Bhagya Lakshmi 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ahana coming out of the house and tells that she is going out with Gautam, as he wants to show the house before the roka. Lakshmi congrats him and asks Ahana if she will come home alone. Gautam says I will drop her. Lakshmi comes to the room and sees Rishi sleeping and asking water in sleep. She takes water in glass and makes him sit and drink. He says thanks Ayush.

Lakshmi says she is Lakshmi and not Ayush. He opens his eyes and says you have come, it is good that you have come, I need to talk to you. Lakshmi says you are not understanding what you are saying and saying this. Rishi says I need to talk to you and sleeps due to inebriated state. Lakshmi looks at him.

Kiran asks Shankar to close the door. She sees Malishka coming and asks what is it, you said that we will talk after going home, then where did you go? Malishka recalls Lakshmi telling her that Rishi touched her soul. Kiran says if problems get solved with crying, then I will cry too. She asks if Rishi said something. Malishka gets angry and starts throwing things and tears the pillow. She says I curse Lakshmi and her baby, it will die before birth. Kiran slaps her and asks her to come in her consciousness.

She says you lost everything due to your anger. Malishka says I am angry, I want to murder Lakshmi. She says Rishi says that he loves me and wants to marry me, then how did he do this? She says he will make me mad. Kiran says it is your mistake, you didn’t go near Rishi, and says it is my mistake, I should have asked you to cross all the boundaries, as you are about to marry him. She says I thought you are modern and everything.

She says anyway, did you talk to Rishi and asked him? She says Lakshmi shall be in this condition and not you. Malishka says Rishi was drunk and I met Lakshmi and fought with her. Kiran says Lakshmi is nothing for you, you should have catch him and not her. Malishka says tomorrow is Ahana’s roka. Kiran says you shall catch Rishi’s neck and ask him tomorrow.

In the morning, Rishi receives a call from his employee. Employee says you had said that you will come for meeting and wants to be free early as there is roka at home. Rishi says ok, I am coming. He gets up from the bed and sees Lakshmi sleeping on the couch. He wakes her up and asks where did you go in the night, I need to talk to you urgently. The employee calls Rishi again and says he is outside his house and wants to brief him about the meeting. Rishi goes to get ready. Lakshmi takes out clothes for him.

Virender and Karishma, why did you get Punjabi decoration done. Dadi says I did and says even our heir’s mother likes it. Virender asks Lakshmi? Lakshmi gives tea to the decorators and asks them to drink it and tell her if they need help. She then brings tea to Dadi. Dadi asks did you add clove? Lakshmi says yes. Dadi says Lakshmi wakes up early in the morning and Rishi has gone to office.

Lakshmi says he will come soon. Devika comes home from hostel and goes to meet Ahana. Virender asks Lakshmi not to do any goof up like she did in lunch. Lakshmi nods her head. Dadi asks Lakshmi to come near her and asks do you trust God? Lakshmi says yes. Dadi keeps her hand on her head and says very soon everything will be fine. Karishma and Virender go to see Neelam. Virender says she is sleeping, it is good. A vase is about to fall, Karishma holds it. Virender says she is in deep sleep. Karishma says we shall ask Lakshmi, how did she get pregnant as they are getting divorced. Virender says we will question Rishi after the roka.

Malishka comes to Rishi’s office. An employee tries to stop her. Malishka comes to the conference hall and asks Rishi if he will not meet her. Rishi comes out to talk to her. Malishka says I couldn’t breath thinking why did you do this with me. He says just give me 2 mins, my important meeting is going on, asks her to trust him. Malishka says you have backstabbed me, and says you used to say I love you 5 times, it was lie. She says you promises was fake and asks where did you touch Lakshmi? She says she told me where did you touch her, she said that you touched her soul. Rishi is shocked.

Malishka says you are very worse than Lakshmi and you are suitable to her and not me. She says I am done with you, you will repent much. She goes. Rishi gets upset and hits the dustbin. He comes to the conference hall again. Ayush continues the meeting. Rishi gets upset and comes out of the conference hall. Ayush says he will do the meeting. Rishi recalls his romantic moment with Lakshmi and leaves from the office.

Malishka comes home. Kiran asks if she is not going? Malishka says why you want to go there, where Rishi is there? Kiran asks didn’t you want to marry Rishi. Malishka says he is going to be father. Kiran says court will give divorce if pay money. She tells that she will not break their house things, as it is bought by her. She says a big drama will happen there, and says Karishma and neelam will question Lakshmi.

She says Neelam is the only one who can teach a lesson to Rishi, and asks her to go and get ready, so that she looks beautiful. She says you shall flirt with the guys there and don’t talk to Rishi. Malishka says I just had a fight with him. Kiran says Lakshmi, you did wrong, now wrong thing will happen with you.

Dadi asks Lakshmi if she is not tired to work and asks if she is a machine. Lakshmi says you scared me and asks why you didn’t behave this way with me since few days. Dadi says I used to act with much difficulty, and since I come to know about your pregnancy, I got rid of my acting. Lakshmi says I know that you loves me. Rishi comes home. Dadi says your baby’s father came home. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he wants to talk to her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. mailahika why you talk like that to lakshmi she gets upest because of you mailahika if you do like this plan i don’t like it you just think like that now you please shut your mouth and do some work and don’t waste the time lakshmi you don’t think about mailahika let her do if you want but i don’t care at all never
    rishi you are become father and lakshmi mother rishi please you don’t go near to mailahika but i like it stop that.
    rishi please you take care for lakshmi you can do it.
    lakshmi please you take rest for same time and don’t go down be safe and cool 😇 down.

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