Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Lav & Kush Furious Over Sirat !

Sirat thinking of Surekha’s words. Kartik asks for a file. He says this is a magazine, I asked for a file. She says sorry. He asks are you worried, what’s the matter. She says Vansh and Kairav were making noise, everything is fine. He says you should be happy, what happened to you. She says you have celebrated it well, but it would be better if I didn’t win this match, I would have taken good care of you and kids, and not made any mistake. He asks her to tell what’s the matter. She says coach will increase practice time, I will have less time for family. He jokes and says think of your husband, tell me, what’s the matter. He asks did anyone say anything. She thinks.

Kairav comes to call them. He says reporters want to take Sirat’s interview. Sirat recalls Surekha’s words. Kartik thinks why don’t you have the confidence. Sirat says yes, I will win, this dream has become my husband’s dream also, its my family’s dream, I will get the medal for them and my country, my family has regarded me a daughter so I m able to do boxing after marriage. The reporter says you are an inspiration for everyone. Sirat says not me, my family are the inspiration. Everyone smiles. Surekha says she got everyone on their sides by these sugary talks. The reporters question Kartik, how does he feel to be the husband of a successful boxer. He jokes. Manish and everyone laugh. Kartik says I feel proud of her, she is determined, sometimes she thinks as a mother first, I explain her that she is a boxer first, I know she will never let the boxer die. He praises her. He asks them to take interview of the family. Manish and Akhilesh say we wish her all the best, Sirat should get medals. Kairav says she has a habit to win. Sirat introduces her daughters, Akshu and Aarohi. She says they are my hope and strength, I want them to feel proud of me. Reporter asks can we take your pic. Sirat says yes. Reporter asks Surekha to say something. Kartik asks them to go and see the boxing ring made at home. Sirat takes the reporters. He asks Surekha did anything happen, why is she upset. Surekha says I don’t want to talk if you want to fight with me like your wife. She argues and goes.

Kairav and Vansh praise Sirat. The reporters like the ring and equipments. Kids go. Sirat tells about the family pic. The reporter says Lav and Kush got punished for molesting a girl, right. Sirat says they are studying well now, you can take my coach’s interview. The reporter says fine.

Sirat asks did I say anything right. Kartik says you said it well, I got to know what happened between Surekha and you, I wish you had told me about it, once you get the medal, then she will praise you a lot. Sirat says I can win or lose. He asks why are you saying so. Kairav gets a gift for her. She sees the medal and smiles. He says you will get the Asian championship medal, but you are already a winner for us. Vansh says yes, fight for enjoyment, not to win, you can do the best. Kartik asks the kids to make her wear it. Sirat smiles seeing the medal. Kartik laughs. They eat the chocolate medal.

Sirat comes to Suwarna and says sorry, I couldn’t help. Suwarna says its fine, did Kartik sleep. Sirat says yes, kids are studying in the room. Dadi asks when will the interview come, my friends were asking. Sirat says I will find out. Akhilesh gets Lav’s call. He answers and asks are you okay, how did the exams go. Lav and Kush shout and say Sirat’s interview has come, it got viral. Manish checks the interview. The reporters say about Sirat’s good personality, the same family has disgusting people like Lav and Kush, they had molested a girl. Lav says why did Sirat say that to the media, we are facing a problem here. Akhilesh and Manish say we will come there and handle things. Sirat says reporters asked me about them, but I didn’t tell anything. Surekha says you didn’t need to tell anything. Manish says you should have told us about it, we would have warned the media houses to hide this news. Sirat says I didn’t think so, sorry. Surekha says you have enmity with my children. Suwarna says we are also worried for Lav and Kush. Dadi says Sirat, you should have not hid this. Sirat says I didn’t know this would happen. Surekha scolds her. Manish says Sirat, no use to say sorry, we will go home. Akhilesh and Manish leave. Sirat says I will not leave that reporter.

Kartik says you have to win for all those girls who regard you an idol. Sirat falls in the ring. Kartik asks her to get up and fulfill her promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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