Bhagya Lakshmi 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Rishi what happened to him suddenly. She says you was fine when we came here, then what happened to you. Rishi recalls lawyer’s words and says I could see your real face and reality and says I don’t like whatever you do, never. Lakshmi gets sad and sits. Song plays….ek main hun….Rishi also sits. Lakshmi looks at him. Kiran takes Malishka out.

Malishka says why did you bring me outside, as if I am mad. She says Rishi and I love each other, when our moms don’t have any objection, then why others have objection. She is about to go inside. Kiran stops her and says you will be arrested for adultery, for having affair with a married man. Malishka asks what are you saying? She says you said inside that you are his wife, but Rishi told Lakshmi is his wife. Malishka says you slept after having sleeping pills when I needed you. Kiran says you did wrong by calling Police. Malishka asks her not to say anything wrong. She comes inside.

Inspector asks if she has one sided love with Rishi. Malishka asks what? Inspector says I don’t know them, but after interacting with you, I understood. Lady constable comes and says they are…Malishka says they are not husband and wife. Inspector says the way I arrested them, I don’t think that they are husband and wife. Lakshmi sees Rishi resting his head on her shoulder. The ladies sitting there take off their bad sight from them. Lakshmi recalls their moments.

Kiran requests Inspector to make Malishka meet him once. Inspector lets her meet Rishi. He then asks Kiran to get her treated, as she will become psycho lover. Malishka sees Rishi resting his head on Lakshmi’s shoulder and gets angry. She goes outside. Kiran asks why is she angry. Malishka says Lakshmi is trying to snatch him away even here, and regrets to call Police.

A lady constable hears her. Kiran slaps Malishka and says I won’t let you get arrested. She asks why she is making issue, it is not a big deal and asks her to be in her senses. She says you did a big mistake by calling Police. She says Rishi has kept his head on her shoulder, if he would have been in resort then what had happened. She asks her to imagine. Malishka says imagine and tells that it is Lakshmi’s fault. Kiran tells that it is not her fault and she came for his money. Malishka says she has come to snatch Rishi from me. She calls Neelam. Neelam says I am coming there. Rishi gets up and looks at Lakshmi as she gets sleepy.

He leans his shoulder towards her. Lakshmi rests her head on his shoulder. The ladies laugh. Malishka fights with the sweeper sweeping the floor outside the PS and asks him to sweep somewhere else. He asks if she is mad. Kiran asks him to do his work. He says he is doing that only. Neelam and others reach there. Lakshmi wakes up and sees herself sleeping on his shoulder.

Rishi goes and sits with the men, says he couldn’t sleep properly. The men tell that he slept peacefully on her shoulder. Rishi says he would have slept peacefully in resort, and says she got him arrested. Lady Constable comes there and tells that Lakshmi didn’t call, but it was Malishka who called us. She tells that she was shouting and telling her Mom. Rishi says he don’t trust Lakshmi. Lakshmi says she didn’t call. She says I shouldn’t have trusted you, as you never said truth to me.

The lady constable says there is so much love between them, where there is love, there is trust in the heart. They prisoners tell that it is truth. Rishi says I am here due to you, and tells that you gave reason to Malishka to do this. Neelam asks who has arrested my son. Inspector says I have arrested him. Neelam asks why? Inspector says Lakshmi called me and said that Rishi is troubling her.

Neelam says that girl is lying. Inspector tells Lady constable that he was right. He tells that he caught them doing wrong in the hotel room. He says they are not married and Lakshmi might be new in this work field. Virender asks Inspector to mind his language and tells that Lakshmi is his bahu. Inspector says malishka claimed that she is Rishi’s wife.

Neelam says Lakshmi is his wife, but Malishka is his would be wife, we don’t regard Lakshmi as his wife. Inspector asks what is this joke and tells that until he gets proves, he will not leave Lakshmi. He asks if Malishka is their bahu. Virender says no. Karishma says Rishi is married to Lakshmi legally. Inspector warns Malishka not to come between husband and wife, else he will arrest her. Kiran says you can’t talk to my daughter like this.

Inspector asks Kiran to slap her daughter and make her understand, and asks why is she behind a married man who loves his wife very much. He says Rishi knows well that he loves Lakshmi. Neelam asks if Rishi said this. Inspector asks if she is feeling bad.

Neelam says she feels good and wants her son to love her daughter in law. Inspector says I don’t think so that you want it. He says Rishi didn’t tell me that he loves her. He advices Malishka not to run behind Rishi, and settle down with someone else. He tells Virender and Neelam that Rishi is lucky not to marry this mad girl. Ayush smiles. Inspector asks for the proof of Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage. Malishka says she didn’t want to prove. Virender says you can’t prove to be his wife, as you are not his wife. Malishka says she had sent pics to Karishma aunty. Karishma says she don’t remember. Virender asks her to show.

Karishma shows the picture of Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage. Inspector asks lady constable to bring them. Lady constable comes there and calls Rishi and Lakshmi. Rishi asks if we will be shifted to a bigger place. Lady constable says you will go to your house, and tells that your family members came to take you. She says when Inspector said something, your father in law said that you are his bahu. Rishi goes out and says I had told that we are married. Lakshmi asks him not to say anything wrong. He asks if she wants to be here.

Precap: Neelam tells that whatever other Pandit ji had told is coming true. She tells Neelam that she is inauspicious for Rishi. Rishi asks Malishka why did she call the Police. Lakshmi tells Malishka that whatever she wants, she can’t get it by snatching. Pandit ji tells Lakshmi that Rishi will be attacked by the markesh dosh even if she is away 11 steps away from him. Lakshmi runs to save him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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