Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Akshara Saves Abhi!

The Episode starts with Manjiri crying and seeing Neil’s pic. She says I have decided this for Abhi. She calls Abhi. She says you fell lonely even in crowd, right. He asks how do you know. She says I m your mum, I know your fake tears and fake smile, you fell lonely, right. He sees Akshu and says more than before. She says come home soon. Abhinav says Akshu doesn’t know singing. Abhir says she gets silent when she is asked to sing. Abhi looks on surprised. He recalls Akshu. Akshu asks Neela to sing. She dances. Neela sings.

Abhir dances and falls. Abhi holds him. Abhinav also dances. Everyone laughs. Abhir says they are bad, they are laughing on my dad. Abhi hears this and shows the dance steps to Abhinav. Muskaan asks Abhi to come and dance. Abhi dances with Abhinav. Abhir says he isn’t so bad. Abhi thinks I shouldn’t stay here. Akshu thinks this marriage should end soon, then we will go our way. Neela shows the earrings to be gifted. Akshu nods that its good. Abhi says I will stay busy in work. Abhinav says Akshu is working since morning, I will take coffee for her. He pours the coffee. He says I can try and make a heart sign on this coffee.

The light goes off. He says this got spoiled. Akshu goes out and sees a man stealing electricity by changing the wires. Abhi also sees them and goes to beat them. Abhi talks to the goons calmly. Akshu thinks is he the same Abhi. Abhi says I will complain, I don’t want you to have a problem. The goons threaten him. Akshu comes there with a stick. She beats them.

The goons apologize to her and leave. Abhi thinks is she any lookalike, she is the same, but so much anger. He thinks when did she become a fighter. He fixes the wires. The lights come. Mahima scolds Parth and asks where is your focus. Shefali gets a file for Parth. Mahima calls him useless. She goes. Parth gets angry on Shefali.

Neela says the light has come, the bride will glow now. Muskaan asks Akshu where is her Nath/nose ring. Akshu says I will go and get it from the room. Abhinav gets it for Akshu. Akshu wears it and thanks him. Haule haule…plays… Abhinav smiles. Muskaan signs him. Abhi comes and sees her. Abhir asks are you casting bad sight at my mum and dad. Abhi says don’t worry, world has cast bad sight at me, now bad sight is scared of me. Abhi asks how did you like my dance. Abhir says it was so so, my dad’s dance was the best. Abhi says yes. Abhi sees the marriage happening and gets emotional.

Abhinav asks did you have food, there is exotic food, we offer sweets before the food. Parth and Shefali are on the way. He says you didn’t get the file on time. She asks why did you forget it if it was imp. He asks her to get down the car. She asks how can I go home. He shouts on her. She gets down the car. Parth goes. Mahima comes and asks Shefali to sit in the car. Shefali says I m here because of Parth, you should lecture your son first. Mahima leaves. Shefali cries. Abhi tries the food and likes it. Akshu sees Abhi eating the sweet potato. She runs and stops him. She says it has sweet potato.

Abhinav asks what happened. Akshu says not everyone find it suitable to consume. Abhinav says its okay. Abhi says I m also allergic to sweet potato. Abhinav says wow Akshara ji, you always do it right, she has much medical knowledge, like she stayed with a doctor for years. He asks do you have any allergy. Abhi says no. Abhinav says get ready to put on weight. Akshu goes. Abhi thinks why are you delaying in forgetting me, forget me, now you have no right on my memories.

Abhi and Abhinav get drunk. Abhi says this friendship can’t work, you are a thief, you have stolen Akshara. Akshu looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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