Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Manjiri Announces Abhimanyu – Arohi’s Wedding !

The Episode starts with everyone looking at Akshu. Akshu sees the laser light on Abhir. Abhir says wow, me and doc man. He goes to Abhi and says we made a team. Ruhi asks why is this boy with poppy. Aarohi says it’s a game, enjoy. Abhi says what to do now. Abhir says think about yourself, I m a star since childhood. The man says he looks like Junior Abhi. Abhir asks are you scared. Abhi says its difficult, but I will try. Kairav asks them to come and dance. Akshu thinks it’s a matter of one day more, then we have to return home, everything will get normal. Abhi and Abhir dance. Nacho….plays… Everyone claps.

Ruhi gets sad and goes. Aarohi looks for her. Abhi hugs Abhir. He says wow, you are really a star. Abhinav and Akshu say he did really well. Abhinav says he is my son. Manjiri looks on. Abhinav stops Aarohi. He asks are you looking for Ruhi. She says yes. He says she is lovely like a fairy. She says Abhir is also cute. He says Ruhi is sensible, she didn’t eat the cake when she wanted. She says no, she loves Dadi a lot, she didn’t wish to spoil the cake. He says I will find her and come, I will befriend her. He goes. Aarohi says I didn’t think it will be easy to talk to him, Abhinav is sweet, I guess Akshu is happy now.

Abhir jokes. Ruhi comes and hugs Abhi. She says you didn’t dance with me. Abhi says we will dance now. Dadi asks who is the next pairing. Abhir says mum and dad will dance. Abhinav says yes, we have come prepared. Dadi asks him to take his Akshara to stage. Parth says we have to see a driver’s dance now. Mahima says just see, he has driving license and dancing license also. Muskaan and Kairav argue. Abhinav and Akshu dance on yeh chand sa roshan chehra…. Abhi tries hard to smile. Manjiri looks on. Akshu stumbles and laughs. Abhi worries and stops himself. Dadi and Abhir join them on stage. Everyone claps.

They all dance on yeh Rishta kya…. Abhi sees Akshu. Manjiri looks at them. She thinks if we see Akshu’s happiness, we will see Abhi’s sorrow more, he will fall lonely. Dadi says relation hurts when it changes, it takes time to accept every new thing, once we get habitual, then heart accepts the change relation also. Manish says I understand. He hugs her. Manjiri thinks its time, Abhi has to move on and hug happiness. Kairav gets the cake. Abhir asks shall I get table fan, candles are many. Dadi laughs. Abhinav says leave one candle. Abhir says we will put it in temple. Dadi says Akshu, you value him good values. Ruhi and Abhir argue. Dadi cuts the cake. She feeds the cake to the kids. Everyone wishes Dadi and hugs her.

Dadi says Abhinav gave me big happiness. Abhinav says don’t cry on your birthday. Abhi and Aarohi also wish Dadi and hug. Abhi says your love, blessing and happiness is the most imp. Birlas also wish Dadi. Abhinav says elders don’t get respect when there are relations, but Abhi is paying much respect, even your family is giving him respect, both the families have good values. Akshu says yes, both the families get the credit, they understand the meaning of love and respect like you. He says like you do.

Manjiri wishes Dadi. Dadi says I have no wish left now. Manjiri says I have a special gift for you, you won’t need to worry for Aarohi and Ruhi again. Abhi and Aarohi look at each other. Dadi asks what’s the gift. Manjiri says Abhi and Aarohi have decided to get married for Ruhi’s sake. Everyone is shocked. Abhi sees Akshu.

Kairav says this man left Akshu when she lost her babies, you want to make him your husband, Aarohi. Abhi apologizes to them from Manjiri’s side and says I m not sorry, I m marrying Aarohi, I was foolish before, it won’t happen again, it’s a promise. Akshu looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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