Udaariyaan 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Tejo shouting Fateh. The girl says he won’t come this way. Tejo asks how will he come. The girl says when the bride gets ready, then the groom will come. Tejo says I will get ready as the bride. The girls pray for Tejo. Jasmin talks to Rupy and Satti. Rupy and Satti ask Jasmin to take care of herself. Jasmin thinks no one can stop me from becoming Fateh’s bride. Tejo applies the makeup and adorns herself with the jewellery. She wears the bridal jewellery. She says when the bride gets ready, then her groom will come. Jasmin calls Fateh and says you told me that you will take care of Amrik’s child. Fateh says I wish I could tell the family about Tejo. Tejo dances and talks to the ladies. Lovely says I have seen Tejo going to Barnala. Rupy says you are mistaken, why would she go there. Jasmin thinks why did Tanya go there.

Jasmin says Tejo is not a little kid, she knows everything, you can ask her when she comes. Rupy says you are right, I feel something wrong may happen with Tejo. Tejo is still dancing with the ladies. She gets tired. The lady asks her to take some rest. Jasmin calls Tanya. She says this girl isn’t answering. She calls Fateh. She sends her an audio message. She says Lovely is saying she has seen Tanya going to Barnala, find out, everything will get spoiled, just go there and find out. He leaves. Jasmin says I can’t let Tanya leave, else who will I give my child responsibility. Abhiraj says Tejo isn’t at the college. Rupy calls Fateh and asks about Tejo. Fateh says she might have gone for college work, she will come. He comes to the bus stop and asks for Barnala bus. The man says it will be coming now. Fateh checks the bus. Jasmin calls him. He asks why did you give her the money so soon. They argue. She says I will call inspector Harsh and ask. Gurpreet asks Jasmin to take care. Jasmin thinks you just worry for this baby, I want Fateh, I m worried about Tanya. Rupy says Tejo can’t be irresponsible. Satti says we should have shown Tejo to a doctor, did she lose her memory.

Jasmin says she would be coming, don’t take tension. Lovely says that girl isn’t Tejo but someone else. Buzo comes to the bus stop and asks what are you doing here. Fateh says I came to receive my friend coming from Patiala. Buzo asks him to come and have tea, is he fine, why is he worried, stay happy now, Tejo has come. Fateh says you know about Jasmin. Buzo says I don’t believe her pregnancy, she is doing a drama to make an entry in your house, she is still thinking of you. Fateh thinks. Jasmin asks who is she if she isn’t Tejo. Lovely asks when did I say that. Rupy says we shall see, its fine. Fateh says our family doctor confirmed that she is pregnant. Buzo says you think she really loved Amrik. Fateh says yes, she was very happy with him and loved him. Buzo says she just wanted to go abroad and then went with him, she got pregnant. Fateh thinks he is right. Tanya comes home. Lovely asks why did you go to Barnala, tell me. Tanya says stop it, I went to library, why would I go to Barnala, maybe you had seen someone else. Lovely says Tejo would have not said this.

Bebe says let it be, she is irritated. Tanya says sorry, I came from outside and you started this, I got angry. Lovely says Abhiraj had gone there. Tanya asks did he ask the librarian. He says no. She says I took the books and went to the café, I don’t lie, my phone got off. Lovely says I had seen her myself. Bebe ask why would she lie, why would she go there. Tejo walks sadly. Rupy says no one will talk about this now, get back to work. Tanya goes to her room. Jasmin smiles. She thinks Tanya has answered Tayi ji well, I have to solve this mystery. Fateh gets Jasmin’s call. Fateh says it’s a friend’s call, one min. Jasmin says Tanya came home. He says okay. Tanya says I got saved today. Jasmin says you got saved from Tayi ji, but not me. She asks Tanya why did she talk so badly, Lovely is doubting her now. Tanya says you didn’t help me. Jasmin says you didn’t go to Library, why did you go to Barnala, what work did you have there.

Fateh and Tejo’s romance is seen. Tanya takes a burning stick in hand. Jasmin asks what is she doing.

Update Credit to: Amena

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