Sirf Tum 1st March 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with John and Raghav trying to make Ranveer come in his senses and slap him to get up. Kamini tells that if Suhani’s bidaai don’t happen today, then Bhai can’t show his face to anyone. Sudha asks Rakesh to ask Suhani once.

Rakesh tells Suhani that he is doing this to save his respect, and also to make her life better, and regrets to misunderstand Ranveer to be good, and tells that it was a game for him, and he has made fun of our emotions. Suhani says Ranveer is not like this, I trust him.

Rakesh says he has taken advantage of your trust, you are trusting him even now. He says that guy think marriage as a joke and asks if he will come here. John slaps Ranveer and says Suhani is waiting for you in the mandap. Ranveer gets up calling Suhani and imagines her going far from him. He is still drowsy and runs from there.

Rakesh tells that dream is over, asks her to face the truth. He says your truth is more beautiful than your dream. Suhani says Papa. Rakesh says if you want your father to live with his head high then agree for this marriage.
He gives her swear and asks her not to refuse.

Suhani is shocked as he keeps her hand on his head. Dadi cries. Asha, Ansh and Riya looks on. Suhani thinks my Papa is my super hero. Ranveer calls Suhani. Riya sees his call and thinks it seems he got consciousness. He asks the driver to drive fast. Riya ends the call.

Ranveer gets shocked and says what the hell. Suhani thinks of Ranveer’s words as she is taken by Rakesh to the mandap. Rakesh then ties his turban to Ansh and folds his hands. Ranveer finds his phone switched off. Raghav asks how did you get this injury? Ranveer asks driver to drive fast.


Ansh sits for marriage. Asha smiles. Pandit ji lights the havan fire and starts the marriage rituals. He asks them to exchange the garlands. Suhani sits in shock. Sudha helps her get up. Ranveer gets down from the car and runs. Suhani and Ansh exchange the garlands.

Sudha ties the ghatbandhan. Ansh and Suhani start taking the rounds. Ranveer is still running to reach there. Suhani recalls Ranveer promising her that he will never leave her.

Ansh swears to snatch Suhani’s happiness and ego. Pandit ji asks them to sit. Ansh fills sindoor in her maang and makes her wear mangalsutra. Suhani gets teary eyes.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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