Jhanak 13th April : Jhanak Pays Obeisance to Anirudh

The Episode starts with Arshi asking Jhanak to take care of expensive necklace. Jhanak says jewellery doesn’t suit everyone, costly things aren’t made for me. Shrishti says yes, we know. Tanuja asks who else wants to do Ashirwad. Bipasha says no one. Choton says I want to do it. He blesses Jhanak. He says I don’t have money, so I didn’t get a big gift. He gives a watch to Jhanak. Jhanak cries. He asks her not to cry today, but on wedding day. Anirudh cries looking on. Shubh asks what do you mean. Choton says nothing, it’s a happy day today, enjoy.

Tanuja asks does anyone else want to do Ashirwad. Choton says Anirudh, come and do the rasam. Everyone looks on. Shrishti says wait, Avinash will do the rasam first. Tanuja says yes, do it. Avinash goes to Jhanak and does the rasam.

Bipasha asks what happened, touch his feet, come on. Arshi and Dadi also insist. Avinash says its okay if she doesn’t want to touch feet. Shrishti gets angry. Lal says touch his feet and end it, everyone is waiting. Dadu says hurry up, we have to take guests to have food. Jhanak folds hands. Choton asks Anirudh to come for rasam. Jhanak cries. Shrishti asks her to stop the drama and touch Anirudh’s feet. Anirudh sits to do the rasam. Yeh lal ishq….plays… Jhanak bows down in his feet and cries. Everyone looks on. Appu cries and says I will miss Jhanak a lot.

She says stop her Anirudh, I told you to marry Jhanak. Arshi shouts and says enough. Avinash says I think her greeting won’t end, she respects Anirudh the most. Jhanak folds hands and cries. Shrishti asks what’s happening, you had a problem to touch Avinash’s feet. Arshi says she likes to do a drama. Anirudh holds Jhanak and says stay happy. She cries aloud.

Jhanak gets ready for haldi and comes. Anirudh looks on. Choton asks what happened. Anirudh says nothing, you don’t worry about arrangements. Choton says tell me, what happened, are you feeling bad. Anirudh says no, I wanted Jhanak to get a nice guy, Avinash is older in age, but rich, he will keep her happy. Choton says Shrishti has made her life hell, she is marrying just to go away.

Anirudh says I feel Jhanak loves Rahul, Tejas won’t let them unite, I didn’t want her to go, but Avinash will handle things, so Jhanak isn’t taking tension. Choton says okay, why are you worried. Anirudh says no, she took a wrong decision, we don’t know about Avinash, he said his family won’t allow her to give exams, I m sad that her career is over. Choton says you both got married in the temple. Anirudh says I love Arshi, I m going to marry her, that was just a drama to save Jhanak. Choton says you have to know the truth, I feel… but it doesn’t matter. Dadi asks the girls to dance. Arshi and everyone dance.

Choton asks Anirudh to come, else Jhanak will leave. Anirudh says I don’t want to go. Choton asks why, the one you love is also there, Arshi, you love Arshi, right, she looks so pretty, come. Anirudh says Jhanak is my responsibility, so I didn’t go to office. Choton says come with me. He takes Anirudh. Jhanak looks on. Naina milaake…plays…

Appu argues with Arshi. Anjana stops her. Anirudh explains Appu not to say that. Shrishti says Appu misbehaves a lot. Anirudh defends Appu. He asks Arshi to understand Appu’s condition. Arshi says Appu said I m happy that Jhanak is leaving. He asks are you really happy.

Jhanak says I wanted to take your blessings. Anirudh stops her. She asks why are you crying. Arshi comes to call them. She asks what’s going on, Jhanak go now, you have to leave today itself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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