Choti Sardarni 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Kulwant says I don’t know how I got there. Bitu and Rana fight over whose responsibility was it. Seher says mama ji.. Kulwant says mama ji? Seher says I mean Bitu and Rana. Seher leaves. Bitu and Rana say you are acting so well. You scared that Seher today. Rana says why aren’t you telling Seher? Kulwant says Seher is very innocent. She will not understand. Bitu says what about Rajveer? Kulwant says he will tell Seher. I have to Seher. It will make Meher happy. I will tell that Harshdeep who I am.

Scene 2
Seher serves the breakfast. Kulwant teases Harshdeep adn says have butter. Kulwant says Meher when will you make me grandmom? I will make him eat butter. I won’t let anyone touch him except for you and Sarab. She says Farshdeep, I said you have eyes on Meher’s first child. Harshdeep says they will give their child to me. I had my sonu but he left the world. Kulwant says that’s sad but you could adopt anyone. She says own blood is own. Kulwant says Sarab is also your blood. He’s like your son already. Seher says mummy ji please eat. Harshdeep leaves in anger. Kulwant says eat please. Harshdeep says your taunts are enough. Seher says mummy ji you shouldn’t have spoken to her like that. It hurt her. I have decided to give her my child.

Scene 3
Karan looks at their childhood photos. Param comes. Karan says there’s so much dust on it. I was cleaning it. Param says I know you’re sad. Karan says we can’t even spend time with nani. You spent your childhood with her and I can’t still have her. I am still alone. Param says we will all treat her together. We will get her love and prayers. Seher comes in and brings the prasad. They ask where is nani? Kulwant comes in. Param says this is your house. Seher says mummy ji please sit. Param says nani doesn’t remember this house? Seher says she only has recollection of a few things only. She only remember’s mama’s face. Karan says what if she never recognizes us? Seher says we will heal her together. They hug each other. Kulwant looks at them and blesses them in heart.

Scene 4
Rajveer tries to put elastic in his shalwar. Seher comes and says sorry I got late. She does it for him. Seher says sorry about what nani said. Rajveer says I know she’s not well. I told Dida. Seher says thanks. He says what’s the plan today? She says what plan? RAjveer says let’s watch a horror movie. He says won’t you be scared? She says I am a lioness. Rajveer says in heart she will hug me when she gets scared. SHe will tell me what’s in her heart. Seher says in heart I will act scared and hug him.

Bobby comes to Harshdeep. She scares him. Rajveer and Seher watch the movie. rajveer says Seher I am so scared. He hugs her. Harshdeep says I want everything related to Kulwant. I want her secrets to stop her. Bobby says she’s very clever. Harshdeep says I once lost elections to Sarab. Today I have money and power. No one can defeat me now. I will expose that she’s pretending to be crazy. I will get my Sonu. Seher and Kulwant won’t have him. Kulwant hears him and says you gave me a new idea yourself.

Rajveer gets scared and screams. Seher says who gets so scared. He says I didn’t know it would be this scary. I made this plan so.. Seher says to? He says to.. Rajveer screams.

Scene 5
The lawyer says didi ji is doing wrong. I have to tell Rajveer. He calls Rajveer. Rajveer gets scared. Seher picks the phone. Harsh’s man hits the lawyer. He throttles the lawyer. Seher keeps saying hello. Rajveer says you are scared. Seher says see your face. You will know who is scared. He says I am Jutt. Seher says bring me the AC remote. He is scared. The door opens. rajveer screams. Harshdeep’s man calls and tells her that he has killed the lawyer.

Episode ends.

Precap-Harshdeep gets a call that there would be a raid of income tax on their house. Rajveer and Seher enjoy with the kids.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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