Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : War Between Goenka’s & Birla’s : Abhimanyu Heartbroken

Kairav scolding Abhimanyu a lot. Harsh shouts enough. He says I don’t want to hear a word against my son. Kairav says you don’t object his actions. Anand says let the elders handle this. Manish says Kairav is right, if Neil gave the wrong number, then he is also from your family, why will my girls pay a price for this mistake. Neil apologizes. Vansh says Neil, don’t defend Abhimanyu, he could have told Aarohi that he didn’t wish to send the messages to her. Aarohi worries. Neil says Abhimanyu respects women. Abhimanyu says I came here with the marriage proposal, I didn’t believe in love before, now that I fell in love, I don’t want to hide it, I don’t believe in keeping silence. Manish scolds him. Anand argues with him. All the elders argue. Akshu cries.

Abhimanyu shouts, please stop it. He asks Akshu to prove his love is right or not, if he is right or wrong. He says I met you first, you made me meet Aarohi, did you think I m flirting with her, I confessed love to you, you know it, even then you are silent, it doesn’t matter what everyone thinks, you didn’t call me after this confusion, tell me. Akshu recalls Aarohi. He asks her to say what’s in her heart. Kairav says you don’t try to make her speak up to save yourself. Abhimanyu says we know we have no confusion, we love each other, say something, tell everyone about methi dana, about the phone call, please, this is us, this is our love, right, your silence is ruining our family respect, close your eyes and follow your heart, tell me what’s in your heart, answer them, tell them you love me, you know I love you. He shouts say something, clear this confusion. Harsh asks why isn’t she saying anything, Abhimanyu told the truth, so he is meeting your eyes, look at Akshu, she is standing like a culprit, are your girls playing a game with my son, how can this happen that both sisters don’t talk. Kairav asks them to stop it and just leave.

Abhimanyu says just clear this one for my sake, look at me for the final time. Akshu doesn’t see him. He apologizes to Aarohi for hurting her. He says truth is, I love Akshu, she doesn’t care for it. Aarohi says but Abhi… He says Dr. Abhimanyu Birla…. just few people have a right to call me Abhi, really sorry for whatever happened, my love proved me wrong, but I m not wrong in my own eyes, I fell in love, I didn’t do any mistake. He cries and leaves. Akshu cries. Tum na jane….plays.. They think of each other. Birlas leave. Kairav hugs Aarohi. Vansh hugs Akshu. They all cry.

Abhi angrily leaves in his car. Neil and Parth run to stop him. Harsh asks where did he go. Neil and Parth follow Abhi. Manjiri prays for Abhi. Mahima blames her. She says you couldn’t understand your son, you are useless. Harsh gets angry. Suwarna says its my family. Dadi says no, I m also wrong, I didn’t let Abhimanyu say the name. Manish says maybe this is good for our daughters. Akhilesh says yes. Akshu and Aarohi cry. Abhimanyu cries on the way. Khud hi….plays… Abhimanyu stops somewhere and hurts himself. Neil and Parth reach there and try to stop him. Abhi lies on the ground and cries. Kairav consoles Akshu. Aarohi looks on angrily. She goes. Akshu also goes. Kairav asks can their hatred end, can their relation join back. Abhimanyu asks why Akshu, why did you stay quiet.

Aarohi scolds Akshu. Harsh and Manjiri argue at home. Akshu asks Aarohi not to blame her. Harsh raises hand on Manjiri. Abhimanyu stops him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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