Udaariyaan 8th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Angad saying don’t be surprised, its fake engagement, no one can point a finger at you. Fateh drinks with the guys. He sees Tejo’s pic in the bottle. Angad asks Tejo what is she seeing, its just a fake engagement, it can get real if she wants. Fateh sits talking to the guys. Tejo says you are like a puzzle, tough to understand. Angad jokes and asks when is the marriage, tell me. She laughs. The guys ask Fateh did his lover run away with someone. Fateh beats him. The guys catch him and beat him. The lodge man shouts what’s happening upstairs. The guys leave Fateh. Khushbeer sees the pics and recalls Tejo and Fateh. Gurpreet comes there. She says what’s the need to see now, what did Fateh give to Tejo than sorrow. Fateh does the aid to his wounds. He is drunk and applies the cotton on the mirror. He says right happened with you, Tejo…. I m much hurt in my heart. Fateh sadly talks to Tejo. He says I cried like this for Jasmin, I was hurt, you were there with me and shared my pain, who will share my pain now. He cries. Gurpreet asks what hope are you finding in these old pics, Tejo got engaged to Angad, Fateh has gone to Canada with Jasmin, you still think they can unite. Fateh says I didn’t realize that I m not loving Jasmin but ruining myself, Jasmin was my Pyaar but Tejo was my Ishq. Khushbeer asks what shall I do. Gurpreet says pray that they both stay happy and learn to stay without each other. Fateh thinks of Tejo. She says forget all this, I want to see Tejo’s marriage with Angad, I want to see her as Tejo Maan.

Khushbeer says you are right, I will talk to Rupy about this. Tejo gets ready in the morning. She recalls Fateh. She thinks to not think of the past. The lodge man wakes up Fateh. Fateh thinks of Tejo. He asks the guy for a towel. The guy gives it and says you look from a good family. Fateh says yes, but I have to become suitable to stay with my good family. He goes for the bath. Tujhse judaa hua….plays… Tejo asks where is Riya. She goes and hears Angad shouting. Angad says Riya is sensitive, I will take care of her, she will stay with me, don’t irritate me by calls. Tejo thinks whom is he talking to, his wife or ex wife. Angad sees her leaving and asks did you want something. She says no, I came to meet Riya, when will we leave for office. He says give me five mins, I will get ready. Jasmin talks to Sweety and asks her to just come. She goes to check at the door. She says DND tag is there. The man asks her to pay the bills at the reception. She goes to the reception. The lady asks her to deposit the cash or use the credit card to make payment. Jasmin says I will make the total payment at the time of checkout. The lady says sorry, you have to pay it right now.

Jasmin shouts on her. She argues with the lady. Manager comes. Jasmin shouts on him and calls him mad. The manager asks her to make the bill payment else leave the room. She says fine, I will make the payment. She goes back. Someone looks at her and smiles.

She says Fateh is responsible for this, I will not leave him. A guy Pintu breaks the plates and says you want to snatch my job. The lodge man comes and scolds Fateh for breaking the plates. Fateh says this guy did it. The lodge man asks him to shut up and leave. He pushes Fateh. Fateh gets angry. Jasmin asks how dare they ask me for money, I will throw the money at their face. Jasmin and Sweety have chaat. She asks Sweety to pay the vendor, its a loan, she will pay later. Sweety asks how will she pay the hotel. Jasmin scolds the vendor also. Sweety asks what’s your plan, do some small job to earn money. Jasmin says I m not made for small dreams, I m made for big things, this wound will always remind me that I have to take revenge on Fateh and Tejo, I will earn some money, but I will take revenge.

Angad shows the office to Tejo. He says no one will interfere you here. He gets a call. He says tell me now. She says thanks, I will start the work from tomorrow. He says no, we have to go somewhere, not on the moon, nearby to Gurdaspur, we have a meeting there. Fateh packs his bags. He asks the lodge man for money. The man asks who will pay for my loss. A guy says those people left their bag. The lodge man asks Fateh to go and give the bag to them. Fateh runs after the car to give the bag. He runs and falls down. He sees Tejo there. She says Fateh….

Fateh fights with the goons. One of them shoots at Fateh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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