Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi coming to the room and seeing Malishka in Rishi’s arms. Malishka smiles and buttons his shirt. She asks will you not stop me now. She says you will be his ex wife in sometime and I will be his wife. Lakshmi says Gautam’s parents came and asks him to wear the clothes and come.

Malishka says we will come after wearing clothes, and then says I will make him wear the clothes. Lakshmi goes from there. Rishi goes to get ready. He comes downstairs and greets Gautam’s parents. Neelam says today Ahana’s engagement is done, it is tomorrow. Rishi says how the arrangements will be done.

Ayush says it is tomorrow. Gautam’s father says everything will be done and tomorrow is auspicious day. He says we will get new life with Ahana. Gautam’s mother says don’t know why people don’t regard bahu as the part of family and says she is the one who takes family forward. Gautam says where there is no bahu, no family. Neelam says who is what, comes to know later. She says we can guarantee of Ahana. Karishma says Ahana is lucky to have you as family. Rishi says ok.

Gautam’s mother asks Lakshmi, is that okay with you, you are not glowing today. Lakshmi says yes. Gautam’s mother asks if they are going somewhere. Rishi says they are going for important work. Gautam’s father asks if they will not get food made by her.

Lakshmi says I will make tomorrow. Neelam says there will be no time tomorrow. Gautam’s father says he would like to have sweets made by Lakshmi and says tomorrow will be more auspicious. Neelam asks Rishi to go. Rishi says bye and goes. Lakshmi looks at Virender and Dadi and recall their moments. She pretends to sit down and touches Dadi’s feet.

Dadi blesses her. Lakshmi then touches Virender’s feet and goes. Bhagyalakshmi plays….Malishka goes out behind Lakshmi. Rishi and Lakshmi are leaving. Malishka calls Rishi and says you will come with me in my car. Rishi asks why are you coming? Malishka says I want to see my boyfriend cum fiancé’s divorce happening, who else will go with you.

She says I want to see how love wins everything. Lakshmi says I will wait in car. Malishka says leave her. Rishi tells her that it might be game of victory or defeat for her, but it is something else for me. He says we are not on the same path now, I am bearing so much, let me end all this.

Ahana calls Lakshmi and says you don’t know what can happen. She says you are going to court. Lakshmi asks her not to think much. Ahana says you are ruining everything for me. Lakshmi says I don’t want this to effect court, but there is no way.

Ahana says we shall go inside and tell truth to everyone. Lakshmi says Gautam’s parents are there, will you end your new life before starting. Ahana says Rishi bhai will tell everything in court. Lakshmi asks Ahana to tell Gautam’s parents. Ahana says Gautam will say.

Lakshmi says they like you and says everything will be fine. Ahana says atleast tell Rishi bhai. Lakshmi says I can’t tell. She sees Rishi and says it is in our cupboard and asks her to go and take it. Ahana says good luck bhai and says she will pray that everything will be fine. Rishi says everything will be fine.

Lakshmi and Rishi are in the car. He asks her if she knows what can happen if she stays silent. He says if we will bring change in our life with this silence. He asks don’t you want to talk. Lakshmi says why are you saying as if something new will happen and says I am learning to be quiet and is habitual now.

She closes the radio and says lets be quiet. Rishi recalls Shiv announcing about lakshmi’s pregnancy, Balwinder’s claim etc. Lakshmi also gets teary eyes and thinks of Neelam’s bitter words. Rishi is sad too, and thinks of questioning her, but she refusing to say. Lakshmi recalls Karishma’s accusations on her. He asks her to drink water and says I am agreeing to your sayings. Lakshmi drinks water. Rishi asks Lakshmi if the baby is really of….Lakshmi looks at him.

Malishka tells Neelam and Karishma that Rishi asked her not to come, and says Lakshmi can create a scene or act, or can play sympathy card or say that she might not be pregnant. Karishma says Rishi is there and will tell the truth. Neelam says he wants to get rid of Lakshmi.

Malishka says he is sensitive and stupid and might be silent and will not say anything. She says we are not there to tell the truth. Lakshmi thinks she can’t tell him, he might search Ahana’s boyfriend and something can happen which shouldn’t. She asks do you trust me? Rishi says no and says you have signed the divorce papers. He stops the car at the signal.

A guy comes and sells her a plant. Lakshmi pays him money. The seller blesses them to be as Shiv and Parvati’s Jodi. Rishi asks lakshmi if we have any relation that you bought this. Lakshmi says she took it for that old mans hardwork. She says he is earning money and not begging. She says whether it is work or relation, it needs hardwork to sustain.

Malishka calls Kiran and says nobody is taking me seriously here. She says Lakshmi is a threat and says she can’t calm down. She gets an idea and says I know what I shall do. She says I will not let you return Lakshmi, you wait and watch. Rishi and lakshmi reach the court.

A couple asks Rishi to take the pic, and says just now we got married. The lady says it seems you are already married. The guy says you both are made for each other like us. They pose for pic. Rishi clicks the pic. The lawyer says family court is strange place, people get married here and take divorce too. Other lawyer says marriage has become fashion. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come. They walk towards Judge’s cabin. Saathiya song plays……


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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