Yogendra Vikram Singh : I’m Disappointed on My Exit from Teri Meri Doriyaann

Yogendra Vikram Singh’s character arc on the show Teri Meri Doriyaann has come to an end after just two months. Initially introduced in March as the third wheel in Sahiba’s (Himanshi Parashar) life, his character took a negative turn and due to poor ratings, his storyline has now concluded.

Yogendra expressed his disappointment, stating, “It is disheartening. I am hopeful for new changes and regulations in the TV industry. When you invest in a new character and role, a lot of effort goes into it, not only from the actor but also from the makers, writers, and the entire team. I was supposed to portray a positive role on the show, but the sudden plot twist during IPL affected our time slot at 7 pm, leading to lower viewership.”

During the IPL, most shows do not introduce new tracks and if they do, they usually wait until the matches are over. Despite my positive role with good potential, the writers decided to change my character to negative because the track did not receive good ratings. Unfortunately, this change did not resonate with viewers either, leading to my exit from the show. My frustration lies not with the script alterations, but with the industry’s tendency to prioritize ratings over creative integrity. As actors, we are willing to adapt, but ultimately, it is important to consider the audience’s preferences.

Yogendra expressed his gratitude for being given a great role by the makers, especially after his successful stint on Ghum Hai Kisike Pyaar

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