Kavya 1st April 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Giriraj asking the inspector about the culprit. Inspector says we will find out. Kavya asks Giriraj to ask Badi Amma, she knows everything. Badi Amma says she has gone mad. Kavya says yes, I don’t leave anyone who gets after my husband’s life. She threatens Badi Amma. She says I m not telling about you, why is your face turning pale. Badi Amma asks Giriraj to handle Kavya. Giriraj goes. Kavya goes to Santu. She asks Santu if he will do anything for Adi. Santu says I will give my life for him. She says you tell him about Badi Amma. Santu says no, he will beat me. She takes him to Adi. Adi is sad. She sends Santu. She ties up Adi and blind folds him. He asks what are you doing. She says I have kidnapped you and take a ransom from your parents, you said the same to me in the academy, you said noodles is a good way to end stress. He recalls the moments. He says I m not hungry. She says come here. She asks him to have noodles.

Adi asks what’s happening, will you open noodle stall. She says yes, only for you. He says sorry, I changed the taste. She says fine, have it for them. He sees Santu, Sanjeev and Alka coming. Adi says Bhabhi, you… Alka says yes, I got ready and came here on Kavya’s saying, I will go back if you say. He says no, thanks for coming. Sanjeev asks Adi to smile. Santu says you look like a hero when you smile. Sanjeev plays music. Everyone dances. Kuch hai junoon sa…..plays…. Sanjeev asks Alka for dance. They dance. Kavya says I miss my old Adi, please come back. Adi dances. Badi Amma asks Malini to see, Adi is such a shameless guy.

Badi Amma brainwashes Malini against Kavya and Alka. Malini goes and slaps Alka. She scolds Alka. Badi amma asks Alka to come home. Kavya says Alka won’t go. Badi Amma raises hand. Kavya stops her. Badi Amma asks how dare you. Kavya says you just talk, you don’t need to raise hand. Kavya argues with Malini and Badi Amma. Malini and Kavya ask Adi who will he support now. Adi says I will support Kavya, she isn’t wrong, I m with her. He holds Alka. Alka hugs him and cries.

Its morning, Naina comes and says Bhamalpur people have become Adi’s fans. Giriraj gets glad. He says its Naina’s idea. Adi asks why did you do this. Naina says sorry. Adi says you are brilliant, I will promote you today. Giriraj says Adi will get the MLA ticket today, Omi’s dream will get fulfilled. Badi Amma gets the laddoos for Adi. Kavya stops her and says you will eat it first. Badi Amma asks am I his enemy. Kavya says you can tell me, if you are his enemy.

Adi says Kavya and her family have ruined my life. Kavya says I will get MLA ticket for Adi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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