Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Marriage Prep On for Abhi & Arohi !

The Episode starts with Abhi and Akshu seeing each other and getting sad. Jaaniye….plays… He leaves. Aarohi says that was Abhi, drive fast. Manjiri says I had kept this box safely here. Neil says its a call for you. She drops the box. She says wait there, I m coming. She sees the adoption order. Parth comes. She asks him to go, she will come. The paper flies under the bed. She goes. Akshu says I won’t do rash driving. Abhi helps a lady on the way and picks the fallen veg. Aarohi comes and asks can I come along, you are going to the hospital. He says I don’t think so. She says Akshu is going in opp direction, she was coming to drop me. He says sorry, I don’t have an extra helmet. He goes. Aarohi says you drop me, I will win him one day.

Abhi says no one else will sit on this bike. Aarohi comes to the hospital and sees Mahima and Anand giving the interview to the reporters, being called a power couple. She says wow, amazing, this is called life partner, life and work, all together, they have name and fame. She imagines Abhi and she giving the interview. She says Abhi and I will become the face of this hospital like you and Anand. Mahima says shut up, you are in a hurry, you are just a MBBS, go and read my degrees on the board, you won’t become a power couple if you become a Birla bahu, get qualified first, you can never become Dr. Mahima Birla, I m the best in Birlas, now and forever, remember this. She goes. Aarohi says I will be the best, you remember this. Abhi is doing the surgery. The man says its tiring, can you sing like the last time.

Akshu gets Manjiri’s call on the landline. She asks how are you. Manjiri says I m fine. Akshu says Abhi has agreed for marriage. She gives the call to Suwarna and Dadi. Suwarna asks Manjiri how is she, she should take rest. Manjiri says I m okay, I want you all to come on dinner tonight, its your right, we will welcome you. Dadi says fine, we will meet tonight. Abhi worries. Mahima says Goenkas are coming home to fix the date, we will go home together Abhi says don’t wait for me, there are many patients. He thinks its better if Akshu doesn’t come. Mahima sees a girl playing guitar and recalls Akshu. She thinks a surgeon doesn’t give up.

Manish says take Aarohi along, Akhilesh is there for her. Kairav asks him to come along. Manish says Akshu and I will be together. Aarohi says then no one will go, you have to come, please, we will go together. Akshu says yes, we should go. Aarohi says now Akshu is also saying, come. They all go. Kairav asks which pizza shall I order for you, you shouldn’t come, its complicated, I will order a pizza for you. Harsh says welcome Goenka family, you all look so good, why this formality, its a simple dinner. Suwarna says sorry, we came to our daughter’s Sasural for the first time.

Anand says its good, we just came from the hospital. Mahima asks didn’t Akshu come. Harsh says its fine. Kairav says no, Akshu has come. Mahima smiles. Akshu recalls saying I will come for Aarohi’s happiness. Harsh says Abhi is busy with an imp patient, maybe he won’t come on time. Akshu recalls messaging Neil and knowing about Abhi. Anand asks them to come in. Aarohi goes and a huge lamp falls. Akshu holds it. She asks are you fine. Harsh scolds the servants. Kairav says please relax, Akshu has handled it.

Anand thanks Akshu. Abhi gets the pics and sees Akshu. He thinks I don’t have to go there. Manjiri says we will do a rasam until pandit finds the date. Anand says she does all the rasams here. Akhilesh says it should be there. Harsh says work is our priority, some family members and servants handle these things. Mahima says our Saas used to say that relations are sweet like laddoos, and fate like stone which can change anytime. Harsh asks is this necessary. Manjiri says we also did this rasam. Dadi says its fine, we will do this. Aarohi smiles. Akshu thinks its good Abhi isn’t here. Abhi thinks you should have not come.

Akshu and Aarohi dance. Abhi comes home. Akshu collides with him. Mahima says Akshu will join Birla hospital. Abhi asks Akshu to refuse to the offer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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