Rabb Se Hai Dua 18th April 2024 Written Episode Update

The saga unfolds with Kaynaat sternly cautioning Mannat to keep her distance from her offspring. She implores her not to harbor any thoughts about him. Subhan interjects, urging her to cease her warnings. Suddenly, Farhaan makes his entrance, prostrating himself at Mannat’s feet. Mannat confronts him, questioning his audacity to show up after wreaking havoc in her life. Farhaan, with a deceitful glint in his eyes, professes his inability to exist without her. He insists that she is oblivious to the reality of the situation. He claims to have arrived to dispel the cloud of misunderstanding that hangs over them. According to him, Ibadat is the puppet master behind their separation and the orchestrated attack on him.

Armaan, in a clandestine gesture to Gulnaaz, reveals that this is all part of his grand scheme. He reminisces about the moment he shattered a bottle on Farhaan’s head. He proposes a plan of revenge against Ibadat, suggesting that Farhaan could pay a visit to his house and inform everyone about Ibadat’s involvement in the attack. He assures Farhaan that Mannat, being innocent, would believe him. When Farhaan questions whether Mannat would turn against Ibadat, Armaan confidently states that he would sow the seeds of doubt in her heart against Ibadat. Farhaan, despite suffering another head injury, agrees to the plan.

Farhaan then turns to Mannat, claiming that there are those who stand with Ibadat. Ibadat, feeling threatened, contemplates calling the police, accusing Farhaan of attempting to ensnare her in his web of deceit once again. Farhaan retaliates by pointing fingers at her. Subhan, enraged, defends Ibadat, stating that she is his friend and he would not tolerate any slander against her. He issues a warning to Farhaan.

Subhan attempts to assault Farhaan, but Mannat intervenes. Kaynaat observes that Mannat’s affections seem to have shifted upon seeing Farhaan. She reminds everyone of her earlier suspicions about Mannat’s trustworthiness. She accuses Mannat of being fickle, agreeing to marry her son one moment and changing her mind the next upon seeing Farhaan. She predicts that Mannat will repeat this pattern. She argues that if Mannat can’t be loyal to her own family, she certainly can’t be loyal to Subhan. She dismisses Mannat as being unworthy of Subhan and expresses relief that the wedding didn’t materialize.

Mannat retaliates by slapping Farhaan, questioning his audacity to frame Ibadat. She accuses him of ruining her life and berates him. He retorts by labeling Ibadat as a liar and not as innocent as she seems. He expresses confusion about what she hopes to gain from all this. Mannat orders him to leave or face the consequences. Farhaan argues that she can’t break her promise to him for Ibadat. He suggests that she might leave with him and that he would marry her right then and there, regardless of anyone’s objections. He grabs her hand and pulls her towards him, but Subhan intervenes. He begins to assault Farhaan, despite pleas from others to stop. Armaan realizes that this is all part of his plan. If the police were to arrest Farhaan, he would reveal Armaan’s involvement. Gulnaaz fears that Armaan will be caught. Armaan signals Farhaan to flee, and Farhaan makes his escape.

Armaan feigns pursuit of Farhaan. As the time for Iftar approaches, Gulnaaz assures everyone that she will handle the situation. They all join in prayer. Mannat requests Subhan to help her break her fast, which he does, much to Kaynaat’s displeasure. Ibadat grows suspicious of Mannat’s actions. Later, Gulnaaz awaits Armaan, criticizing him for his failed plans. Kaynaat joins them and berates Gulnaaz for her inability to execute a successful plan. She complains that despite promising to help, Gulnaaz has accomplished nothing. Gulnaaz defends herself, stating that she tried to help but the plan simply didn’t work out. She expresses confusion about why Mannat agreed to marry Subhan. Kaynaat accuses Gulnaaz of being unreliable and regrets trusting her. She attempts to assault Gulnaaz, but Gulnaaz assures her that she will uncover the reason behind Mannat’s actions and won’t let her down. She speculates that Mannat must have had a reason for her actions and then departs.

Armaan is filled with anxiety, realizing that his plan has backfired. Farhaan is also not answering his calls. Gulnaaz confronts him, threatening to kill him. He confesses his confusion about where he went wrong. He doesn’t understand why Mannat agreed to marry him out of the blue. Mannat arrives, requesting to speak with him in private.


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