Katha Ankahee 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update

Viaan comes to the breakfast table. Teeji immediately gets up to leave, Viaan requests her to stay as he needs to discuss something. Viaan tells that Vanya is Viraj’s daughter as well, soon she will be daughter to a mother who won’t remember her. Teeji questions as its not her fault, Viaan questions as its not Vanya’s fault as well. Viaan reminds how she used to console him saying not to blame himself for his father leaving. Children are innocent and suffer from the crime elders commit.

Teeji taunts him for talking about right and wrong being Viraj’s son, his father needed a lot, and it got him nor anyone else anywhere. Katha blames it on Katha, there is something about her that changed Viaan. He is sure that one day Teeji will repeat the sentence saying that Katha handled Viaan. He will make some chamomile tea for her. Teeji calls Farah to meet her urgently.

At the club while enjoying delights Batman tells Robin that his mother is sad, she is dealing with some issues she isn’t discussing. Robin thinks that it’s a good thing, children should not be burdened with elderly problems. Aarav pity’s her, though she tackles all hurdles but wants her to have a friend who will cheer her up. Robin assures that she must have friends. Batman is talking about that one special friend who understands her, makes her happy. Robin recalls her time with katha, its rare to find such friends, who enter your life during hardest battles, they know when to hold hand and when to let them free, such friendships are extremely special. Robin thinks that Batman’s mother is a special lady, he should find someone who can play a companion’s role in her life.

Katha enters the office to find Viaan sitting in her office. She thought that would meet after lunch, however she started showing him designs. Viaan puts is aside, they will meet for designs after lunch. He brought breakfast to catch up. He couldn’t drop her at home nor was he able to talk to her at night. Katha was busy last night, she had a heavy breakfast, left the office to meet the new joiners.

Viaan went to his cabin with the breakfast, gave Ehsan the coffee he brought. Ehsan wants to discuss the Rajasthan project with Viaan, he has a meeting with engineer. Viaan wants to include Vanya in this project, he has great designing skills, has interests in heritage project. Ehsan refused to take her help. Viaan checks Ehsan’s temperature, reminds that they employed people because Ehsan wanted help. Ehsan should take Vanya’s assistance; she will learn a lot from Ehsan. Viaan needs to take responsibility for her career growth, she is his sister. Ehsan considers that the problem.

During Meeting, Vanya presents the project while Viaan keeps looking at Katha. After the meeting Vanya shares her excitement over Rajasthan project with Viaan, she has some ideas for it. Viaan advises her to learn from Ehsan because he is brilliant. Katha ignores Viaan, leaves the office.

Viaan follows Katha, requests her to tell the problem she is facing. He notices her being silent in meeting, its unlike her to not give any feedback. Katha had no issues with Vanya’s presentation. Viaan request her to share the trouble with him. Katha doesn’t know what to do, she neither able to tell Viaan nor able to hide it from him. Katha tells that if she expresses her feeling for Viaan would aggravate things to unlikable end.

Teeji doesn’t like Katha, she doesn’t want to be called home breaker again. Viaan calls Katha, she was only imagining. Viaan asks her to trust him, he is always with her. Katha appreciates it but she needs to handle it herself. Viaan knows that it’s something related to him, she isn’t telling out or care, and sure about the fact that she will tell him at right moment. Viaan request her not to make him wait for long or he will find it out himself. Katha leaves.

Vanya comes to Eshan showing designs on Rajasthan project. Ehsan calls it off, Vanya reminds him about the team she is part of. She should have been informed about any change of plan. She has been working on the file since last night. Ehsan is the boss, didn’t find it important to share everything with her. Vanya is not only Viaan’s sister but a new joiner.

Vanya cannot stay silent for being a new joiner. Ehsan will decide the work, Vanya only has to follow the orders. Ehsan is a strict boss which Vanya can confirm from anyone in office. Vanya laughs at it. Ehsan announces off, Vanya questions him for being kind to her first and now being strict, asks if he was trying to hit on her. Vanya thinks that he is jealous of her taking Viaan’s place. She wants to know the issue. Ehsan calls her the issue, asks her to leave.

Viaan had asked Jenny to send Katha to his office. Katha comes in, asks if he is okay. Viaan tells that its nothing, Katha questions as its visible on his face. She starts thinking if Teeji or Seema said something to him, he is worried about Lonavala project. Viaan has a problem and its her. Katha not sharing her problem is problem for him. Viaan requests her to trust him, they will sort it out. Katha request him to trust her, she will tell eventually. Viaan decides to listen to her unsaid words, forbids her to stop him.

Katha comes home to Neerja serving her halwa. Neerja has given it as a bribe to share her troubles. Katha loves the halwa, tells that there are some people who never leave our sight, they make living easy. Neerja asks if Katha is leaving her. Katha tells her about Viaan, her system works well in his presence, staying away from him reminds that his presence makes her life easy. She feels comfortable sharing anything with her. Aarav listening to Katha wonders why she likes that irritating uncle. He thinks that it’s Ehsan.

PRECAP: Batman informs Robin about finding the special friend in his mother’s life. Robin advises Batman to make their connection stronger. Katha meets Viaan in a restaurant, he is sure that her words will be remembered forever. Mr. Garewal and Kavita spot Katha went over to meet her. Aarav sneaks into Katha’s office, he sees Robin there being referred as Viaan.

Update Credit to: Sona

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