Imlie: Imlie Gate Crashes in Search of Clues !

Aryan breaks Imlie’s laptop. Imlie is shocked and asks what did he do. He holds her and says he didn’t do anything, she messed up his life since she entered his life, his thought process was clear before that, she is trying to interfere in his personal life. He further says nobody can enter Arvind’s room without his permission and she barged in. She apologizes and says she didn’t think that his emotions are attached with his room and asks if he doesn’t even let Arpia enter this room. He says no. She says can’t he understand that one cannot get a closure without opening the door. He says she is adamant that Aditya is innocent. He asks her to keep the things in this room as they were before. She says she cleaned the mess in this room and was doing her job. He says she should do her job then, she is a journalist and should use her focus and muscle memory and keep the things back. Imlie rearranges things. Aryan takes her out of room and warns her to dare not enter the room again. She says how could she get information when he broke the laptop which had employee list. Aryan says he taught her how to get information.

Imlie returns to her room and vents out her frustration on Aryan that he closed all the doors of her investigation. She recalls Aryan’s advice to use her muscle memory and feels happy for showing her a way. Next morning, Imlie tries to leave house on her investigation when a black cat crosses her way. Nila walks to her and says she brought this black cat to ruin her work. Imlie tautns her back that she would have mind if Nila had crossed her way and says she will feed milk to the cat. Narmada walks to her feeling sore throat and cough. Imlie asks if she took medicine. Narmada says she took doctor’s prescription and will send someone to bring the medicine. Imlie says she will bring medicine while returning home and leaves home. Nila determines to ruin Imlie’s mission.

Aryan gets into his car to leave for work. Imlie enters and sits besides him and asks him to drop her. He denies. She starts her usual drama, says its her duty to help his second wife addressing his car as his first wife. Irritated Aryan agrees to drop her and drops her at workers’ colony. He then tsays this place doesn’t seem good, so he will stay back til she finishes her work. She insists him to leave as she doesn’t need his more favor. He drives away. She then searches Arvind’s ex-employees in the locality and finds those employees don’t stay there now. She questions a man who says they used to stay here 4 years ago gives her their new address.

Imlie reaches the address, video calls Aryan, and says his ex-employees are leading a poor life and living in huts, she will show him their whereabouts. He notices a bungalow instead. She says the man gave her this address and notices ex-employees leading a lavish life in the bunglow. Aryan warns her not to think of barginging into the bungalow. Imlie enters a bungalow in style and notices a kitty party there. Ladies ask her who is she and what is she doing here. She delivers Aryan’s dialogue and says she wanted to visit her friend’s kittty party and walked into a wrong party instead. Ladies think her as a rich woman and invite her to play cards with them. Imlie thinks she copied English madam Anu’s attitude. She joins ladies to play cards. Aryan asks if she will play cards now, where is she hiding camera. She says in purse and says by she keeps a lot of cash in purse that she can play cards anytime.

She then hears women’s conversations and questions where their husbands work. They say they used to work in a factory, then say a company and now don’t work anywhere. They badmouth about their husbands and ask Imlie to vent out her frustration on her husband. She praises Aryan. They say looks like her husband loves her a lot, it must be a love marriage. Imlie shouts no. Aryan asks her to stop now she will not get any clue from the kitty party.

Precap: Imlie disguised as an employee enters factory with a man to find out clue.

Update Credit to: MA

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