Udaariyaan 28th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh apologizing to Gurpreet and begging her not to break their ties. Everyone cries. Gurpreet pushes Fateh. Angad stops her. He holds Fateh. He says sorry, I have no right to speak between you all, but its your love that I got this courage to say something, you all love Fateh a lot, he loves you, children make mistakes, you all forget his mistake and forgive him, he is your good son Fateh, your anger is justified, but you have promised your Tejo, forgive him for her sake, please. Gurpreet cries and hugs Fateh. Tejo smiles. Everyone hugs Fateh. He looks at Khushbeer and cries. Fateh hugs Khushbeer. They cry.

Tejo and Angad leave. Tejo recalls Jasmin’s words. Jasmin comes and taunts Tejo, showing her Kaleerein. Angad says leave her alone, your happiness is more imp, if you stay happy, its enough for everyone, you go and do packing, you can miss the flight. Jasmin taunts him also calling him would be fake husband. Jasmin says I m also getting many surprises, don’t worry, I will not tell anyone, the secret will be a secret. He says you are oversmart and clever, you will prosper a lot in Canada. Jasmin says if fake relation has much emotions, then real one will have more, Tejo get the Kaleerein fallen on you, your fake marriage can become a real one, Angad ji wants this, right.

Tejo stops him and holds his hand. Jasmin says you both understand each other a lot. She shows her mangalsutra. She says its a proof that your husband is now mine. She argues with Tejo. Tejo scolds her back. She says your victory may become your failure. Jasmin says you think if the family knows about the fake engagement, what will they say. Tejo asks her not to worry. Jasmin says family will worry when they know that you are faking the engagement, I m going to take the flight with Fateh. She loses balance. Tejo holds her hand and says be careful, promise me, you will take care of yourself and Fateh there, no one will be there to look after you, you have to keep him happy, promise me. Tejo cries. She says don’t do any mistake that Fateh goes away from you. Jasmin says I have no relation with you, so stop lecturing me as an elder sister. Angad looks on. Tejo leaves with him.

Gurpreet cries a lot and talks to Mahi and Simran. Fateh hears her and cries. Biji consoles Gurpreet. She asks Gurpreet to forget him now. She hugs Gurpreet. Simran cries and goes out. She sees Fateh there. She holds his hand and says you can’t see mum’s state, or you don’t pity him, you are leaving him, you are mad, take a lesson from mistakes, you know mum and dad were so hurt because of me. He says I have to do this. She says you could have stayed here for some time. He says Jasmin and I were not husband and wife before. Amrik asks can’t we stay together. Fateh says try to understand, its imp for me to go tomorrow, please let me go. Bebe curses Jasmin. Everyone cries and gets angry on Jasmin. Jasmin says I was waiting for you, Fateh.

He asks did you forget your dream after your Canada dreams got fulfilled. She says if see you now, then I can’t do my packing, shall I keep this dress for festive. Fateh says keep anything, don’t know when will we come back. Angad and Tejo are on the way. She is silent and crying. She says please stop the car, I have to go to Gurudwara. Jasmin asks what’s the surprise. Fateh says I will tell you when time comes, I have to go to academy. She says our new life will start. He says yes, it will be new life. Angad and Tejo go to the Gurudwara. Tejo prays for Fateh and Jasmin’s happiness. Angad thinks Tejo is your true person, don’t let sorrow come for her. Fateh comes there. He prays for Tejo’s happiness.

Fateh and Tejo see each other at the Gurudwara. Jasmin says I will do my bidaai in a proper way. Tejo cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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