Imlie 23rd April : Indira Tears up Imlie’s Exam Admit Card !

Imlie proves that Nirmala hid her exam admit card. Nirmala agrees and says she hid Imlie’s admit card to for the family’s sake, Imlie disrespects Indira and other elders when she is illiterate and will humiliate them once she completes her studies, she will not do household chores at all, etc. She returns admit card after Imlie insists. Indira takes card and tells Surya that as per their family rule, women take care of the house and she wants to know if Imlie will do that after completing her studies. Imlie refuses and says she wants to study well and become a journalist. Indira tears her admit card and says this paper doesn’t have any place in this house.

Imlie breaks down seeing that and picks torn bits. She tries to rejoin her admit card. Hemalatha walks to her, pampers her, and says Indira is not completely wrong and will be happy if Imlie serves the family loyally and follows her responsibility. Imlie says service is serving god, but forcefully obeying someone is wrong. Hemalatha asks if she means following responsibility is wrong, she had got many dance performance offers from many institutes after marriage, but she chose to take care of her husband and child. Imlie talks about women empowerment and not facing atrocities by husband and family.

Surya calls education board to request for a duplicate admit card. Arjun walks to him and says he should have supported Anjali and opposed Indira and Nirmala. Surya says instead of creating more issues at home, he is trying to find a solution.

Precap: Imlie thinks fate took her test always, now she will test her fate by giving her 12th board exam. Arjun shows Imlie’s dancing and singing video to family. Nirmala says Imlie became a street woman.

Update Credit to: MA

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