Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Showdown Between Arohi & Akshu; Abhi Protects His Mother

Akshu crying and saying why did I think Abhi loves Aarohi when I felt his emotions, what could I do, if I told the truth, then Aarohi would have never forgiven me, if I had lied, then Abhi would have felt so bad, so I didn’t say anything, I m sorry. She cries. Aarohi hears her and says aw.. Akshu says sorry. Aarohi says don’t do this favor on me and say sorry, I understand you, you did all this intentionally, how could you tolerate my happiness, when you knew he is a doctor, then why did you sing and impress him, you performed on stage and sang his mum’s fav song, now I understand.

Akshu says I always felt that you have to focus on career. Aarohi says you also said you have to find yourself first, you changed your plan, why will he like you. Akshu says he isn’t a kid to fall for me. Aarohi says you aren’t a kid too, you always gave me sorrow, I used to win but you used to celebrate, you snatched my love, my mum, you just gave me sorrow. Akshu says I have tolerated more pain than you, Sirat was my mum also, I have also lost my mum and dad, I lost you also, so just stop. Everyone looks on. Aarohi says you are acting so much.

Akshu says stop it, I have always heard a lot, today it wasn’t my mistake, this misunderstanding happened with everyone today, I m not responsible alone, so don’t blame me. Harsh calls Parth. Parth says we found Abhi. Harsh says get him home. Neil says so sorry bro, I gave you the wrong number. Harsh says Abhi is fine, Parth and Neil are getting him. He says Manjiri, this happened because of you. Manjiri says I don’t know. He asks how, see what happened to Abhi. Anand says we got insulted but his entire life got ruined, he fell in true love and you couldn’t get his love. Harsh scolds her.

Mahima says you tell me that I don’t understand Parth, you don’t understand Abhi. Harsh and Manjiri argue. Manjiri says I m not a suitable wife for you, but I m a good mother for Abhi, I made a mistake, you could have handled things, you broke the alliance, you made a bigger mistake. Harsh says you made a mistake, how dare you…He raises hand. Abhi comes and stops him. Abhi scolds him. Kairav asks Aarohi and Akshu to calm down. Aarohi says no, you all listen to me. She asks them to get Akshu married. Akshu says everyone is worried, don’t drag this. Aarohi asks can my Abhi come back by your emotional dialogues. Manish asks them to stop it now. Aarohi asks Akshu to go and get married, did she get happy by proving her number 2.

Manjiri cries. Abhi consoles her. He says we won’t talk about this, this matter ends. Harsh says you can come between me and my wife, you don’t want me to talk. Anand asks him to calm down. Harsh says look at his attitude, everyone got to know about the alliance, our reputation got ruined, the world will ask, we have to answer them, clear it now. Abhi shouts what shall I clear. Parth says not again. Neil says I should have cleared things and then give the number.

Parth says accepting mistake won’t help them. Harsh says you tell us, what do we have to do now. Abhi says I love Akshara, I will marry only her. Harsh says you love her, but does she love you, I don’t think so, she didn’t say anything, you will marry such a girl. Abhi says yes. Aarohi says get her married and send her away from my life. Akshu says its not like that. Aarohi argues. Abhi says she didn’t say anything, its our personal matter. Harsh says its a family matter, understand it, what will people say, that girl would have told something, what justification you have. Abhi says I don’t have any justification, I love her and I will marry her. Harsh says she isn’t right for you. Abhi says just spare us, I will deal with it. He runs to see Manjiri. Harsh says you are an emotional fool like your mum, we have to pay a price for this. Dadi asks Aarohi to stop it. Aarohi scolds Akshu. Akshu cries and runs.

Aarohi asks her to go forever. Kairav asks her to shut up. He goes after Akshu. Abhimanyu comes to Manjiri. She says my mistake ruined everything, forgive me. He says please don’t think so. She says I should have asked the name. He asks her to calm down, its not her mistake. Akshu says its not my mistake always, I love you a lot Aarohi. Kairav hugs her and consoles. Akshu asks why did this happen. He says maybe this had to happen. Akhilesh hugs Aarohi and consoles.

Manjiri says if you truly love Akshara, and she loves you, then don’t let her go. Akshu cries. She says I have thought what to do. She calls Abhi and says I want to meet you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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