Udaariyaan 1st November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo calling Thapki and Seher. She invites them in the party and asks them to give a dance performance. She says theme is bollywood style, this party is imp for my family, you all have to come, I want Papa ji to live with pride like before. Jasmin calls Khushbeer’s words. She cries. Fateh sees her and comes to her. He asks what happened, why are you crying. She says everyone ignores me, no one wants to involve me in anything, even Tejo is helping, I want to help. He asks what do you want to do. She says I want to handle entertainment part. He says its a big event, Angad Maan is a big man, he can get dad’s lost pride back. She says give me a chance, I will handle everything well. She thinks we will get engaged today. She gets a call. Jass says its me, your bad time. Fateh asks who is it. She says my friend, go. He goes. She scolds Jass. He says I will shut all your ways now, you didn’t give me money, I will tell your truth to Fateh, then you will know it. She says no, I will do what you say. He says fine, get me bailed out. She worries. She says I had planned my engagement, what will happen now, no. She goes to meet Jass in the jail. He catches her neck and scolds her. She says leave me, I got you bailed, go from here now, don’t do anything wrong, just go away, if Fateh sees you, then you won’t get saved. Jass goes.

Tejo comes to the market. Jass sees her from far. He hears her talking on call. She leaves. He says I will have diwali blast, your life’s big blast will happen today, Tejo. At the event, the guests start coming. Fateh checks arrangements. He goes and helps Tejo light diya. He says Angad will really like this, after all you have worked hard. Jass is on the way. Tejo and Fateh see each other.

A guy comes and says you didn’t practice your dance. She says I will come in 5mins. Fateh asks her to go, he will see everything. She says I will go and change, you also change. He says yes. She goes. Jass’ bike breaks down. He gets angry and says how will I reach the party now. He is in Shahenshah getup. Angad comes there in his car. He sees Jass and says Shahenshah. He smiles. He sings Andheri raahon mein…. He takes a selfie with Jass. Jass says friend, my bike isn’t starting. Angad says I m seeing helpless Shahenshah for the first time, come, I will drop you. Jass says I m also going to Tejo and Fateh’s party, they are my very close childhood friends. Angad says lets party, lets go together, come. Jass goes in his car.

Angad comes in the party. He dances. Fateh comes and hugs him. Angad says everything is great, I m a great Mithun fan. Fateh compliments him and thanks him. Angad says everything is mutual in a partnership, we both are making a new start together, this is all mind blowing. Fateh says Tejo has done everything, she must be with her friends. Angad says your friend has come with me, his name is Shahenshah, he said he wanted to come early to help you. He gets a call and goes. Fateh says who is this Shahenshah. Jass is behind. He sees Fateh. He thinks keep finding me. Jasmin and Sweety come. Jasmin says Tejo did good arrangement for my engagement. She collides with Angad, and scolds him. He sings paraya maal apna…. He asks who are you. She says I m would be… He goes. She gets angry. She asks who is he, he maybe Tejo’s guest. Tejo practices her dance performance. Fateh looks on. Sweety asks Jasmin not to do anything now. Jasmin says Tejo is getting the limelight, its enough, its my turn now. Fateh thinks always keep smiling Tejo.

Jasmin goes and throws the marbles on the stage. The choreographer falls down. Tejo is still dancing. Fateh steps forward. Angad comes and holds Tejo’s hand. Fateh stops. Ek din teri raahon mein….plays…. Fateh goes. Angad asks are you fine, your husband would have got jealous if he had seen us like this. Tejo says we are getting divorced. He says lucky man, I m lucky that my way got clear. She laughs. She says you joke well. He says you are a very smart woman, Mrs. Virk. She says you can call me Tejo. He says you can call me Angad. Jasmin asks who is that man acting as hero. Fateh says he is the hero tonight, he is Angad Maan. Tejo and Angad shake hands. Fateh says leave it, you took the responsibility, did you do it. Jasmin says yes. He says my friend has come in Shahenshah get up, did you see anyone. Jasmin says no. She thinks Tejo got a rich guy, its good, she got away from Fateh and me.

Jass is still behind. He thinks you like to interfere in between others, your truth will come out today. Khushbeer and everyone make an entry in the bollywood theme get ups. Tejo smiles. Tukur tukur…plays… Tejo says this is my family. Angad says what a family. Angad meets everyone. Fateh sees Tejo laughing with Angad. Gurpreet asks Tejo to come with her. She gives her a necklace. Tejo says its beautiful. Gurpreet says I have kept this for a special occasion, wear it. Jasmin looks on. Tejo asks how can I wear it. She returns it. She says give it to Fateh or Amrik’s wife, or Simran or Mahi, I have no right on it. Khushbeer asks why, you deserve it, you have given us much happiness, all this is because of you, you did a lot for academy and Fateh, take this as our blessing, wear it. Jass sees the necklace in Tejo’s hand. Gurpreet says wear it, okay. Tejo cries happily. Jasmin says Tejo wants to get everything that’s mine, this is the last time, Tejo, your party will become mine. Jass thinks she is roaming like Kareena Kapoor, once Fateh knows her truth, then we will see. Fateh says one special guest has to come. Tejo asks who. A man comes and congratulates Fateh. Fateh says we were waiting for you. Tejo welcomes Guggi. She says I m your big fan. He says I m your fan these days. She says the guests will go mad seeing you. He jokes. He goes for his stand up comedy.

He promotes his upcoming film. He asks them to have some fun on the floor and invite Gippy on the stage. Tejo dances on some punjabi song. Gippy comes and dances with her. Everyone claps for them. Gippy and Guggi dance on another punjabi song. Everyone claps. Guggi says thanks Fateh, we had fun, Angad your jacket lights are glowing well. Gippy congratulates them and asks them to watch his movie. Jasmin says I m your big fan, I m going to shift to Canada soon, I will have a dance with you there. Gippy says you can dance here as well. They dance on Angrezi beat… song.

Seher and Rajveer come there. Tejo compliments them and asks them to enjoy. The anchor says we should increase the shine of the stars, its about Punjabis, welcome Choti Sardarni’s Seher and Rajveer. Seher and Rajveer dance on Bareilly wale jhumke…. Everyone claps for them. Tejo goes out to the caterers. Jass looks at her. He goes towards her. Angad comes there. Jass hides. Angad calls him out. Tejo asks you here. He says your friend is roaming like Shahenshah, I called him out, he ran away, I will taste the food and come. Tejo says my friend… Jasmin sees Jass and gets shocked. She worries. Fateh holds her and asks what happened. She says nothing. Tejo asks Fateh to come and see the presentation once. The anchor says we have to bring a special performance of a special couple now. Jasmin looks around. Thapki and Purab dance on Ainvayi song. Jasmin asks Sweety to find Jass. Everyone claps for them. Jasmin sees Jass and shows him to Sweety. Jasmin goes and holds. She sees someone else and says sorry. She thinks thank God, he didn’t come here, he doesn’t have courage to come here. Angad says Fateh, why are you restless instead enjoying the party, is any special guest coming. Fateh says he is my childhood friend, he is always on time. He counts down. Ravi Dubey comes and hugs Fateh. They laugh and hug. Angad looks on. Fateh introduces Angad. Ravi tells about his new show. Angad says congrats for your show. He goes. Fateh says its a bollywood theme, what are you supposed to be. Ravi jokes that he has become a movie producer. He asks for Tejo.

Fateh says she is very nice, I m also good. Ravi says your eyes are saying something else, what’s the matter. Fateh says nothing. Ravi sees Tejo. He asks what’s the matter. Fateh says I m fine. Ravi says you aren’t fine, you know to win anyway, I know you are a boxer and can knock out any problem. He sees Jass. He says someone wants to attack behind your back, I will just come. He goes to Jass and says hands up, police has caught you. He jokes and laughs. He warns Jass and says my sight is sharp, I will keep an eye on you. Jass asks who are you. Ravi says Fateh is my childhood friend, he is more imp than my life, if he gets hurt, then I will come to fight with you, I m a con man, but not a bad one. He goes away.

Ravi dances on Jai Jai shiv shankar…. and Ek tere sang yaara…. songs. Angad holds Tejo’s hand and dances. Fateh looks on. Everyone claps for Ravi. Ravi thanks them. He hugs Fateh and says thanks for inviting me here. He promotes his show. Punjabi star Gurnaam comes next and sings an album song. Fateh and Tejo go on the stage and dance with him. Jasmin looks on. Fateh hugs him. The film promotion happens. Tejo asks Gurnaam to sing a song. Gurnaam sings Allah jaane…. Tejo sees Fateh.

Tejo and Fateh go on the stage. Tejo thanks everyone for joining them. She says our academy presentation is still left, its a surprise for our students and Angad Maan. Jasmin thinks its a surprise for you. Angad says go for it. Tejo and Fateh show their presentation. Jasmin goes. She stops it. She sings Raat baaki and comes with her dance performance. Everyone looks on. Jasmin dances. Everyone looks on. Jasmin gets a cake there. She holds Fateh’s hand. She says thanks everyone that you all have come in our engagement party. Everyone gets shocked. Fateh asks what are you saying. Jasmin asks can any other day be special for our engagement, our friends are here. Fateh sees Tejo. Angad looks on. Khushbeer gets angry. Jasmin asks Fateh to cut the cake. She asks him to make her wear the ring. He looks at Tejo. He asks what are you doing. She says make me wear it. Angad sends Rajat. Rajat asks everyone to come out, fireworks are starting. The guests go out of the hall. Angad says come, we will enjoy the fireworks, have some food. He takes the family. He also leaves with Rajat. Tejo asks what’s this bad joke Fateh, did you get this day to announce your engagement, I was doing this for you and your family. Jasmin says you….Fateh asks Jasmin to shut up. He scolds Jasmin. He says its an investor’s party, everything is a child’s play for you. Jasmin says it was my dream, I love you, you both left no option for me, everyone refused to come in my engagement.

Tejo sees Angad. She says Angad is coming, don’t do any drama please. She cries. Angad says sorry, am I disturbing you. Tejo smiles and says no. He asks her to come and enjoy the fireworks. He says congrats Fateh, you didn’t tell me, I would have got a gift. He asks Tejo to come. Tejo goes with him. Jasmin throws the cake. Rupy and Khushbeer come. They scold Jasmin. Angad comes to Tejo and says you didn’t like the fireworks. He talks to Tejo. Khushbeer says don’t know when Fateh met you and fell for you. Rupy says she can’t love anyone, she didn’t spare her sister, who sacrificed everything for you. Angad says relations are complicated, it gives happiness and also pain, control your emotions, you are strong. He jokes. She laughs. He says you have smiled. Khushbeer says if you do anything today, then I will see you. Jasmin cries.

Rupy says your fake love is like a sand palace, it will fall down soon. She leaves. Fateh thinks Tejo would be saying sorry to Angad. Angad says I have a surprise, its better than that cake, come. Tejo asks where did Fateh go. Angad says maybe he is there, come. Jass catches Fateh and takes him. Khushbeer asks where is Tejo. Simran says she went out. He says she maybe worried. They see Tejo with Angad. Khushbeer says Lord should bless Angad, he brought a smile on Tejo’s face. Angad asks Tejo to hold his arm. Tejo holds his arm. Jass says I have come to tell you something imp. Fateh asks how dare you come here. They fight. Jass says listen to me, its very imp, I have no interest in coming in your life. Angad asks are you looking for Tejo. Fateh beats Jass more. Jass faints. Fateh locks him there and goes. He calls the inspector. He says Jass reached here, come and arrest him, a business event is going on here, I have locked him in the room.

Fateh comes to Tejo. She asks where were you, is everything fine. He says yes, just an imp call. The anchor says Tejo has decorated this stage, welcome her for the performance. Tejo goes on the stage. Jass gets up. Tejo starts the dance. Jasmin stops the music and comes on the stage. Everyone looks on. Jasmin stops Tejo from leaving. The anchor says oh, madam ji wants a competition, lets have it. The music plays. Kay sara sara….plays… Tejo and Jasmin dance. Everyone looks on. Jass tries to break the door. Everyone claps. Jasmin asks Fateh to come. Angad asks him to go.

Fateh goes on the stage. He dances with Jasmin. Angad comes on the stage and dances with Tejo. Yeh jawaani…plays… Tejo and Angad are declared the winners. Jasmin runs away. Fateh congratulate them. Angad says you are a great performer. Tejo says all thanks to you. He says you know winning hearts, nothing else matters. Fateh stops Jasmin and says it was a small competition. She asks why did Angad come there. He says you called me as your dance partner, what’s the big deal if he has come. She says Tejo won because of Angad, you didn’t dance well with me, why. He says please stop it, don’t make it an issue, its our party, don’t make a face, come. She says fine, join a dance class. He says come. Angad dances on shava shava… everyone dances. Jass pours kerosene there. Fateh goes after Jasmin. They argue. Tejo goes out. She asks who are you, why are you sprinkling petrol. Jass turns towards her and lights a matchstick. She gets shocked.

Fateh says I love you Jasmin. Everyone runs and shouts to Tejo. Jass runs after Tejo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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