Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Sirat Defuses Akshu’s Insecurities & Fears

Gayu taking Aarohi with her. Dadi asks Sirat how did this happen. Sirat says I wanted to tell Akshu, but not this way, Sheela did this. Manish gets angry and says Sheela didn’t spare us and you till now, Akshu would be so upset. Suwarna and Dadi say she had come to talk to us. Sirat asks how shall I talk to her. Suwarna says have courage, you can’t lose, I know Akshu got to know this in a wrong way, but you have to handle her.

Surekha says yes, we will handle Aarohi. Sirat says I will talk to Akshu. Akshu cries and says why didn’t everyone tell me that Sirat is my stepmum, is this family not mine, no, this can’t happen, who is my mumma. Sirat comes and brings Naira’s pic. She says this is your mumma. Akshu says its you. Sirat says no, she is Naira, your real mumma, face is same, but we are different. Akshu asks where does she stay, why didn’t we meet her. Sirat says she lives in the sky, did you see that shining star, that’s your mumma. Akshu cries.

Sirat says we made a mistake by hiding this from you and Aarohi, I will tell you the entire truth. Aarohi says its so sad that Naira died, Akshu would be sad. Suwarna says Sirat will tell her the truth. Aarohi asks is our dad ours. Akhilesh says yes, they are your mum and dad, Naira was his first wife. Aarohi asks how did mum and dad meet. Sirat says Naira made us meet through Kairav.

Akshu asks does Kairav know everything. Sirat says he got me in this house, I got a relation with you when I took you in arms for the first time, all relations aren’t of blood, we choose some relations, like our relation. Akshu asks why didn’t he tell me. Sirat says he was sensible to understand, but you were young, we didn’t want you and Aarohi to feel any difference.

Akshu says tell me about my mumma. Sirat says I will tell you and make you meet her. Aarohi says Sirat is just my mumma, Kairav and Akshu’s mum was different. Manish says yes, but now Sirat is mum for you three, remember this. Aarohi nods and says Akshu is sad, I will go and meet her. Sirat praises Naira a lot. She says your name Akshara is kept on your Nani’s name, Naira would be so happy today, she stays in our hearts as a good memory, as an angel, she will stay in your heart also, no one can make her away from you.

Akshu sees Naira’s pics. Sirat says no relation is a step-relation from one side, I will never regard you a stepdaughter, we are mother and daughter, I can’t become like your mumma, but my love and upbringing will not lack. Aarohi says our dad is common, mum can be common too, she loves us a lot. Sirat says I will love my kids equally, Kairav and you became my life, you will always be my elder daughter. Akshu says mumma… Sirat asks her to say it again, did she say it by heart. Akshu says mumma, I told it by my heart. Sirat hugs her and cries.

She says you are like Naira mumma by face and heart, you will be my mumma always. Sirat hugs her and says you are my life, my most sensible and lovely Akshu. Aarohi looks on. Akshu says I got to know about my mumma, she is in the sky, she stays as a star, she gives me blessings. She asks Naira to bless Aarohi also. She asks Aarohi to make a wish quickly seeing the falling star. She says I wish Aarohi and I always stay together. Aarohi thinks I don’t want to share my mumma, just I m her daughter. Sirat tells them about Ram and Lakshman, they were stepbrothers. She asks them to always love each other, a sister’s relation is very pure and good. She says elder sister is like a mum. She asks Aarohi to always support her elder sister, even if mumma isn’t there.

They say you won’t go anywhere. Sirat says I won’t go, sleep now, I will sing Naira’s lullaby. She sings and makes them sleep. Its morning, Dadi says its your upbringing that Akshara is so sensible, she understood it well. Sirat says yes, she is like Naira, she didn’t break relation with me. Manish says Akshara has Naira’s blood, so she is sensible, your mum has no shame in this age.

Suwarna says everything got fine. Manish asks what will happen if she comes here, what’s the guarantee that she will not come here. Sirat says I won’t let this happen. He says we have always given her money, what does she want, are you at fault, you balanced your family and career, you couldn’t handle your mum. Sirat says I broke relations with her. Manish says I regret, you maybe good, but your family will still be that cheap people, you couldn’t erase the cheap effect of your family, both the girls will get the same upbringing, but not the same blood. Akhilesh says no, their nature will be same. Manish says blood always shows its colours. Aarohi and Akshu look on. Aarohi asks why are you saying this to my mumma.

Aarohi sees Akshu with Sirat. She kisses Sirat and smiles. She thinks Sirat is just my mumma, not of Akshu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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