Sirf Tum 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Suhani thinking about Ranveer’s words that she and her Papa had planned to become Oberoi bahu, and Acharya ji’s words that she has to go back from where she has come. She shouts saying she will not go back. Ishaan comes back and asks what happened? Suhani hugs him. In the morning, Sudha thinks where is Suhani, and takes breakfast for her in the room. She finds her sleeping and thinks she shall let her sleep. She tries to cover her with blanket fully and finds that she is having fever.

Suhani wakes up and says if I got late to go to college. Sudha says you will not go to college today. Aditya checks her and says you are having 102 degrees fever. Doctor comes there and checks Suhani. Aditya says all her tests are normal, then also her fever is not going. Doctor asks Suhani what is she thinking? Suhani says no. Rakesh asks what is the matter. Doctor says she is having anxiety about something and asks if you are worried or scared about something. Suhani says no.

After a month, Sudha, dadi and Rakesh pray to Mata Rani and tells that Suhani is having fever since a month. How she will prepare for exams as it is after the month. Dadi asks Mata Rani to give them strength. Rakesh comes to Suhani’s room and finds her sleeping holding her text book. He sees the books and papers scattered on the table. He sets the table. Suhani gets up and says I will do it, why are you doing.

Rakesh asks until when you will lie to us, and with yourself too. He says you are living for all of us, but why you are running away from yourself. He says I remember that when I couldn’t walk or say anything, your self esteem was your strength and now Ranveer’s memories have become your fear. He asks if Dehradun is Ranveer’s city and his wealth, then why are you scared. She says when you meet him in life, you will be a better doctor than him. He says we didn’t teach you to runaway from the circumstances.

He asks why are you scared, tell me? Suhani says I am not scared of ranveer for myself, but for you all. She says you have all have bear him much, and we have been staying away from him since 4 years and we are very happy. She says I am afraid that due to Ranveer or me, your life might get ruin. Rakesh asks what worst can happen? Sudha says you haven’t thought that if your dream to become doctor didn’t come true, then it will not be less than our old pain.

Dadi says we all are with you, let Ranveer come here, I will handle him alone. She asks her to become doctor and make their name famous. Ishaan says I will join gym and will make good body, he has to face me before you. Rakesh asks Suhani not to divert from her aim. He says I know you will become a good doctor and will come on top. He says I know that you will show him, his value. Suhani says she will top in the class and make everyone feel proud. Later Suhani sits to study. Sudha gives her tea. Ranveer checks the patients sitting on the road.

After one year. Dadi prays to Mata Rani that Suhani shall get good marks and says she will distribute the sweets. Ishaan checks for Suhani’s result. Suhani asks him to check fast. Ishaan says Aarti is on 2nd. Ishaan says Aditya got 3rd Rank. Suhani says I got 10th rank and gets upset. He says there is something wrong. Suhani says my destiny is bad. Aditya comes there and calls Suhani. He dances and says she has broken RS medical college record. He says Rank 1.

Suhani says I have seen my rank 10th. He says it was a mistake in the ranking field. He shows the data and asks her to see. Suhani checks the printout and finds her name as the first ranker. She gets happy and hugs Aditya in excitement. Everyone is happy. Suhani then hugs Ishaan and Dadi. Dadi congrats her. Suhani hugs Sudha. Sudha says I know that my daughter will top. She says they shall dance. They play the song and dance. Suhani asks where is Papa?

Rakesh comes there and says I had gone to buy your favorite sweets as I knew that you will top in the exam. He says you have made me proud, and says my daughter will be known as Dr. Suhani Sharma and I will be known as her father. Dadi says we shall thank Mata Rani. They thank Mata Rani. Suhani thinks this victory celebration will be of my victory after coming out of your memories. She says I will tell you, how I become Dr. Suhani Sharma on my own, you was wrong, I have proved, you are nothing to me now. Sudha says thank you Mata rani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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