Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai :Manjiri Blasts Akshu! ; Abhi Unconscious !

The Episode starts with Kairav lifting Abhi and taking him to the car. Manjiri wipes Abhi’s blood. Manish says drive fast. Kairav says don’t worry, he will be fine. Manish says you didn’t say he is coming home. She says he wasn’t coming, don’t know why… Aarohi worries. Akshu also worries and sees Abhi’s blood on her hands.

Abhinav gives her a kerchief. Muskaan consoles Dadi. Abhir comes and asks where did everyone go, I went to bathroom and changed clothes, when I came back, there is no one here. Muskaan says they will come. She takes him. Dadi sits worrying and prays. Everyone sees Abhi getting treated and cries. Mahima says he looked worried since morning. Rohan says multiple injuries.

Aarohi says I will go. Parth says stop, you are in shock, you can’t go in OT. Manjiri cries for Abhi. Mahima says we have to shift him to OT if he doesn’t get stable. Manjiri says I want to go to him. Suwarna says he will get fine. Manish asks Suwarna to make her sit.

He says its good kids weren’t there. Aarohi says if Ruhi saw her poppy in this state. He says Abhir. Surekha says Abhi is Dadi’s fav, Dadi is crying a lot. Manjiri cleans the wallet and kisses it. She cleans the phone’s screen. She sees the call log. She says Abhi came to meet Akshu. She stares at Akshu.

She says this happened because of you. Manish asks how did she come in between. Manjiri says she was always in between Abhi and Aarohi’s happiness, she is responsible for his condition. Abhinav says sorry, how can she be a reason for his accident. She says she is the reason, see this, Abhi has called her many times, if she wasn’t here, then he would have not come to your house.

She says Abhi got restless after meeting you in Kasauli. She shows the phone and says Aarohi, see this, Abhi called her and came home to meet her, just Akshu is the reason for his state. Akshu cries. Manjiri asks why did you come back after many years, will you make him die. Akshu says please don’t say this. Abhinav says you are a mum, we understand your feelings, trust us, we don’t wish bad for him, we shouldn’t say anything in anger that we regret later.

Manish and Suwarna ask her to calm down. Surekha asks why was Abhi calling Akshu before engagement. He asks her to think and talk. Abhinav says calm down, we understand your pain. She says Neil was brought to the hospital 6 years back, we couldn’t take him back, he was also injured, he tried a lot, but he lost, you know the reason for it, your wife Akshara. Akshu cries. Manjiri says Abhi broke down, I also wanted to die, Neil couldn’t see his daughter. She scolds Abhinav and Akshu.

She says you proved that Abhi doesn’t matter to you, then why did you run after him hearing his accident news, by what right did you cry for him, answer me, I want to know what is your relation with him. Akshu cries and leaves. Manjiri says go from here, you did the same before. She shouts and cries. Abhinav runs after Akshu. He looks for her. Akshu walks on the road crying. She says he wanted to say something, what was it. He asks her to listen. She hires an auto rickshaw and leaves. He runs after the auto.

He gets tired and stops. Akshu recalls Abhi. Suwarna and Surekha come home. Suwarna says Abhi’s operation is going on. Surekha says we came back, everyone is there, but Akshu is at the wrong place. Dadi says think and talk. Surekha says we have seen how she ran to Abhi, she forgot her marriage, husband and kid, she forgot that Aarohi is getting engaged to him.

Dadi says he is in hospital and you are saying this. Surekha says someone has to say, how many times will you sacrifice Aarohi’s happiness for Akshu’s sake, Manjiri also saw the truth in Akshu’s eyes. She argues with them.

She says no one can separate them, they shouldn’t come close, you are making them stand under the same roof, who knows they want to unite again. Dadi scolds her. They see Abhinav at the door.

Abhir says I m coming to you, doc man. Akshu shouts Abhir. Abhinav asks what happened. She shows the note and says he is going to Abhi, but how. Abhir sees Abhi in the hospital ward.

Update Credit to: Amena

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