Bhagya Lakshmi 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sonia asking Malishka, why she was slapping her? Malishka says sorry and says she was angry on Lakshmi. Sonia says you are angry on her for 24 hours. Malishka tells her that Rishi has bought a necklace for Lakshmi. Sonia is surprised. Malishka takes her phone and says I will not snatch it like Rishi snatched Lakshmi from me. She calls Balwinder from Sonia’s phone.

Balwinder is in disguise of a pandit and picks the call, asking whose number is this? Malishka says if she had called him from her phone then Durga Devi will catch her. Balwinder says sorry. She asks when he is coming? Balwinder says he is on the way, but is scared to come there. Malishka says you are coming here as Pandit and nobody will recognize you. She says the work shall be done today. Balwinder says he is coming and ends the call. Malishka thinks if Balwinder does her work then she will get rid of Lakshmi forever, she will be gone, the end.

Balwinder sees Durga Devi going in the car and thinks if she is going to oberoi mansion. He thinks if he gets caught then he is dead. Dadi tells Dada ji’s pic that all the decoration is done by Lakshmi and says she is real Lakshmi. Virender comes there and says today will be memorable, I wish Bau ji would have been alive. Ahana comes there and praises Lakshmi.

Karishma tells Malishka that Lakshmi traps everyone by doing such things and says you should have done something. Malishka says she has planned something and will impress Dadi, Virender and Neelam. Lakshmi and Rishi are coming downstairs. Dadi praises their Jodi. Virender asks if she is talking about Neelam and his Jodi. Dadi says Rishi and Lakshmi’s Jodi are good than them. Virender says he always wanted that. Neelam asks what Mummy ji is saying. Dadi asks Virender to say. Virender says Maa said that father is father and son is son. Dadi says yes.

Lakshmi’s saree gets stuck in the decoration. Rishi frees it and they come downstairs. Lakshmi asks Dadi if she checked and asks if there is anything left. Dadi says yes and says thank you. Everyone smiles. Dadi says thank you, from me and my family and thank you from Dada ji’s side too. Servant comes there and says Pandit ji has come.

Kiran thinks Balwinder has come, but she sees real Pandit, and thinks I didn’t think that they would have called the pandit. She thinks how Balwinder will come now. Dadi asks Pandit ji to come, and tells Kiran that she would have asked him to come inside. Malishka tells Kiran that Balwinder is coming. Pandit ji appreciates the temple decorations. Dadi says Lakshmi has done this. Rishi says your Chachi came.


Rano comes there with Neha and Bani. Ayush thinks where is Shalu? Rano greets Dadi. Dadi says she has called them. Rano greets Virender and Neelam. She asks Karishma, even you have come. Karishma says this is our house, I shall ask you this question. Ayush asks Bani where is Shalu? Shalu comes there. Ayush asks why did she come late and asks if she wants VIP entry.

Shalu says I am already VIP and don’t have time for ordinary people. She asks him to move and goes to greet Dadi, Virender and others. She hugs Lakshmi. Dadi says she is Lakshmi’s reflection. Neha touches Dadi’s feet. Dadi says God shall show you the right way. Rano thinks God show them the right way, Ayush.

Balwinder thinks Malishka asked him to do a big dangerous thing and thinks who will benefit? He thinks Malishka, Lakshmi or I will win. He is confused. Balwinder comes there and says he is Pandit Ganesh Upadhyay. Karishma asks what happened? Kiran says Pandit ji has come. Karishma says our Pandit ji has come, and says another pandit. Kiran says she had heard that he does nice puja and that’s why called him.

Karishma says you should have informed us, when our Pandit came. Kiran says it had slipped from her mind. She asks Balwinder to go and says it is inauspicious if pandit goes. Karishma says let him do the puja along with our Pandit. Balwinder says that Pandit shall do the puja as he came first and I will help him. Karishma tells Pandit ji that she has helped other Pandit to help him. Pandit ji asks Balwinder to make baati ready.

Balwinder says ok. He holds the bag which he has brought with him. Dadi asks Pandit ji to start the puja. Malishka tells Dadi that before the puja, she wants to give her surprise. She goes to bring. Karishma tells Neelam that Malishka will win Dadi’s heart today. Rishi asks Lakshmi to bring the surprise which she has planned for Dadi. Lakshmi goes to bring.

Malishka brings the cake to surprise Dadi. Neelam praises her. Dadi blesses Malishka. Balwinder gets up and goes to the temple, keeps the open wire electric wires surrounded by the flowers garland in the temple and pours some gangajal on it. He thinks all arrangements are done, just as Lakshmi touches the kalash, I will switch on the button.

Malishka asks Dadi to cut the cake from Dada ji’s side. She says don’t take tension of sugar, I will make you eat with my hand. She slips due to the carpet on the floor and falls on the cake. Her face gets smeared with the cake. Balwinder laughs and his moustache comes out. He sticks it again. Neha and Shalu smiles. Malishka gets up. Kiran wipes her face and says it is accidentally done, it is not your mistake. She asks Dadi if Malishka’s feelings reached her. She then says Dadi cares for her feelings. Sonia says exactly.

Ayush comes there with Lakshmi, as they bring the cake. He asks what happened to everyone and asks who is she? She shoos her away. Ahana says she is Malishka. Ayush says our Malishka. Ahana says she had brought cake, slipped and fell down on the cake. Ayush laughs. Rishi says its ok Malishka, we will cut this cake (brought by Lakshmi). He says Lakshmi had planned this in the night itself. Dadi asks Karishma if she got the answer. Karishma says it’s ok, we all received your feelings. She asks her to go and wash her face. Malishka wipes her face and throws the cake cream away, it falls on Shalu. Ayush wipes her face.

Balwinder thinks she is looking pigeon with cake on her face. Dadi thanks Malishka for her feelings and says real thanks to Lakshmi, as she thought about this cake amidst the arrangements of decorations. She asks Lakshmi to cut the cake with her, along with Rishi. Lakshmi says I..? Ahana and Ayush ask her to cut the cake. Kiran thinks God knows what destiny she has. Malishka thinks everyone came on her side, but then something happens. She blames Lakshmi for playing small games with her. She says I will win and you will lose.

Balwinder says now the work will be done. Pandit ji asks what? Balwinder says the puja rituals shall start. Dadi asks Pandit ji to come, as they are cutting the cake. Pandit ji asks Balwinder to come. Balwinder thinks he has to come, else they will get doubtful. Dadi asks Balwinder to come and stand there. Lakshmi looks at Balwinder. Dadi asks Lakshmi and Rishi to come, and they hold the knife with Dadi.

Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Malishka comes back. Dadi asks if Malishka comes back. Ayush says yes. He asks Dadi to cut Nana ji’s cake. Durga Devi comes there. Virender says you came at the right time. Durga Devi thanks him for inviting her. Virender asks her to come inside. Dadi welcomes her. Balwinder and Malishka get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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