Bhagya Lakshmi 12th April 2022 Written Episode Update

Lakshmi is smiling, Bani asks Shalu to get aside when she exclaims that she disturbed her but Bani explains she came with the pickle however Shalu replies she was not talking about herself, Lakshmi questions if they both would still fight when she left however both of them exclaim that she always loved them both but they assure they will not fight with eachother, Lakshmi refuses to take the pickle when Bani asks the reason as she herself made it, Lakshmi asks if she remembers what their parents used to say as one should always take sweets to the house. She doesnot know what happened but Lakshmi is really tensed when shalu questions why is she thinking these foolish things because she must only think how Rishi came to help her at the court when she got hurt because of his concern for her. Lakshmi replies that she is sad because even Bau jee is angry with her because he believes she only cares for the money.

Virender replies that he feels she is someone else in her face, his Lakshmi marriage is a relation for lifetimes as they cannot be broken with a piece of paper as the relations are made by Bhagwan, these were her teachings which is why he was sure she would not even sign the papers, he is really angry with himself as how did he make such a big mistake in understanding her.

Lakshmi explains he is really angry as he also thinks she just wants the money but Shalu suggests she should tell him the truth including all those who love her, Lakshmi agrees to tell them so they donot think she has changed. Virender informs Neelam that she changed. Rishi enters the house when Neelam questions what does he want from them, he doesnot understand so Malishka questions why does he care for Lakshmi so much that he left the witness box because of which the entire case got ruined, he questions why did he do it asking why does he care so much for her, Kiran asks if he seriously left the witness box and instead of saying that he hates her had started to care for her, Rishi replies he doesnot hate her, Malishka questions if he loves her when Rishi asks why does she change the topic so much but Rishi replies he did not hate her but now hates her, Malishka explains today finally everyone would be happy because they all did not want Lakshmi to come back but now because of his single mistake they would have to bear Lakshmi, and Dadi was blaming that everything is happening because of her because she went to get the signature and now he would have to bear her tomorrow by performing the GrehPerwash.

Lakshmi mentions she is going to put the pickle back when she went to the table, Chacha jee explains he has brought the sweets for her, Bani exclaims this is what she desires to take with her, Neha asks Lakshmi to not forget her after going there, Rano explains she will surely invite her assuring that she must not worry about Shalu and Bani, she questions that she is still going back to the house and did not get the divorce so will she get the aluminum, Neha corrects her but Chacha jee questions why is she talking like this as Lakshmi is going back to her house, he advises her to go and rest since she needs to go back to her house.

Rishi entering the room in anger thinks how the judge mentioned there is still hope in their marriage so she is not granting the divorce, Rishi exclaims Malishka was telling the truth because he doesnot care for her normally but was concerned for her in the court, he is sure she would have prayed to Mata Rani but he will not let her win this war even if she has won the battle.

Lakshmi in her house thinks it is strange as she is smiling even after getting hurt, she was taking divorce, he would be thinking but even then was concerned for her, Shalu replies because he cares for her, explaining when they love someone and if they go away from those people the concern comes out, she explains that she really likes her love story as it doesnot have the normal. Lakshmi beats her when Shalu says she beat her so Lakshmi replies she will beat her so much when Lakshmi explains that she is only going because of Rishi as if her Markeshdosh can help Rishi then she is going to fight for him, Bani also comes saying that she should protect her Jiju since it is her duty.

Rishi in his room thinks he is not going to let her live with him anymore because of what she has done since her true face has come in front of him, he is really frustrated vowing to show her the true picture. Bani asks Lakshmi to send him a message as this is her right, she texts him that she is coming tomorrow morning when he exclaims that he is going to reply saying that he doesnot want to meet her.

In the morning Lakshmi reaches the Oberoi Mansion with Shalu and Bani when the entire family comes to stand in front of them, Malishka exclaims she truly came here when she thought Lakshmi did not have the strength and they will lie that she was staying here, Shalu says it is wrong since it is crime and this is known by the foolish, Karishma asks if they talked with her but Shalu replies she is going to talk because it concerns her sister and this is the order of the court, Neelam replies she doesnot want any circus and knows the orders of the court, Neelam questions what else does she desire since she must find a place to stay in this house. Shalu stopping Lakshmi thanking Neelam for allowing them to come inside but she even stops Rishi. Neelam asks what else does she desire as they allowed them to come inside, Shalu replies they got it in the court but they all have to welcome her as she must bring a thali, she even asks Rishi to come and help in the GrehPerwash, Sonia gets mad when Shalu asks what is this anger about because they would have to show the judge videos of this GrehPerwash tomorrow but even if they do not agree then it is their concern, Neelam asks the workers to bring the thali. Malishka questions if she is going to allow the GrehPerwash when Neelam replies she knows what is best.

Neelam orders the workers to bring the thali, they place it on the ground when Lakshmi looks at Virender thinking he would be really angry about the way she is coming in this house but she did not have any other way, Virender thinks how was he so wrong about her, he asks why is it taking so longer. Neelam takes the thali to Lakshmi asking Rishi to also come and stand with her, she performs the arti of them both while Malishka is really tensed but everyone else is frustrated with her. Neelam ask Rishi to take her hand, Malishka questions why should they hold the hand, Neelam explains that when the couple comes from the Mandap they have the Gant Bandhan but this did not happen today, she further instructs Lakshmi about the procedure but says that she has done it before so why is she telling her, Lakshmi hits the pot before walking into the house, Neelam is really frustrated but doesnot have any choice meanwhile Shalu is just smiling while making the video, they all are looking at her in anger as she walks in the house, Malishka doesnot understand what happened with her.

Precap: Malishka tells Karishma, this time I won’t make mistake that I did last time. This time, she will see her ‘sautan’ in me, not a friend. Neelam calls everyone for last ritual. It’s a ring game. Dadi says, they will play 3 times and whoever takes the ring out first will win. Rishi says, only I will win. Later, Lakshmi tells Malishka, no matter who wins, it’s always both husband-wife’s win. Rishi and Lakshmi are seen dancing romantically during their wedding night.

Update Credit to: Sona

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