Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Today is Abhi & Arohi’s Engagement !

Akshu asking Aarohi why is she studying. Aarohi says we doctors have to study for on job training. She asks Reem to try everything on Akshu and make it perfect. Akshu goes. Reema tries the jewellery on Akshu. Manjiri says it will look good to keep the function at hom. Harsh says why, no need, we will keep it in a 5 star hotel. They argue. Anand and Mahima also agree with Harsh. Manjiri says I have always handled the house, can’t I decide this. Anand asks her to prepare as she wants, they will manage it. She thanks Anand.

Parth asks her to just keep smiling, they will have fun. He says I m very happy. Aarohi thinks Manjiri is like Akshu, I have to prepare for the exam, I will show Mahima that I m the best. Manjiri calls Reem and then asks her to hold. Reem says I will go and get my phone charger. Abhi comes and sees Akshu on the video call. Nahi pata tha….plays… The call ends.

Kairav comes to ask Vansh about shagun envelopes. He asks Vansh why is he angry. Vansh says I look fat in whatever I wear. Kairav says you look handsome in desi avatar. Vansh says I know how you look. Kairav says those who love you, you look lovely to them. Vansh thinks why am I thinking about her. He says forget it. Kairav says talk to Reem about shagun envelopes. Vansh cleans his glasses and gives him, saying love you. Reem looks on and smiles. Abhi and Akshu see the engagement rings. Akshu says how will I refuse now, its my sister’s engagement with Abhi.

Reem checks the engagement arrangements. Shefali is busy on call. Parth comes to her and smiles. Neil and everyone take selfies. Everyone likes the decorations. Harsh says Manjiri likes to do this drama. Anand says you have no emotions, such functions make us feel the family bonding, have fun. Mahima says we shall go and discuss some imp matters. Manjiri says Goenkas dance so well, I will also dance with them. Harsh taunts her. He says good that Aarohi is sensible, but Akshu sings and makes everyone dance, I like their entire family dances. Manish says yes, we are, so what. They see Manish, Kairav and Akhilesh at the door. Abhi says I want to see how Akshu hides this pain. He sees the bracelet. He says its her bracelet, I had returned it, how did this happen here, it mean that feeling wasn’t wrong, she had come here.

Anand says Harsh didn’t mean that. Manish says we are from dancers’ family, so what. He dances with Harsh. Kairav and Akhilesh laugh. Everyone smiles. Anand says really sorry for that. Akhilesh says its okay, such things make relations stronger. Harsh asks do you also talk behind our back. Manish says yes. Kairav says Manish’s dance is revived, beware of him today.

Goenkas come and see Manish dancing. Suwarna asks what happened. They smile. Manjiri welcomes everyone. Mahima says she looks lovely, but tired. Aarohi says I was studying for a case study, one has to work hard for becoming the best. Kairav says Akshu didn’t come, she went to attend a kid’s urgent case in the NGO. Harsh asks is there emergency in music therapy also. Manish says forget Akshu, and focus on my dance. Harsh says no, I will do some imp work and come. Manish says see how I tease him today. Kairav and Vansh laugh. Vansh sees Reem and smiles.

She hands over a glass of juice to him. He thanks her. Nishta comes to Abhi and says come, everyone has come, Aarohi is looking so pretty. He asks did everyone come. She says yes, except Akshu, come soon. She goes. He says this can’t happen that you won’t come in my engagement. He calls Goenkas landline.

Akshu takes the call. Abhi asks are you crying, I called on landline, because you would have not answered the call on mobile. She says no, I m busy. He asks did NGO kids come home, you come here, I will share this pain with you, I mean it, I want you here. She disconnects. She cries and says no, I don’t want to go, I lied to family. He says you have to come, this engagement can’t happen without you.

Nishta says now Abhi and Aarohi’s dance. Aarohi asks but where is Abhi. Abhi comes to Goenka house to pick Akshu. She refuses. He makes her sit on the bike.

Update Credit to: Amena

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