Rabb Se Hai Dua 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Ibadat is driving and calling Mannat but she is not picking up. She follows her location.

Subhan is worried about Ibadat and says she went out to meet with her boyfriend so I shouldn’t worry about her.

Farhan brings Mannat to a house and shows it decorated for her. Mannat says this is so romantic, I love you. Farhan says I will make this night memorable. He sees Ibadat calling her phone but throws it away.

Ibadat is driving and says my sister’s honor is in trouble.

Dua is calling Ibadat and Mannat but they are not picking up. Subhan comes there and asks what happened? Dua says you lied to me, that guy wasn’t a delivery boy so who was he?

Farhan brings Mannat to a decorated room and thinks she never allowed me to touch her but tonight I am going to take her honor.

Dua tells Subhan that both her daughters are gone from the house so she is worried, he has to tell her now. They never hid anything from me, I am worried so please tell me whatever you know. Subhan says I am sorry for lying for Ibadat. Dua says who was that guy? why did he come here? Subhan says that guy was Ibadat’s boyfriend. Dua recalls Ibadat promising on her name that he wasn’t her boyfriend. Subhan says she shouldn’t have lied to you, I tried stopping her but I think she left to meetup with him right now.

Ibadat comes to a house following Mannat’s location. She looks around for her. She finds Mannat’s phone in the hallway and says she must be around. Ibadat finds Dua calling her and says I should tell her everything. She recalls Mannat making her promise to not tell Dua about Farhan. She says I have to lie to Dua and Subhan.

Subhan tells Dua that he didn’t tell her because Ibadat didn’t want you to know. Dua says you have put her in danger, where can she be now? Subhan says maybe Mannat went after her. Dua says I am worried about them.

Farhan is trying to touch Mannat but she gets scared and says what are you doing? He makes her sit down and opens a champagne bottle. Mannat says I don’t drink alcohol. He says its nonalcoholic. Mannat hugs him and says I love you. Farhan spikes her drink while she isn’t looking.

Ibadat finds Armaan outside the house and thanks him for coming to help her. She thanks him and says Dua is calling me but I don’t know what to do. Armaan says tell her everything. Ibadat says no, I can’t tell her. We have to save her. Ibadat tries to get up but falls down and sprains her foot. Armaan takes her phone and messages Dua with the location. Dua tells Ravi that this isn’t a good location. Subhan says why would she go there to meet up with her boyfriend?

Farhan gives the drink to Mannat, she says let me look around everything, you know what I like. Thank you. Farhan is about to feed her but Ibadat screams for her. Mannat says I felt like Ibadat called out to me. Farhan says you must be mistaken.

Armaan and Ibadat are looking for Mannat. Dua is calling her but Armaan has her phone and cuts it. He thinks to expose Mannat and then Dua will make her marry me. I will be Mannat’s saviour tonight and she will like me then.

Dua tells Subhan to not tell anyone about this. Subhan says don’t worry, she is my friend and I would never bring any harm to her honor, lets go there.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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