Ankit Gupta speaks about his track coming to an end in Udaariyaan

TV show Udaariyaan will head for a leap from September 19 and lead actor Ankit Gupta is bidding adieu to the team. The actor, who played the role of Fateh for a year-and-a-half, in an exclusive chat with BT, shares how it was about time for his character to end, and the leap was a natural progression.

He said, “I enjoyed playing Fateh and the entire show connected well with viewers. I am glad that it was a beautiful journey. It is good that the show is taking a leap and we are moving on in our professional lives. This will give us a chance to explore other characters and other platforms, too. I don’t think that I will miss playing Fateh because I have learnt how to detach from a character once the journey is over. We have been shooting for the show for more than a year now and on a TV show, how much more can you explore characters? Audiences will also get tired of seeing a story revolving around three characters for more than a year. So, it was about time that the show moved on with a new set of actors.”


Udaariyan cast


Ankit shares how makers explore different things on TV when it comes to content, but after a few months, it goes back to the usual storyline. He says, “They do explore newer content and bring in different storylines but when the viewership does not come in, they go back to the same storylines, hence all TV shows look similar and one feels that the content on TV does not change. Audience tastes have to improve, only then will the content on TV change.”

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