Kundali Bhagya 28th March 2022 Written Episode Update

Sherlin is hugging Kritika when Natasha also comes inside assuring Kritika there is nothing to be worried about since they all are standing with her, Sameer entering the room questions why is she crying when Kritika asks if he was not present when her husband was being arrested, Kritika explains that she feels Preeta herself put the papers in his room so she can trap him, Natasha and Sherlin also say that it is the truth however Karan questions what are they both saying, he entering the room explains Prithvi got arrested because he was wrong, Preeta would never steal her own papers to trap Prithvi, Kritika explains she needed her brother today the most but feels that the person standing in front of her is the husband of Preeta, she exclaims it is better if they not talk today since she might blame him for all that happened, Karan leaves in anger exclaiming she is right as they should not talk, Sameer also tries to question what has happened to her, Kritika in anger asks him to go and stand with his Bhabhi, he leaves but Natasha gets worried.

Karan is walking in the hall, he recalls how Kritika blamed him for defending Preeta, he is about to walk out of the house when Preeta passes by him, she thanks him for helping her, Karan replies why is she thanking him since it was a coincidence, Preeta explains Prithvi got arrested because he was wrong and karan says he knows Prithvi is wrong but she is also not so pure because she planned everything and because of her Kritika is not talking to him, Preeta tries to explain Kritika is really humble but Karan explains that he doesnot need her advice on how to deal with his family, everything happened because of Preeta, but she explains she should not be blamed as she did not ask him to call the police, he wanted to prove that he did not steal the papers and Prithvi is the culprit, Karan explains he is tired of her, prithvi and Sherlin.

Preeta ask him to calm down since sometimes it feels they are suffering when in reality it is happening for good, Karan asks her to not give him this lecture till the time she suffers the pain of the one she loves the most, who stops talking to her and even her hearts breaks into little pieces, she starts crying when he exclaims she just started weeping after hearing about it while he is suffering it all, his sister is not talking to him and his entire family is suffering because of them, he mentions it is very easy for Preeta to yell at them and even push him away exclaiming she doesnot love him but he came back to her, because he still loves her and felt that his Preeta had returned to this house but she is not the same women and even involved him in her plans, she cannot see herself in pain so why is she lecturing him to calm down. Preeta exclaims she is understanding everything, he is calling her life as simple and she wishes he would know how complicated her life is, he said she would get to know when her family hates her, but they still hate her, she cannot even tell them how she loves them all, he says whatever is in his mind when she cannot reveal the truth about what she feels regarding them.

Karan is walking, Sameer stops him when he questions what does he have to say, Sameer hugs him informing that he is the best brother in the world, karan however leaves asking him to let him stay alone for some time, Sameer thinks he knows Karan fought with Preeta but if he lets him stay alone, he might get even more angry.

Sameer follows Karan asking where is he going, karan starts scolding him questioning why is he not letting him be alone for some time, Sameer asks the reason he is scolding him, karan replies because he is not letting him focus on his thoughts, Sameer questions what happened to him so karan asks if he heard him arguing with Preeta, Sameer is not able to accept it, karan asks if he was wrong because he is never defending Preeta, but Kritika is not understanding anything. Sameer asks what did he say when he was coming back from the police station because he knew that Kritika was upset and they both are the only brothers she has, they have to calm her down. Karan exclaims anyone would be hurt with what is happening in the house, she is angry with him thinking he is her enemy. Sameer replies even Preeta is someone’s sister, karan asks him to not go into this since he knows Sameer heard their conversation but Sameer explains it was a one sided fight, Sameer explains he was yelling but she was hearing it all, did he think it was because of Prithvi because they all know that he is an evil person, and even if Prithvi got the idea to steal them because of Preeta but he is the one who sent him to jail, Sameer knows that Prithvi was wrong and irritated them, but this happened because of Karan and Preeta, hearing this karan is shocked but Sameer replies that she is right in her own way and if Preeta had a brother who heard the way he fought with her, he would have beaten Karan. Sameer doesnot stop at anything mentioning he will say, Sameer reveals other members also wanted to steal them even if their intentions were not wrong but Prithvi can never think good for anyone else, Sameer explains even he was about to get arrested but Preeta saved him because had she not told them that the file doesnot have the papers no one would have understood anything. Karan exclaims he is the one who knows best how Prithvi is, and now what can he do, Sameer informs that in this situation he must apologize, however Karna is not ready since he is a really egoistic person. Sameer explains what is wrong in apologizing and he believes the one who apologizes has bigger self-esteem. Karan gets really confused.

Preeta standing in the room is really depressed, she is thinking how karan scolded her blaming that she is the reason of disturbance in the family and also, he cannot believe what Sherlin, Prithvi and Preeta desire, she also recalls the threat of Prithvi who assured he will make sure they throw her out of the house because the Luthra’s would never love her and will always stand against her. Preeta thinks he is wrong since the entire family loves her a lot but they cannot accept it, she was also not able to tell the truth because of his evil plans, but now that he is in jail, she can without any worry tell them the truth and also hope that they will accept her also if this happens then she will start living happily with them, but if this doesnot happen even then she will live to fight for the Luthra family.


Prithvi is standing in the lockup and is really frustrated when the constable brings a drunk criminal into the lockup, he says they would have to take rent from him since he is usually in the lockup, they then order him to sit down, he is amazed to see someone with the personality of Prithvi standing in the lockup and asks if h cannot speak, he starts irritating him so after a while reveals that he is Pm, Pardeep Mishra. Prithvi is amazed and asks what did he say, Prithvi reveals he is also PM as his name is Prithvi Malhotra. And he feels they would accomplish a lot after being together, prithvi explains Pardeep is actually a cartoon, however he once again exclaims he is Pm, hearing which prithvi asks him to go and sit down quietly.

Rakhi is with Karina and Dadi finalizing the list of guests for the Holi party, Karina mention s she thought they would invite a lot of people but this guest list is really small, when Dadi exclaims how she is going to enjoy when Jitu jee is not coming, Karina is really amazed with her crush. however, Rakhi mentions they are enough and she is herself going to prepare everything in the house while she will order the rest, Karina explains she should make the Gujia which is the favorite of Bhai, Rakhi asks how can she forget the favorite of Mahesh and everyone loves the Gujia of their house, Dadi asks what about the colors, Rakhi replies no Holi is complete without them, she is going to order organic colors for the function which are pure, she doesnot want any problem to arise in the function, Dadi assures they are going to celebrate the function with immense happiness, Rakhi explains the best thing is that the person who had the most negativity left and now happiness is coming back to their life, Rakhi insists Karina start inviting the guests. Preeta thinks she should postpone the thought of revealing the truth to them all because they all are busy in the preparations while it would be better if she tells them at the function, she is also sad because of the way Karan talked with her, she believes he doesnot care how she feels.


Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. rhaki why you talk like that to dr preeta
    rhaki please you don’t do try to understand that what i am saying for you rhaki now please that dr preeta she will not do anything for you i promise you that you can do it.
    karan please you don’t make upest for dr preeta
    karan if you do mind that dr preeta she will not do anything for you i promise you can do it karan please try to understand that what i am saying for you.
    prithvi malthora if you do like this plan i don’t like it keep it with only you do if you want but i don’t care at all never.
    sherlyn if you talk like this plan i don’t like it keep it with only you do if you want i don’t care at all never.

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