Udaariyaan 30th March 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jasmin coming to Tejo and lying to her. She says I was just helping Angad in his work. She goes. Tejo thinks why is Jasmin so tensed. Angad welcomes Sunanda. Sunanda performs on the stage. Nimmo comes and applies the colours to Gurpreet. She wishes her. Gurpreet says I m fine, happy holi, Kanwal was a nice man, Swaran’s world has shattered. Nimmo says she has ousted her children. Gurpreet says maybe her children did wrong with her. Nimmo says she has changed, Kanwal named the house to her. Jasmin comes and greets her. Nimmo asks Gurpreet to keep an eye on Jasmin. Gurpreet says I don’t trust you also. Nimmi goes. Jasmin takes the knife and asks the man to not come in anyone’s sight.

The performances go on. Everyone dances with Sunanda. Tennu na saddi….plays… Everyone claps. Sunanda thanks everyone and asks them to enjoy her new song Saddi yaad… Angad hears the servant talking about bhaang. He thinks it’s a chance to find out what is Jasmin planning, by feeding the bhaang to her. He adds the bhaang. He asks the man to give the drink to that madam. He shows Jasmin. Satti asks for the thandai. He says its for that madam. Satti drinks it and says its nice. She asks Gurpreet to have it and see. Angad says you are looking good today and talking like ideal bahu, I wish your intention was good. Jasmin says whatever is cooking in my mind, you always say wrong, see you. She goes. He says sometimes its imp to keep an eye on guests like you. Dilraj says you are also keeping an eye on Jasmin, its okay Mahi, even I don’t trust her. Mahi says we don’t think she can change. Satti and Gurpreet get drunk. They dance. Aaj auntiyaan dance karengi….plays… Everyone laughs seeing them. Navraj says we will keep special thandai competition, we will make Jasmin admit the truth. Angad says Balle balle, there are others who think like me. Angad and Fateh drink the thandai. Tejo stops Fateh and says its enough, I don’t like this. Angad asks Fateh to have it, its holi today. fateh says yes. Tejo says you won’t have it. Fateh says you are controlling me from now, I will drink it, I m a stud. She says if you drink one glass, then I will have two glasses. She drinks the thandai. He claps for her. Fateh takes Tejo with him. Mahi and Navraj ask Jasmin to have the thandai. Jasmin drinks. Angad smiles. Fateh and Tejo play with the water shower. They hug. She dances in the water shower. Dil utthe chal da….plays… Jasmin looks at them. Fateh lifts Tejo and takes her. Jasmin calls someone and says I think this is the right time, everyone is drunk, wait for my signal, do as I say. She gets dizzy. She thinks someone had fed me the bhaang, my plan can get flopped.

Fateh brings Tejo to the room. She says its holi today, who will sleep, why is this looking like a Diwali, now I understood. He asks what. She says all this was your plan, you applied colours to me and then drenched me and now you locked me. He says sorry. She says I feeling hungry, give me food. He gives her laddoos. She asks when did you fall in love with me. He says much time before, but I realized it late. They lie down. He says Jasmin’s pain ruined all my feelings. Jasmin says what’s happening to me, if I say anything wrong to Tejo and Fateh, no, I will take rest. Mahi comes and asks her to come and play holi. She takes Jasmin. Angad looks on. Fateh says I have given you much sorrow, I m sorry. Tejo laughs. She says that day when I heard that you love me a lot, I felt that I can get you again, so I did all that. She says you love me so much, then come, play holi with me. She dances. Tu hi tu….plays…. He smears the colours on her and gets close. She runs away and smiles. He goes to her. They romance and get close.

Jasmin calls Tejo urgently. Mahi says I think she is going to do something again, I saw her with some man carrying a big sack. Everyone worries for Tejo. Tejo goes somewhere and calls out Jasmin.


Update Credit to: Amena

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