Choti Sardarni 31st January 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Seher dances with Rajveer. Khushi goes inside. Harleen says where did she go? Robbie says she must be tired. Harleen says she needs to start a new life. Robbie says everything will be fine. Rajveer says I always wanna see you happy Seher.
Khushi comes to Seher’s room and sees her photos with Rajveer. Khushi sees their video playing on screen. She laughs and cries. Khushi says what a joke of a life. Why did you do this to me God? You brought RV back to my life. I felt he would come back to my life and he is my sister’s husband now? It must be your game. I never lose, even if I’ve to cheat. She laughs. Khushi says it was all for me. I was waiting for years. I found my RV. I won’t cry. I won’t be weak. She touches his photo. Prince calls her. He says how are you mama? She says I miss you. I’ve a good news for you. He says you found papa? She says yes. Soon I will bring him to you.

Scene 2
Arjit says Karan came upstairs. Devika says did you take the ring? He says yes. Param comes. Devika says are you okay? He says I am very happy to have found you but I don’t ever wanna lose you too. I am scared. Param says I already consider you mine. Why would I ever leave you. Seher says what are you both talking about? Kulwant says they must be making plans. Everyone laughs. Seher says where is the ring? Karan brings the ring. Seeher says this is our family ring. It has ruby for love. but you both already have too much love. Seher gives the ring to Karan. he says how can I keep it. Seher says keep it safe, you will be with veer ji in his biggest step of life.

Harleen says we are so excited about ring ceremony. We have heard about Rajisthani royal rituals. Devika and her fake family doesn’t know about the ritual. Param says you got worried? She says no I am fine. They say what ritual is she talking about?

Scene 3
Khushi takes photos kissing Rajveer’s photos. She says RV is only mine. We are made for each other.

Devika and Param sit down. Devika picks the arti for ritual. Her hands shiver and she’s confused. Karan says why does it look like she doesn’t know it. Seher says are you okay? Devika faints. Seher says someone bring juice. Seher says we can do this ritual later. Khushi says let’s cancel the ritual. It’s all so boring. No vibe. Can we do a ballroom style marriage and have some fun. She says to Devika make him wear the ring. It’s very simple. Kulwant says we will do rituals of both families. Khushi does their arti. Seher tells Rajveer when Khushi and I were kids, we would play wedding wedding. We would make our outfits and wear bua and mama’s jewelry. It used to be our favorite game. Rajveer holds her hand and says I am sorry, I know you had dreams related to your wedding and then things happened in such bad conditions. we will celebrate our wedding again. Seher hugs him and says thank you.

Khushi says of course. all incomplete dreams would be completed. Will get what was lost. We will get married. Seher is confused. Harleen says what is she doing? Khushi says for you Seher. Seher says you’re so dramatic.
Param makes Devika wear the ring. Seher says give me shagun first. Khushi says yes we accept credit card too. Param gives them shagun. He makes devik wear the ring. Everyone claps. Devika makes him wear ring too. They touch elder’s feet.

Scene 4
Seher and Rajveer eat together. Khushi eats from Raj’s hand. Seher gets awkward. Khushi says why are you so shocked? We ate together that night at the party? Seher says Raj Khushi di is like that. She says di come eat. She says can yo get halwa for me? Seher says let me get it. Khushi asks Rajveer do you remember what happened that night? Rajveer recalls dancing. He says we partied and then I dropped you, and went to my room and slept. Fun night. She says in heart RV doesn’t remember anything. I will remind him tonight. Seher brings her halwa.


Khushi says party in gill mansion tonight. No parents allowed. Seher and Rajveer eat together. She says another party that you will never forget Rajveer.

Scene 5
Seher hugs Rajveer and says thank you for everything. Everything went well. Time to party.

They all dance downstairs and party. Khushi gives Rajveer tequila. He says I don’t.. Khushi says don’t drink. Seher says you remember it? I can’t remember what I ate last night. Khushi says we had a special connection. He doesn’t even remember what happened that night. Rajveer recalls doing shots. He says sorry I don’t drink now. She says I said no to a lot of things but times change. Don’t kill the vibe. Seher says it’s okay. Khushi says in heart I will remind you tonight what happened that night and what am I and Prince to RV.

Episode ends

Precap-Khushi says let’s play rapid fire. Say first word. Khushi asks Seher love? She says Raj. Param asks Khushi hero? She says my prince. Karan asks desire? She says Raj. Seher is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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