Bhagya Lakshmi 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi asking Juhi to be there, and says he will go and see. Lakshmi wonders where is Rishi and Juhi. She comes inside the cave and finds river water flowing. She thinks of something and calls Rishi. Ayush calls Rishi. Paritosh asks if Rishi is found. Ayush says I need to talk to Rishi bhai. Paritosh tells about the landslide happened many years ago, and the isolated plate was like cave now.

Ayush says I need to discuss with Rishi bhai, and says he will go and check garden area. Lakshmi asks where is Rishi? Juhi says he is there. Lakshmi comes to him. Rishi lights the firetorch and tells lakshmi that this cave is like picnic place for someone, and asks her to see the beer cans etc. Lakshmi says we shall not stay here and tells about seeing the river inside. She says there must be place to go out.

Rishi comes to the river. Lakshmi sees a light coming from a hole and asks Juhi to be there, says she will go and check it once. She peeps outside and finds the way, smiles. Rishi sees the water fall and thinks no ways, no we will go out from here, we are trapped badly. He thinks how to tell them, that they can’t be saved now. Lakshmi asks if the way is found. Rishi says yes, and tells that there can be crocodiles there.

Lakshmi asks him to peep inside the hole and says she has seen the garden of the resort. Rishi says yes. Lakshmi says we shall break it. Rishi says he will shout and call someone for help. Lakshmi says ok. He shouts, nobody hears him. Rishi says they shall break the wall so that they can go outside.

Virender asks about the driver. Neelam says Rishi’s call is not connecting and gets worried. She asks virender not to judge her. Virender says I want you to live your life without any tension. Neelam says she wants three months to end soon. Virender asks her to relax. Neelam says I let you speak as Kiran and Karishma were there, and asks him not to do it again, else she will answer him. She tells that she want to show their relation as good infront of everyone, and asks him not to force her. Virender says many years have passed since that matter. Neelam says I don’t understand. They sit in the car, as the driver brings the car.

Rishi breaks the wall a bit and tells that back side is shown of the garden. Juhi says you are spider man. He says he is L boy. Lakshmi says this place is strange, we shall leave. She asks Juhi not to get worried. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will send Juhi out, then he will make a big hole so that they can go out. Juhi could go to the other side and smiles happily. Rishi moves the stone from the way of the wall, and asks Lakshmi to go out now. Just then the stones and the sand start falling. Rishi covers Lakshmi and they fall down. Lakshmi gets teary eyes.

Balwinder tells Bobby that today his revenge has completed. Bobby says you couldn’t get Lakshmi but. Balwinder says once Rishi dies, her inlaws will throw her out and they only he (Balwinder) will be there for her. Juhi runs and stops on the road. Rishi tells Lakshmi that they are trapped here, and don’t know if anyone will come and help them. He says he will do something. Lakshmi says don’t do anything, stones are hard here, but falls as if sand. She says this is strange place, I am scared now. Rishi says neither you are good nor you are truthful. He says I trusted you, but you asked for divorce, and is running behind money.

He says you have fought with crocodile, snake and other things for me, and now you are scared here. He says he will do what he wants, and nobody can stop him. Lakshmi asks him, why he doesn’t understand that his markesh dosh is on the peak. Rishi says I am fed up of this markesh dosh, and says Mom thought you could help me get rid of markesh dosh, and now feels otherwise. He says I am fine and nothing can happen to me. Lakshmi says how can you say that, you met with an accident many times. He says accidents do happen with anyone and tells that he is not dead. Lakshmi gets upset. Rishi asks her not to tell about Markesh dosh again and finds the axe there.

Juhi comes inside the resort and shouts for help. Ayush sees her and asks someone to call the doctor and bring water. Rishi asks Lakshmi to see the axe and says someone might have left it here, now it will be of use to us, to go out. Lakshmi asks him to wait for sometime and says Juhi will bring someone to help us. Rishi says we can’t wait for Juhi’s help, she is a little girl. Lakshmi looks at her mangalsutra. Ayush asks Juhi what is her name? Juhi says she is Juhi and says she is fine, but something will happen to them. Ayush asks who? The hotel staff lady identifies Juhi and asks what happened to her.

Juhi tells that she went to take the ball and fell in the cave, then Rishi and Lakshmi also fell down while trying to save her. Ayush and others are shocked. Rishi hits the wall with the axe and says they shall take 2 mins break. He gets tired. Lakshmi goes away from there. Paritosh says we will go and save them, and asks Juhi’s relative to take her from there. Lakshmi brings her wet pallu and wipes his sweat from his forehead. He says you went to drenched your pallu with it. She says yes and wipes his forehead with it.

Precap: The stones and the sand start falling on Rishi and he faints. Ayush shouts Rishi bhai. Lakshmi is shocked. They pull unconscious Rishi up tying him to the rope. Lakshmi looks on worried.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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