Udaariyaan 14th April 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh crying and leaving from there. jhoota nikla….plays… Fateh thinks of Tejo. Rupy says you have relieved my burden. Angad says I just want Tejo to stay happy. Rupy says she will get free of sorrow when she gets married. Angad says just two days, everything will be done, you get well. Tejo leaves and thinks of the video. Jasmin stops her and asks what are you doing, you love Fateh.

Tejo says if love makes a family cry, then I don’t need such love, I can’t lose my dad for my love. She leaves. She runs on the road and cries. Fateh sits crying. Jasmin comes and asks what’s the use to cry now, when you did this. Fateh asks how can you think so. She says I have seen you playing the pendrive. He says I can’t think of doing this. She asks why, you did the same with me also. They argue. He says I swear, I didn’t do this. She asks who did this. They say Angad. She says Angad can never get happy seeing you and Tejo happy.

They see Angad coming. Fateh catches him and says you created such situations that we get away. He beats Angad. He says you leaked that video, right. Fateh scolds him. Angad gets angry and stops him. He says even I can raise hand, you don’t trust your love, I won’t do such a thing if I want to get Tejo, shall I refuse to marry Tejo, would Rupy give her hand to you, can you guarantee his life, no true lover can do this, what shall I say Tejo, to marry you, she doesn’t want to see your face.

Jasmin says I can see your happiness that your plan worked. Angad says you are the biggest drama queen. Jasmin says you don’t worry, I will find a clue. Angad says I can also find a proof, you were also high on holi day. Jasmin says I would not try to get them close then. Angad says I was trying the same, I also wanted them to get together. Fateh thinks who broke our relation. Jasmin says I want them to unite. Angad says I also want this, they didn’t unite. Fateh says we will unite, you and Tejo will never marry, I will get baraat to that house, none can separate Tejo and me, Jasmin, you remember don’t try to play any game with me, Buzo told me whatever that pandit told me. He leaves.

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At home, Rupy says I have got well because you agreed to marry Angad, are you happy. Tejo nods. Jasmin looks on. He says I know you said you will marry the one you love, forgive me for this. She asks him not to keep any burden on his mind, she is happy with his decision. Angad looks on. Tejo gets dizzy. He asks are you fine. Satti says she didn’t eat anything since yesterday. He says perfect timing, I will feed her the fruits. Satti says I can’t see Tejo’s sorrow, Fateh and Tejo’s relation is dead, I wish Angad gives Tejo all the happiness. Angad asks Tejo to have fruits. He says I know you are angry but you love Fateh. She says I don’t love him. He says you think he can do this. She says I don’t know. He says I think. She says you don’t talk about it. He says we will have a fake marriage, no one would know, I don’t want to come between you and Fateh, I know you love him. She says yes, I love him, but I won’t fake this marriage, this time, the marriage will happen for real, leave me alone for some time. He asks her to have some food. He goes and sees Jasmin. He smiles. She says this time, my eyes are also on you.

He says now you can easily trap Fateh. She says I know you have played that video, don’t worry, marriage still has two days left. He says don’t worry, come in mehendi tomorrow. She splashes the water on his face. Satti comes and slaps Jasmin. She says he is your would be Jija, respect Rupy’s decision. Jasmin thinks I will take revenge for this. Khushbeer asks party men to find out who did this. Fateh comes home.

Khushbeer asks how is Rupy. Fateh says he is okay now. Khushbeer says we are trying to find out. Buzo says this man has set up the projector. Fateh asks what did you do, tell me. The man says listen to me, you had played that pendrive. Fateh says that guy gave me the pendrive. He asks Khushbeer to give him 24 hours, he will find out the truth.

Fateh blames Angad. He gets the man as a proof. He angrily looks at Angad. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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