Bhagya Lakshmi 9th April 2022 Written Episode Update

Aayush calls Malishka when she questions what happened, he explains that her house has arrived, she is about to get out but explains she knows he doesnot love her anymore but she still cares of them as her own family because as they say that a girl should consider her family as her own so she still loves them, she leaves advising him to take care of himself, Aayush gets tensed thinking how can he handle everything when nothing is in his control.

Virender explains this should not have happened as Lakshmi should not have signed the papers, he trusted her a lot but even then, she made him feel disappointed so exclaims Lakshmi has made a big mistake.

Malishka in her house is really excited seeing the divorce papers and exclaims that now everything will be back to normal, she is smiling when her mother is seeing her, Malishka questions if she would not come inside when she replies she wants to first see her daughter smiling, Malishka replies that she finally got what she always wanted and she had nothing which she could do as the Markeshdosh of Rishi was ruining everything in her life but that game of senior Pandit changed everything, her mother replies that she has won while Lakshmi has been ousted from his life. Malishka is still worried, her mother questions what happened when she replies she loves rishi a lot but Lakshmi after coming just a few days ago changed everything as Rishi first used to enjoy her possessive behavior but now has started to enjoy the peace. Her mother asks if she knows what she needs to do, Malishka replies she ahs just ousted Lakshmi from his life but now would also end all the memories or things associated with her, as everything would be like it was before as this is a promise that she had made to herself, she will change everything to the extent that they all will forget there was even someone named as Lakshmi.

Lakshmi is really tensed, Shalu comes asking when she decided hen what is the need to worry, she questions if Lakshmi heard it, Lakshmi replies she would be tensed since she doesnot know what will happen tomorrow because Malishka gave the time of eleven am, she believes tomorrow they will go to get separated but will come out as one.

Aayush questions what happened as Rishi said that he will not sign the papers, Rishi replies that he never said he doesnot want the divorce but just that he should have been the one to start the divorce because he must not want to befriend Lakshmi nor wants to stay with her, he questions what is he saying that is wrong, Aayush is really worried.
Lakshmi explains to Shalu that she doesnot understand anything but she just wants to live with Rishi for her entire life and protect him for all the troubles that are going to come his way since she knows he is a really nice person but there should not be any problem, Lakshmi replies she feels that her trust is going to be challenged and she doesnot know what will happen tomorrow.

In the morning Lakshmi gets out of the auto, she is really tensed but Chacha jee and Rano go to meet the lawyer, Virender and Aayush get out of the car, they seeing Lakshmi try to walk away from her but Lakshmi calls him, he questions what is left to talk about so leaves, Shalu explains that he is thinking that she just desires the divorce for the sake of money and this is the reason he is angry, Lakshmi sees Neelam standing with Malishka and Karishma, so explains she is feeling really worried.

Bani advises they should wait till Rishi jiju arrives as this is the only place where they can talk, Lakshmi sees Rishi standing in front of her but before they can talk Neelam puts her hand on her shoulder, mentioning that she for the first time is happy because whatever Karishma said about Lakshmi was the truth as she just wanted the divorce for the sake of money, Lakshmi replies she never signed because of money but just because of Malishka and Neelam, Malishka however replies she doesnot want to be worried about because she will get the money, Rishi comes to Lakshmi explaining he always trusted her because he thought that she was honest and always intended to speak the truth but she proved him wrong and he doesnot know what to say about her acting because she was able to convince him, but he is going to file the divorce and even pay the entire alimony amount because he wants to correct his mistake, Shalu is about to explain but Lakshmi stops her, the lawyer takes Rishi inside. Shalu questions why did Lakshmi not allow her to speak, Lakshmi replies because for the first time she also saw her in him and that he also wants to keep this relation along with her.

Lakshmi enters the court room when she sees Neelam and Rishi talking with the lawyer, she is not able to take her eyes off him but he is really tensed, she sits in the front seat meanwhile Rano and Chacha jee enter with the lawyer, Rano advises that the lawyer should put all the blames on the girl making her feel characterless so that the divorce is finalized and they get the almond, he corrects it stating it is alimony when she asks if he understood what she meant as only then he would get the fees.

The lawyer explains that the judge assigned to their case is really stubborn, she doesnot listen to anyone and even gives the verdict in a single hearing so there is nothing to be worried about. Lakshmi thinks how Pandit Badrinath jee said that she must always stay by the side of Rishi because she is the only one who can protect him from the danger that will harm him after two days.

The judge enters the court room, they all stand to show the respect when the lawyer explains they both have filed for mutual divorce, she asks for the couple, allowing the proceeding to start. The lawyer calls Rishi, asking if why does he want to give the divorce, Rishi replies because she doesnot want to live with him, hearing this the judge advises Rishi to remain in his manners as this is the court, the lawyer asks the reason when Rishi thinks how he advised that Rishi should talk bad about Lakshmi in the court, Rishi replies because he cannot stay for five minutes with her and he cannot tolerate her anymore, Lakshmi replies she can understand because she hurt him but she would not be hurt this way, Rishi replies this is the reason he wants the divorce so they can see what happens in the future, the judge asks if he means who comes in the future, Rishi mentions she is correct and he knows the other girl would be better then her, he points to Malishka.

The judge calls Lakshmi, asking if she also wants him to file for divorce, Lakshmi explains that when there is someone in his life before then why should she stay with him because even his mother likes Malishka, she explains he never asked her to not leave him and if he wants Malishka then why should she stay with him, he replies she is lying as she never asked him to leave Malishka, Lakshmi replies why should she say anything because he should know that when a girl is married then the husband should not leave her, Malishka exclaims she is sure that this relation would end, Rishi replies he tried to tell Lakshmi but never wanted to hurt her, Rishi replies that he wants to move on in his life because he is tired because of her and the only problem in his life is Lakshmi as they keep fighting, neither she understands him nor does he understand her. Rishi requests the judge to grant him the divorce. The judge looking at Lakshmi asks if she wants to say anything else so asks her to sit down, she also questions Rishi to hurry up and say anything else otherwise he can also go to sit down, Rishi mentions he was trying to find friendship in this relation meanwhile this girl only desired money, Lakshmi wonders why is everything going wrong in this case, she prays that her justice is in the hands of MataRani so she must do something to correct it all.


Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. vriendra why you talk like that to lakshmi she is 😭 carry now please vriendra you don’t do that vriendra you know that lakshmi she gets upest so fast because of that vriendra now please try to understand that what i am saying for you.
    rishi you don’t talk like that to lakshmi so please rishi you don’t do that rishi you hurt lakshmi you can change your face if you do mind but you can do it lakshmi you don’t listen mailahika let her do if you want i don’t care at all never.
    lakshmi you don’t look mailahika face leave it.
    rishi if lakshmi she will change her self but rishi you hurt lakshmi now see what i will do now keep it your mind.

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