Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Sirat Wins !

Sirat going for the fight. She hits the opponent. The opponent falls down. Everyone claps for Sirat. Sirat is declared the winner of the gold medal of the Asian championship. The man says Sirat wants Mrs. Surekha Goenka to make her wear this gold medal. Surekha says no, how can I do this, I never supported her. Kartik says you have encouraged her today, you are also a part of her victory today. Dadi says yes, he is right, go. Surekha goes to Sirat and makes her wear the medal. Yeh rishta…plays… Surekha praises Sirat that she is one in a million. Sirat cries. Surekha says she doesn’t break down, she comes close when we try to go away, today I m proud that she is my family, none can do this, she has reached here after much hardships, we and the entire country are proud of her.

Sirat hugs her and says you made me a star, I m sorry, you had to tolerate all that because of me. Surekha says no, everyone got to know the truth because of me. Sirat says come, meet everyone, they missed you a lot. Dadi blesses Surekha. Surekha apologizes to everyone. Sirat hugs Dadi. Dadi says forgive us and come back home. She hugs Surekha. Kairav asks them to come for second event, Karwachauth. Dadi says I will serve the evening lunch to you, you weren’t there at the time of sargi. Surekha nods. Suwarna says we should go home and break the fast. Kartik says I knew it will get late here, so I arranged Karwachauth event here. Suwarna says thanks for thinking for us. Kartik says its my fast today, how will I eat food, I may die here by hunger. Sirat asks him not to say this ever. He says sorry. They go.

Everyone comes to the hall. Suwarna says we don’t have jewellery and suhaag items. Dadi says yes, its necessary. Manish says wear the jewellery you got. Sirat sees the flowers and says I have an idea. She wears floral jewellery. Kartik says we are looking amazing, really, you know why, because I look so handsome. She asks and me? He says you also look okay, fine, I m looking good because you are with me. She says then I should look more good. They have a cute talk.

Its all about love….plays… He compliments her and hugs. She says I m happy that Maudi’s dream got completed, Surekha has come back. He says I want to tell you something, I m very hungry, we will go. She says yes, I m also hungry. She takes a selfie with him.

Surekha says floral jewellery idea is good, we didn’t get late. Surekha says yes, our jewellery is heavy. Akhilesh compliments her. He asks Manish to compliment Suwarna, there isn’t any cheap and best way to please them. Manish goes to Suwarna. She says you keep the fake praise to yourself. He asks why do you think so, I was really praising you. She says try it in the next birth. Kartik comes and says dad can take training from me. Kairav says moon has appeared, come. Aarohi cries. Kairav says I will take her to the law, you all do the puja. They go.

Everyone does the rituals and break the fast. Yeh rishta…plays…. Sirat drinks the water. He says leave some water for me. She says no, drink it from the other glass. He says we have to drink from the same glass. She says sorry. She puts water in the same glass and feeds him.

Kairav and Vansh go to take pics. A couple comes there. The lady picks the toys. She leaves the pram there. The prams get swapped. She takes Aarohi’s pram and goes. The couple leaves. Kartik says I forgot the gift for you. Sirat says I got it. She shows the medal. She says you have more right on the medal, you have fulfilled my dream. She makes him wear the medal. Kartik says you have managed everything well, I think you will handle my children without me. She asks are you going somewhere. He says I was just saying, if I go out of city for office work, then you can handle the kids. She says you shouldn’t say that again, we will always be together like this, we will keep fighting, I just want you. He says okay, smile a bit now, sorry. She smiles. She says you won’t say that again, promise me, we will always stay together. He says promise, we will go and see the kids now. Kartik asks Kairav and Vansh to come for dinner. Sirat says we all should take a selfie. Kartik gets shocked seeing the baby. He asks who is this baby. Everyone gets shocked.

Kartik and Sirat talk of love and drop a diya in the river. Aarohi and Akshu take the diya and leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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