Jhanak 16th April : Anirudh – Jhanak’s Misunderstanding !

The Episode starts with Jhanak and Anirudh arguing about Rahul. She gets dizzy. She asks him to go. She stands up and stumbles. He holds her in arms and says Jhanak….. Tejas comes with the baraat. Dadi welcomes him. The lady asks why isn’t he showing his face. Tanuja asks can’t we see his face. Bipasha says let marriage happen, then we will show his face to you. Mimi says Avinash, please show your face. Appu comes and asks why did you hug her, Anirudh. Jhanak says I m fine. Anirudh says you didn’t need to keep a fast for Avinash. Appu asks Jhanak why did she hug Anirudh. Jhanak says I was feeling dizzy, he held me to save me, you be with me. Appu says yes, I m here, Avinash has come, I didn’t go to welcome him. Tanuja asks Mimi to let it be. Shrishti manages to hide Tejas’ face. Shubh says I feel relieved of a big burden today. He talks to Vinayak about Anirudh and Jhanak.

Anirudh asks Jhanak to have some food, else she will faint in the mandap. She says there is no time to have food. He insists her to have food. She refuses. He says fine, continue this fast. He taunts her and goes. Shrishti says Vinayak, we have to take good care of Avinash. Shubh says of course, we shall go inside now. Appu says I m also angry, why are you getting married and leaving us, I will miss you a lot.

Choton talks to Anirudh. He says I can’t see you like that, come, stay happy. Anirudh says I m happy. Choton says its all outward appearance, if a person isn’t happy, he appears sad, you wanted Jhanak to get married, but not this way. Anirudh says I don’t like it because she isn’t exploring her career and going to marry someone. Choton says you don’t like it at all, come. Anirudh stays sad.

Shubh sends Lal and Mimi to get Jhanak. Mimi asks Jhanak to come fast. Jhanak gets dizzy. Lal asks her to just come. Shrishti asks Arshi to get Jhanak. Arshi goes to Jhanak. Appu taunts her. She says Jhanak was fainting, Anirudh hugged her. Arshi asks what. She scolds Jhanak. Jhanak says I felt dizzy, I was going to fall, Anirudh held me. Arshi says you felt comfortable to hug him. Jhanak says I kept a fast, I got dizzy, I have to ask something. Lal asks her to come. She asks why, let me ask you something.

She says Anirudh was here, he loves you a lot, he said you can’t be compared to anyone, then why do you always fall insecure, he is a clean hearted man, he helps people, he just helped me. Jhanak comes to the mandap. Anirudh looks at her. He clicks pics. Hamesha tumko chaha….plays… Jhanak sees Anirudh. The ladies gossip about the groom hiding his face. They comment on Jhanak.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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