Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Sirat Lands in Big Mess !

Goenkas coming to stay in a resort. Kids love the place. Dadi says we can stay here and celebrate festivals. Surekha says Lav and Kush are fine, they said Manish asked everyone not to talk about this matter. Sirat says thank God. Dadi asks will Manish and Akhilesh need time to come. Suwarna says yes, Kartik’s time will take time, you make Akshu and Aarohi sleep, watchman left this letter for you. Sirat says it will be blood reports. Suwarna says it will be clear, now you will be fighting the case. Dadi says Kartik has taken good care of her. Surekha says I will go and keep my bag. Suwarna asks Sirat to check the letter. Sirat gets shocked and says drug content is found in my blood, that’s illegal to increase the stamina, I got disqualified, I can’t play any match now. She cries.

Everyone sees the news. Manish says media wants an excuse to take revenge on us. Everyone worres. Dadi asks shall we change this place. Kartik says this report won’t change, I m sure lab staff made a mistake or someone changed the report, we should get the tests done again. Arvind says federation doesn’t want re-tests. Sirat shows the medicines she is taking. Surekha looks on. Kartik says she doesn’t eat anything from outside. Sirat asks did anyone change my report. Arvind says I will take the tablets to the lab and check it. Kartik asks Sirat not to worry. He goes. Sirat hears Surekha saying this is Karma, Sirat got my children defamed, now she is getting defamed. Akhilesh says what are you saying, her career is at stake. She argues. Sirat asks seriously, you think so. Surekha says as you sow, as you reap. Sirat says I didn’t tell anything to the reporter about Lav and Kush, I wasn’t wrong that day and I m not wrong today. Akhilesh says don’t feel bad. Sirat says I feel bad when a family member doesn’t trust me, it hurts my heart, you are wrong this time. Surekha goes. Suwarna worries and thinks when will their differences end. Dadi and everyone talk. Sirat gets Kartik’s call. She asks is everything fine. He says your iron tablets are changed, its some banned drug. They get shocked.

Sirat asks how can this happen, why will my doctor do this. Kartik says its some other medicine, box is same, but tablets are changed. She asks what, it means, the drugs content found is true, everything will be over for me. He says we will find out. She asks who will do this with me. He says I m coming home, we will expose the person who did this. He ends call. Sirat says how can someone change the tablets.

She asks Gayu to recall if there was anyone at the chemist when she was buying it. Gayu thinks. She says Surekha has gone to take the medicines this time. She recalls Surekha saying I wanted the car to meet my friend, I will get the medicines. Gayu gives her Sirat’s prescription. Suwarna says I m glad you are doing something for Sirat. Surekha asks what wrong did I do, I got the medicines, don’t blame me. Suwarna says Gayu is trying to know who changed the medicines, you have a problem with Sirat, you were happy that Sirat for punished, I had heard your talks.

Surekha thinks you think I did this, I don’t care, Sirat has hurt me and my children, now she is hurt because of someone, what’s wrong. Suwarna says you did this intentionally. Surekha says you think I will do this cheap thing. Sirat says Surekha can’t do this. Akhilesh says yes, she can’t do this. Manish asks them to think and speak. Surekha asks Dadi to say something to defend her. Dadi says I don’t know. Suwarna says maybe you did this in anger. Surekha says I can’t believe this, why will I do this, I don’t care for Sirat’s championship, I know if Sirat gets defamed, then our family will also get defamed, you all think so about me. Gayu asks who can do this. Sirat says Surekha can’t do this. Surekha says enough now, I know I have no value here. She goes. Akhilesh says she can’t do such a disgusting thing. Surekha comes with her bag. She says I don’t want to stay here. Akhilesh and Suwarna try to stop her. Surekha shouts and argues. She says I don’t want to see your face, everything happened because of you. She goes. Dadi cries. Sirat asks Dadi to stop Surekha. Akhilesh says she will not stop. Gayu asks why do you want to stop her. Sirat says she has a problem with me, but she can’t do this, the drugs found in my body is banned by the sports authority, if she changed the medicines, then she would have not got it herself, she could have spiked the food as well. Dadi says yes, she is right, we didn’t think of this. Gayu says if Surekha didn’t change the tablets, then who changed it. Sirat calls Kartik.

They go to the chemist. He says yes, you are right, Surekha can’t do this, I m proud of you. The man asks Sirat to buy medicines from other shop. He says you are taking drugs. She says I got the drugs from your shop. She asks him to see Surekha’s pic. The man asks her to leave. Kartik holds his collar and scolds. The man says I have cctv camera, I will call the police. Kartik asks him to show the cctv footage of the last week. They see the footage.

Kartik says you have to win. Sirat gets dizzy. She falls down. Kartik shouts. He asks her to get up and fulfill her promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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