Sirf Tum 7th April 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mamta asking the principal about Ranveer’s crime. Principal says he has done a big mistake. Suhani encourages Mamta. Mamta says Ranveer took Suhani with him to teach her for exams, he was helping her. He says matter isn’t in my hands. Suhani says tell about Ansh. Mamta says I heard that Ansh has taken his wife as a trophy wife, you know your college will lose its reputation, take my son’s rustication back, else you don’t know what I can do, never underestimate the power of a mother. Riya comes and says aunty is right, Ranveer is the trustee’s son, you should reconsider your decision. Suhani says yes, he is a bright student, you can’t expel him. he says I will talk to medical council once and make sure that they take the rustication back, please ensure that he doesn’t do such drama again, I hope you understand this. Mamta thanks him. She hugs Suhani. Suhani says Ranveer shouldn’t create any hurdle.

Suhani works in the café. The guys give the sweets order. They make fun of her. A guy throws a glass at her. She gets aside. Ranveer comes and beats the guys. Suhani says Ranveer… The guy says we were just doing timepass. Ranveer brings a big container filled with sweets. He asks them to have it now. The guy says no, we were just joking. Ranveer sees the broken glass and asks is this your joke. Suhani says its my matter, I will handle it. He says I have seen how you handled it. He asks the guys to finish all the sweets. Ansh comes and asks what’s happening here. Ranveer says good, we have some more audience, clap. Everyone claps. Ranveer asks the guys to eat it. Ansh says this is called hitting the axe on own foot. Suhani says stop it Ranveer, matter shouldn’t reach the dean Sir, your rustication won’t get cancelled, just go. Ansh records this and says my wife wants to bring Ranveer back to college without telling me. Ranveer says I will go after they eat the sweets. The guys start eating the sweets. Ranveer asks Raghu to see how many gulab jamuns are left. Raghu says they aren’t eating well. The guy says enough, we can’t eat more, let us go. Ranveer says you have two choices, finish the sweets else your face will be seen inside this container just for 30 seconds, I have third option also, your joke. The guy gets scared. Ranveer dips the guy’s head in the container. He warns everyone to not misbehave with Suhani. He asks Raghu to click the guy’s pic and make it viral on social video, everyone should know the result of misbehaving with girls. He leaves. Ansh scolds Suhani and asks what do you want, that he comes back in college and you romance him, if he comes back then your dream will be left incomplete, I will never let this happen, this video is already viral, I will show this to dean, Ranveer will lose his job also. He leaves.

Suhani says I have the footage of Ranveer’s innocence, I will bring Ranveer back in this college. At home, Ranveer comes to Suhani and asks for the pendrive. She says I won’t give. She puts the pendrive in her dress. He asks her not to give false hope to mom. She asks why did you make this deal with dad to keep me home, you left the medical college, why, you sacrificed your dream, why can’t I do anything. He says no, I didn’t get rusticated on own, I can’t break your dreams to fulfil mine. She says I know you did this drama so that the committee members don’t consider your case, do anything but I will get you back to the college, now I have made your dream mine for Mamta’s happiness.

Its morning, Mamta comes to college and says I got late in bringing these medals. Suhani asks her to come. They meet the committee. Mamta praises Ranveer. She says he took Suhani to help her, he didn’t kidnap her, I assure you, if you take the rustication orders back, then he will make your college name shine, ask the dean, his cabin is filled with Ranveer’s trophies. Dean says yes. She says please give him one fair chance. The man says I want to meet your son and then decide. Mamta thanks her. Riya comes to Ranveer and says congrats, your case will be reconsidered, you have to be there tomorrow. Ranveer thanks her for giving imp info to him. He goes. She says sorry, I want to see you becoming a doctor, but I want to make Suhani away, you are just mine. Suhani says you gave a good lecture. Mamta says real fight just began, I hope we win.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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