Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : The True Heir of Birla’s ; Akshara Investigates

The Episode starts with Rohan saying Ramani has called for Rudra’s follow up. Abhi recalls Rudra and asks him to admit Rudra in some other hospital. He says inform Rudra also, Dr. Awasthi is a senior hospital, we can’t ignore a patient’s health, but I don’t want to see Rudra here. Aarohi hears this and thinks Abhi is so clever, see what I do now. Harsh asks why did you sign the store inventory, you should have gone to Abhi.

Neil says I went to Abhi but he was busy, manager asked me to sign because I m also from this family. Harsh shouts don’t dare, you are not a Birla. Neil gets sad. Harsh scolds him. He says signing authority is just in my son Abhimanyu’s hands, no one else can sign, is that clear, out now. Neil leaves. Manjiri cries. Harsh asks for his tea.

Vansh asks Aarohi to try the icecream. She rudely refuses. He asks whose anger are you venting on me. She says hospital senior. He says don’t get the hospital drama at home, I have to end this, why isn’t Akshu answering. Neil cries. Akshu looks on. He says its my mistake, I have no authority, I m not from this family. Akshu says feelings and tears shouldn’t hide, let them hide, you will feel light hearted, everyone has limitations about their duties, its just at the hospital, you are close to me, mum and Abhi, never forget this, you have all the rights and authority from our side. He thanks her and goes. She says sorry Abhi, I can’t tell this to you. She thinks of Neil’s adoption. Manjiri cries.

Akshu says don’t know why does Harsh hate Neil so much, he adopted Neil but didn’t give the family name, he didn’t accept by heart, why. Manjiri comes. She says I had boiled the milk, its still kept outside, I will keep it in the fridge. Akshu says I m sorry, I have an idea about Neil’ adoption, you had sent me outside to bring your medicine, Adoption papers were there, I came across it, Neil’s pic was there with a lady, lady would be you only, pic was unclear. Manjiri says you are my daughter, you have a right on my clothes and jewellery, but few things are personal, ask me before touching anything again. She goes. Akshu says I know you, what you feel, I saw your fear, but why, what is that, you are hiding from everyone.

She gets an idea. She goes and makes a pillow of mustard seeds. Abhi comes home. He lies to rest. He checks the pillow. He says what’s inside. He says its soft and comfortable, its made for small babies. He says I m not a kid. She says you look tired, rest now. He thanks her. She says you help others all the time, you care for me a lot, I thought this has your fav friend methi dana. She says yes, but its smell would have made your sleep run away. He asks her to rest with him. He holds her hand. Jaaniye….plays…. She makes him sleep. She says my rocking doc man. She says I will go mum and ask once if she has any work. She gets Aarohi’s missed calls. She thinks to go out and call. She goes.

She asks is everything fine. Aarohi asks why didn’t you answer my calls, I m imp for you before and now Abhi is everything. She scolds Akshu. Akshu asks her to talk calmly and just be clear. Aarohi says ask your newly wed groom to mind his own business and not interfere in my matter. Akshu asks her to talk with manners. Aarohi says don’t know what Abhi told my friend Rudra about me, that my future got ruined. He tells everything.

Akshu says this can’t happen, Abhi can’t tell this, Rudra has told you wrongly. Aarohi says you know I m lying, why will Rudra lie. Akshu says they would have spoken about you, Abhi respects women a lot, he is protective about everyone. Aarohi says he ruined my career. Akshu says there will be a solid reason, I will talk to him tomorrow. Aarohi says wake him up and ask him why he did this.

Akshu says we will talk tomorrow. Aarohi shouts. She says I will snatch Abhi’s happiness when I get a chance, what does he think of himself, can he ruin anyone’s career. Akshu sees Abhi sleeping and smiles. She says Aarohi is mad, she says anything. She lies beside Abhi. She sees Abhi’s childhood pics. She thinks it looked like it was Abhi’s pic, but why will they keep Abhi’s pic with the adoption papers, it will be Neil’s pic.

Abhi signs sorry to Akshu and asks her to come. He scolds the hospital staff. Harsh scolds Akshu for getting Abhi insulted.

Update Credit to: Amena

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