Bhagya Lakshmi 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi coming to Ayush’s room and asking if he can sleep in his room. Ayush asks if he can’t sleep in his room. Rishi says there is Lakshmi’s presence in the room everywhere. Ayush asks him to go and meet Lakshmi. Rishi says he is not comfortable.

Ayush says I will take you. Rishi says if she scolds me again. Ayush asks him to prepare before going and says this time she can’t run. Rishi says she is not lover, he is just her friend and is worried as his friend is not talking to him. Ayush says good night and cover blanket on himself to sleep. Rishi thinks I am Rishi Oberoi and not any teenager to go and meet his crush.

Lakshmi recalls Rano’s words and thinks who will separate their hearts. Rishi gets up and thinks if he shall call her, and thinks she will not pick the call. He calls Lakshmi from Ayush’s mobile. Lakshmi sees the call and doesn’t pick it. Rishi thinks to call again. Lakshmi picks the call and says hello. Rishi is on the call. Lakshmi senses his presence on the call and says Rishi. Rishi says Lakshmi. Lakshmi ends the call. They recall their moments. Ishq tera plays…..

Karishma says it is good that Lakshmi went from here, Rishi is fighting with everyone for her. Sonia says Lakshmi has become important for Rishi and says now I feel that whatever Malishka did that day was right. Karishma says even I felt the same. Neelam hears them and tells that you both felt wrong, lakshmi went at wrong time from here. Sonia asks do you really lakshmi like girl to become your bahu and Rishi’s wife? Neelam says you shall sit with elders and get experience. She says age is not just a number and says I had said that why I want lakshmi in Rishi’s life.

Sonia says you was not there, Bhai asked me to respect Lakshmi. Neelam says what wrong did he say? She says I asked Rishi to respect Lakshmi. She tells Karishma that she shall stop Sonia from doing wrong. Karishma says what I will say, I didn’t feel that something wrong had happened. Sonia says Rishi Bhai fought with you for Lakshmi. Neelam says he told what is in his heart and tells that he is my pride and ego. She says I ask him to say anything and says there is a difference between speaking his heart out and taking a decision. She asks her to stop judgemental about Rishi, just because she dislikes Lakshmi. She goes. Karishma says Neelam wants Lakshmi to return to Rishi.

Later in the night, Rano asks Preetam to switch off the lights. She finds him sleeping and comes out of room. She takes the papers and thinks she will get Lakshmi divorced from Rishi. She comes to Neelam’s house and asks how are you everyone? Neelam looks at her. Rano asks where is Virender? Karishma asks what are you doing here? Rano says your daughter is not having manners and says if my daughter was like her, then I would have slapped her. Karishma gets upset. Neelam stops her.

Rano asks Neelam why did she get Rishi marry Lakshmi, when she knows about his affair with Malishka. She asks what is the secret. Neelam asks her to rest. Rano argues with Sonia and tells that they shall drown in a shallow water after whatever they did with lakshmi. Neelam stops Sonia. Sonia says I am talking nicely with her, and she is doing drama. Virender asks Sonia to let elders talk.

Rano tells Virender that lakshmi has sent the divorce papers. She tells that times have changed, she will not return here, she wants compensation/alimony. Dadi asks if Lakshmi sent these papers. Rano says yes. Neelam says I don’t agree, you are lying. Devika says let me talk to Bhabhi once. Rano says she might not be picking your call, as she don’t want to have relations with you all.

Rishi gets ready to go to office and calls lakshmi. Lakshmi checks the call and says Rishi. She picks the call. Rishi doesn’t know what to talk and ends the call. He thinks what she might be feeling and calls Lakshmi again. He says I called you mistakenly. Lakshmi says even I didn’t see the number and that’s why picked your call. He ends the call and goes out. Ayush comes there and asks Rishi to call Lakshmi and apologize to her. Rishi asks him to stop emotionally blackmailing him. Ayush asks him to listen.

Virender tells Rano that he will never believe her, Lakshmi can’t think of breaking relation with us. Rano says why she can’t think and asks if you had made her maharani here, so much bad has happened with her. Virender says bad thing have happened due to her. Neelam says I let her speak, but now patience has broken, she is insulting all my family members and asks what do you want? Rano says Lakshmi has left your home and came to my house, as she came to know about your true faces. She asks why you didn’t get Rishi marry Malishka till now.

Virender says Rishi has done a mistake, he is married to Lakshmi and will not marry Malishka. Rano says Rishi will search some other girl and says Lakshmi hates you all. Virender says you are lying and says I will not accept that Lakshmi hates us, and says she can just give love and can’t hate anyone. Rano says give me the papers with Rishi’s signatures on it. Virender says these papers are fake. Rano says it is made by Lawyer. Neelam asks her to show the signs. Rano says I got her thumb impression and shows it to them. Neelam and Virender are shocked.

Precap: Rishi says it is good that she has sent the papers, I will sign on it. Lakshmi takes up the job. The employer asks her to come and see what she shall do. Neelam comes to Preetam and asks him to call Lakshmi immediately. The employer tries to get closer to Lakshmi. Lakshmi gets scared. Neelam tells that she won’t let this divorce happen. Rishi looks on from outside his office.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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