Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Kartik’s Plane Crashes !!!

Sheela acting and pleading Sirat for a job. Sirat asks her to leave. Sheela says pity me, get me a job. Sirat says I don’t trust you, just leave. Aarohi gets angry on Manish. She says how can he not let me meet my Nani, I will see them. Akshu tries to stop her. Sheela says let me meet Aarohi once. Sirat scolds her for never loving her own daughter. She asks why do you show love for Aarohi now.

Sheela says I really regret, you pity me, let me meet Aarohi once. Aarohi and Akshu come. Manish asks Sheela not to call Aarohi her blood, she has no relation with her. Sheela says I m her Nani. Manish says Naira’s mum is her Nani, not you. He asks Sirat to ask her mum to leave and never show her face again. Sheela cries and leaves. Manish says you don’t let your mum or family come here, else my word can get true. He goes. Aarohi says Manish is so rude, he didn’t let mumma meet my Nani. Akshu consoles her. She says I will make you and your mumma meet your Nani.

Suwarna comes to Manish. He is on call. He says I was speaking to the lawyer to get restraining order against Sheela. Suwarna says its not needed. He says Mukesh lost a job, they may take revenge. She says I think she is in a real problem. He asks her not to come in her words. She says we can get her a job, if she does any theft or begs others, then it will defame us, media knows that they are our relatives. He nods. He calls Sirat. Sirat says sorry, you all have to… He says its not your mistake, take this card for your mum, ask her to meet my secretary for a job. Sirat says its not needed, don’t know she is saying truth or lie, don’t trust her. He says we don’t trust her, I will send her to jail if she is seen around the house, tell her to get the job if she really needs a job. Suwarna says kids will have many questions, you have to think how to manage it.

Sirat comes to the kids and gets snacks for him. Akshu says we have seen Sheela crying and leaving. Sirat says few things are such that we can’t tell the kids, I will explain you when you grow up, have some food. Aarohi says no, tell me, why didn’t you make me meet Nani. Sirat says no, Naksh’s family is your Naniyaal, my Maudi is your Nani, we always have her blessings, I don’t want to talk about Sheela, don’t ask anything, eat the rolls and sit to study. She worries.

Aarohi thinks mumma misses Sheela a lot, she is scared of Manish. Sirat calls Sheela and says I will meet you for the last time today. Suwarna comes and asks her to have icecream, it calms the mind. Sirat says they got to know about Naira and my truth, and then about Sheela, Akshu is sensible, but Aarohi is stubborn, Akshu handled herself and me also, but Aarohi is different. Suwarna says every child is different, Kirti accepted me early, but not Kartik, he took years to accept me, he never spoke to me, but I didn’t lose hope, the day came when he accepted me and I won, keep trying, everything gets fine, their relation will become sweet like icecream, throw your tension away now. Aarohi checks about Sheela on the social media. Sheela comes to meet Sirat.

says my family had pity on you, they are giving you another chance. Sheela says I will thank them. Sirat says no need. Akshu says Aarohi, your Nani…. Sirat gives the card and says call on this number, they will give you the job, don’t come around my house. Aarohi says I will meet my Nani, don’t tell mumma. Sirat says you didn’t do any duty till now. Sheela says let me meet them. Aarohi looks on. Sirat says go from here now. She goes. Manish says don’t know what is Aarohi thinking about her Nani, she isn’t a good person. Akshu asks why aren’t you letting her meet, please let her meet. Sheela hugs Aarohi and says I m your Nani.

Aarohi asks why didn’t you meet me before, why is everyone upset. Sheela says I m poor, Sirat isn’t from a rich family like Naira, so I have no value. Manish says I didn’t wish to tell you, Aarohi’s Nani is very selfish, she has behaved badly with your mumma, ask Sirat, she doesn’t want to meet her. Aarohi says come with me and talk to Manish. Sheela says no, they don’t like me, they will scold you and can oust Sirat. Aarohi says no, they love my mumma a lot, Akshu was too young, they wanted a nanny, so they got your mum and dad married, they are not bad people, they are good for Akshu.

Akshu says Aarohi felt bad. Manish says Akshara was very sweet, everyone respects her even today but Sheela isn’t good. Sheela fills Aarohi’s ears. She says promise me, you won’t tell anyone, hug me once. Aarohi hugs her. Sheela goes. Aarohi comes and hears Manish. Manish says you are my fav. Akshu nods. Aarohi goes. Akshu says I will see Aarohi and come. Sirat says Kartik messaged, he is coming tomorrow. Dadi says thank God, they both can handle the kids well.
Akhilesh gets some message. They see the news of the missing flight and its accident. Sirat and everyone cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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