Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Sirat’s Mother Comes Visiting

Sirat cheering up Akshu. Dadi says Akshu takes care of Sirat and you also, she loves you a lot, you called it buttering, you did it very wrong. Aarohi cries. Sirat asks why are you crying now. Aarohi says you are scolding me, you don’t love me, even when I came first and got a trophy. Sirat says I love both my daughters, Akshu’s nature is such, she cares for everyone, remember she took care of you last month when you fell sick, we have a relation of heart, forget everything and become like before. She hugs them. Sirat says I thought to take your help, we have to give gifts to dance academy kids, Dadi will scold me a lot if I get late. Dadi acts and scolds her. Aarohi and Akshu ask them not to worry, they will help and get the gifts. Aarohi says we will give books and educational toys. Everyone likes the idea. Akshu says we can give ghungroos and dance related items. Manish says excellent idea. Dadi asks them to do it fast.

Sirat says we have to rush. Aarohi and Akshu go. Dadi says amazing Sirat, you handled them well. Suwarna says handle them the same way always. Sirat says yes, I will try and pray the same. Akshu sees Aarohi’s trophy and smiles. Sirat shows Akshu’s trophy and says this is for my daughter, the world’s best girl, you won my heart since the day I first saw you. Akshu smiles. Sirat says don’t feel bad of Aarohi’s words, she gets insecure soon. Akshu says I know, I m not angry, we are sisters, I will never stop talking to her. Sirat says always be with Aarohi, she is stubborn and short-tempered.

Akshu says I promise, I will never leave her. They hug. Aarohi comes and gets angry. She goes to sleep. Sirat looks on. Manish recalls Aarohi’s words. Surekha and Suwarna come. He says this should have not happened today, the matter didn’t end here, its in Aarohi’s heart, Sirat should have not told them the truth. Suwarna says they got to know it before. He says if we all told Akshu that Sheela said it wrong, maybe she would have believed her. Suwarna says the truth would come out some day.

Manish says she should have waited for Kartik. Surekha says everyone knows Aarohi is short-tempered, she is smart having Goenka’s blood, but sharp-tongued because she is Sheela’s blood. Sirat stops her and asks her not to say that always. She says Aarohi is also this family’s kid. Manish says we worry the same for her, we are worried for their bond, take care that Aarohi’s kiddishness doesn’t remember misbehavior. He goes.

Aarohi turns Akshu and her pic upside down. Akshu gets gems for her. Aarohi scolds her. Akshu gets jalebis for her. Aarohi says I don’t want to talk to you, I got scolded because of you. She asks Akshu to leave. Sirat looks on. They pack the gifts. They play with Sirat and hug her. Manish smiles seeing the kids happy and playing together. Yeh rishta kya….plays… Akshu and Aarohi hug. Sirat clicks their pic. Dadi says you both should get an award for you for working so good in a short time. She gives them gifts. Suwarna says the kids will respect the academy more.

Aarohi asks why is the dance academy on Akshara’s name. Sirat says its on Naira’s mum’s name. Gayu says Naira was a good dancer, and opened a dance academy on her mum’s name. Aarohi asks Sirat why didn’t you open a boxing academy on my Nani’s name, where is she, who is she. Akhilesh says academy kids have come. Dadi says focus on their food and welcome them. The manager thanks them for gifts. Akshu asks him to show Naira’s dance videos. The manager says you will be pleased to see the dance videos, Naira was a good dancer and a good person, Akshara was also a good person, Naksh and family used to help us a lot.

He asks whose idea was this to write personal notes. Gayu says Akshu’s. The man says your thinking is like your mum and Nani. The kids ask for a selfie. Akshu and Aarohi go. The manager says Sheela came to the academy in search for a job. Sirat says don’t give her any job. Sheela comes and scolds Sirat. Dadi worries. Sheela meets Aarohi and says I have identified my blood, you are just like me. The manager and kids leave. Aarohi asks who are you. Sheela says I m your Nani, Sheela. Akshu and Aarohi smile. Manish asks them to go to their room. Aarohi says let me talk to my Nani. She asks why didn’t you come to meet me.

She says we will ask mumma to open a boxing academy on her name. Manish says she is not your Nani, go inside. Sirat asks the kids to go. They go. Sirat asks why did you come here, stay away from my family. Sheela says I m your mum, get me a job, else I will die of hunger. Sirat says you lied all your life, I m not related to you.

Aarohi asks why is everyone angry on you. Sheela says Sirat isn’t rich, so they don’t value me. Manish says Akshara was so sweet and good, but Sheela is a mean woman. Aarohi says they are good people but just for Akshu.

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