Udaariyaan 4th April 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh saying I have come, Tejo. They both have a moment. She says anyone will come. He says I don’t care, let them come. He compliments her and holds her face. Fateh says everything is so beautiful, right. She says I m worried that something wrong can happen. Fateh hugs her and says I m with you. He gets on his knees and proposes her. She holds his hand. She asks him to promise that he will love her and also her relations, they will always be together. They walk around the candles. Fateh holds her hand and walks. He promises her that he will love her and her every relation, its his life to trust her, he will never doubt her, when he does that, it will be the last day of his life. She stops him. He says I know you will keep this responsibility well. She recalls Dara’s words and says don’t trust me so much. He says I trust you. She feels guilty. He says maybe you don’t trust me. She says love means trust, I will keep this responsibility, I will never break your trust. He holds her. Gurpreet says Khushbeer will come in some time. She collides with Jasmin and asks why do you look worried, go and get Tejo. Fateh says enough of talks, now we shall do for what I have come here. Tejo gets close to him. Jasmin comes and asks her to come fast. Fateh says continue.

Satti knocks the door. Tejo worries. Fateh stops Tejo by pulling the dress string and kisses on her cheek. He signs her and hides behind the door. Tejo opens the door. She asks Satti to tie the string. Fateh leaves. Gurpreet asks where is Fateh. Amrik says he has come. Buzo asks did you complete the challenge. Gurpreet asks where is Tejo. Abhiraj says we brothers have planned her special entry. Tejo comes. Fateh goes on knees and holds her hand. They dance. Everyone dances. Nachne de saare….plays…. Angad taunts Jasmin for her worry. She thinks there is something, that Jasmin is in tension. Fateh comes and sits on the stage angrily. Satti asks Fateh to keep Tejo happy. Fateh sits angered. Gurpreet and Satti do the rituals. Mahi sees Fateh and teases him saying love letter. Fateh throws the shagun. Jasmin and Tejo worry. Everyone gets shocked. Fateh gets up and says this roka can’t happen. Fateh recalls getting the letter and reading the accident truth. Tejo asks what are you saying, its not right if you are joking. Angad thinks what’s in this letter. Jasmin says listen to me, we will talk later. Fateh says you should have talked before, leave my hand, I will talk to you later. Tejo asks what’s all this. Fateh says I want to read this letter in front of everyone. Amrik asks what happened. Fateh says its for you, your fraud wife’s truth will come out. He shouts and stops Jasmin. He reads the letter. Everyone gets shocked.

Fateh says Tejo, you lied to me, you broke the promise for your sister’s sake, why. Jasmin says I asked Tejo to not tell you anything. He asks Tejo is this true, yes or no, answer me. Tejo nods. Fateh says you agreed to her, she had shown death to my brother, she broke my strong dad, my mum doesn’t sleep in tension, she forced us to believe that Amrik killed someone, you had helped her in hiding her crime. Tejo says listen to me once, I just wanted her to reform, she wanted someone’s support, Amrik started loving her, she regretted her mistake. Rupy asks Jasmin about it. Jasmin says I wrote the letter for Amrik, I didn’t know that he didn’t read it, I had kept it in the book, I don’t know how that book reached your room, I asked him if he has forgiven me, then he asked me to forget everything, they will start a new life, Tejo wanted to tell you everything, I stopped her, I knew if you get to know this, then you will ruin everything, I was scared of losing Amrik, I got to know today that Amrik didn’t read the letter, I was finding the letter today. Fateh scolds Jasmin. Tejo says I didn’t intend to hide anything, but Amrik and Jasmin’s changing relation stopped me, I thought he will bring Jasmin on the right path. Fateh says Amrik is living in fear, I was apologizing to your dad here, I was talking of faith and promised him, why did you hide such a big truth, my family trusts you a lot, they all listen to you, and you did this, you broke their trust this way, I didn’t expect this from you, you spoiled everything, now we can’t get together. Everyone worries. Tejo cries and says please don’t go this way. He also cries.

Tejo throws the bangles and cries. Fateh hugs Amrik and says it was Jasmin’s plan, Tejo you have hidden your sister’s crime, but she will get punished.

Update Credit to: Amena

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