Bhagya Lakshmi 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Viraj dancing on the song Singh is King. Malishka claps for him. Lakshmi and Rishi go to dance. Ayush cheers for them. Rishi and Lakshmi dance on the song teri ore…Malishka gets upset seeing their dance. Kiran is upset too. Malishka holds Viraj’s hand and dance with him to make Rishi jealous. As the partners change, Malishka comes to Rishi while Lakshmi goes to Viraj. Malishka says you enjoyed dancing with Lakshmi. Rishi says yes, and asks ifs he enjoyed dancing with Viraj. Malishka says yes ofcourse, he is a good dancer. Lakshmi comes back to Rishi. Malishka hugs Viraj while dancing. Shalu tells dada ji and Abhay that she had said. Rishi smiles and tells Lakshmi that she does magic and smile comes on his lips automatically. Ayush, Shalu and others clap after their dance. Malishka is very upset and asks Lakshmi to do phookri dance with her. Rishi thinks no, Malishka is in anger and will do something. He stops Lakshmi and holds her hand. Malishka says newly weds, Lakshmi can dance. Lakshmi assures Rishi that she will never fall and is practicing Phookri since childhood. Malishka thinks Lakshmi will fall down and will be punished as Rishi abandoned her (malishka) for Lakshmi. They start doing the Phookri dance. Malishka asks her to dance fast and leave her hand intentionally.

Lakshmi is about to fall down, but Rishi runs and holds her at the right time. He asks Lakshmi if she is fine. Lakshmi says yes, I had said that nothing will happen to me when you are here. Rishi looks upset at Malishka. An old lady blesses Rishi and Lakshmi’s Jodi. Shalu hugs Lakshmi. Malishka says sorry. Lakshmi says sometime it happens. Ayush says your phone ranged, may be some message came. Dada ji appreciates Rishi foring her. Malishka reads the message in which Ayush warns her not to do this again else he will forget that they were once friends. Viraj says I don’t think Malishka doesn’t know this dance and wanted to impress Dada ji. Lakshmi says its ok. Ayush says why it is ok, Malishka did this intentionally. He then says that Malishka didn’t know this dance before as Viraj said, so she did the mistake. Malishka says you are a good player Lakshmi, you have snatched my everything from me, first Rishi, then Ayush, Viraj and now Dada ji is also on your side. She says even I would have fallen down too. Lakshmi says it is not like that, Rishi was worried for you too. Malishka says Viraj was concerned for me. Viraj says yes and goes to her. Malishka keeps his hand on her waist. Rishi goes to Lakshmi and holds her closer. Lakshmi says all fine.

Dada ji says I want to make everyone meet someone, and introduces Abhay as his business partner and his special friend too. He says we all have seen and that’s why Abhay and I have decided to get Malishka and Abhay roka done day after tomorrow. Malishka is shocked. Dada ji fixes Viraj’s marriage with Malishka. Malishka looks at Viraj. Dada ji says our Pandit ji get the marriage date. He asks Malishka and Abhay if they are happy. Abhay says they shall celebrate this happiness with sweets. Dada ji says we will have sweets made by Lakshmi, for me specially. He asks Lakshmi if she will feel bad if they eat that sweets now. Lakshmi says it is a happy moment for all of us. Malishka goes from there. Rishi is about to go, but Ayush stops him. dada ji tells that he will first feed sweets to Lakshmi and says she was the first choice for Viraj, but she got married to Rishi and he is lucky. He says if not first choice, then second choice and says now I will get Malishka marry Viraj. He asks where are they? Malishka asks Viraj, how can your dada ji think that we are a couple? Viraj says I have no feelings for you, and tells that he didn’t tell her. He tells that he thought about Lakshmi’s words, but don’t want to marry soon. Malishka asks why you was taking her name. He says your dad must have told him. Malishka says Dad doesn’t know what is going in my life. He asks what? Malishka says go and talk to your Dadu that we can’t marry. Viraj goes from there. Abhay comes to Malishka. Malishka asks what was it? She says you know well, that there is nothing between Viraj and me. Abhay asks her to listen.

Rishi asks Viraj why didn’t he refuse? Viraj says nobody asked me. Rishi says you both were showing off as you both are couple. Viraj says why are you upset and behaving as if you are her boyfriend and lover. He says look at Lakshmi, she is so happy with our relation. Kiran comes there. Dada ji calls her samdhan. Kiran says you didn’t ask the kids before fixing the alliance. Dada ji appreciates Lakshmi for the tasty sweets. Kiran says again. Old lady asks didn’t you see that they were so close. Kiran asks Ayush to ask Malishka what is in her heart? Ayush says didn’t you see their body language, they were saying qubool hai with their gestures. Kiran goes from there. Ayush asks Shalu to help him distribute the sweets. Lakshmi asks Shalu to go and distribute the sweets. Dada ji appreciates Lakshmi. He says I didn’t ask the kids that if they want to marry or not. He says your sister told that Viraj saved Malishka and that’s why I thought that they like each other. He asks if I did right.

Viraj asks Rishi, why is he upset? Rishi says Malishka can’t think of marrying someone else. Viraj asks what do you mean?

Precap: Dada ji tells Lakshmi that he has seen what others haven’t seen. Malishka tells Rishi that she will call off her marriage with Viraj, if he breaks his marriage with Lakshmi. Lakshmi is going there. Dada ji tells Abhay that Lakshmi will not care for her life to save someone, but she will never accept lie and betrayal. He says nothing wrong shall happen with her. Rishi agrees to Malishka’s sayings and says I am ready to marry you now itself. Malishka hugs him. Lakshmi comes there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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