manish says we just spoke about the alliance, do we need your children to think for their betterment. Kairav says Akshu needs time. Manish says you all need time. Kairav asks why are you in a hurry, tell me about it. Manish says I don’t want to talk about it.

Akshu and Aarohi come home. Akshu asks is everything fine. Suwarna says nothing, we got a good alliance for you. Manish says we will take your permission if we have to take the talks ahead. Kairav says you are misunderstanding. Akshu says its Dhanteras today, we will talk about it later. Aarohi thinks she gets all the attention always. Manish and Suwarna ask Aarohi about her interview. Akshu says I didn’t give my interview, but Aarohi got selected, she became Birla family member, she is working with Abhimanyu. Everyone claps. Suwarna says we have to find out Akshu’s consent, then Akshu will be in Birla house and Aarohi in Birla house. Dadi asks them to get ready for dhanteras. Parth and Shefali argue. Manjiri comes to calm them. Shefali says I m a journalist, its not a 9 to 5 job. Parth says your work is ruining our relation. She says if you understood your work, then you would have understood someone’s work, you couldn’t fulfill your own dreams. He says you know about my dreams.

Manjiri asks Mahima to explain them. Mahima says they are not kids. Manjiri says I want a doctor bahu for Abhi. Mahima says but that…. Manjiri goes to the pandit. Everyone sits to pray. Parth says you should have taken leave for diwali. Shefali says I have taken two days leave. Abhimanyu asks who are you going to expose now. She says its a big scandal, check it online. He says best of luck. Kairav, Akshu and Aarohi do the aarti. Abhimanyu hugs the family members. He wishes Harsh and goes. Harsh gets sad. Manjiri looks on.

Neil goes to hug Harsh. Harsh blesses from far. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu to distribute the envelops. Shefali says I have to go for sometime. Manjiri says work first, I understand, go. Akshu and Aarohi go for a fire crackles competition. Aarohi says you never win in front of me. Akshu says lets see. Harsh says we stay busy in our work, we are together and free, I want to talk about Abhimanyu’s marriage. Abhimanyu says I already liked a girl, I will ask her first, then you can talk to her family. Harsh says we just… Abhimanyu says I want to take my life’s decisions myself.

Akshu smiles seeing Aarohi and hugs her. Abhimanyu sees them coming. Aarohi forwards her hand. He says I love Akshara, not Aarohi. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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