Imlie : Imlie Walks Out of Rana House !

Imlie continues to confront Atharva after learning that Kairi is her daughter and Atharva kept her in darks. Devika also breaks down hearing about Atharva’s lies. Imlie asks Atharva to look at a heart broken Devika who is shattered hearing her son’s lies. She says Atharva didn’t let her experience her child’s first word, first step, etc., and when Kairi reached Delhi from Goa in search of her mother, she must have been in immense fear, even then Atharva didn’t reveal anything; he is not only her culprit but also Kairi’s culprit. She falls down on floor and continues to cry.

A sad song plays in the background. After some time, Devika asks Rudra if he had got Kairi and Imlie’s DNA test done. Rudra says if she had seen Imlie and Kairi’s bonding, even she would have realized that Kairi is Imlie’s mini version; he was hopeful about the positive results, but when the results came negative, he didn’t tell anyone about it. Devika says more than Atharva, she is Imlie’s culprit who never listened to Imlie’s pleas.

Imlie searches for Kairi and breaks down recalling their bonding. Kairi wipes her tears calling her mamma. Imlie gets happy hearing that and says she looks so cute. Kairi says Atharva informed her that she is her mother and asked her to call her mamma from hereon. Atharva walks to them and apologizes Imlie with folded hands. Imlie leaves from there with Kairi.

Atharva walks behind her. Devika stops him and says he ruined Imlie’s life. Rudra says its not the right time to go near Imlie as she is inn deep pain and will not forgive him. Devika continues to tongue lash Atharva for his betrayal and sins and warns him to stay away from Imlie.

Atharva thinks Rudra warned him not to meet Imlie at this time, but he wants to apologize Imlie at any cost. He walks to Imlie’s room and finds her note that she is taking Kairi with her and going far away from him forever. He runs out and stops Imie and pleads to forgive him. Imlie says Imlie can forgive him, but not Kairi’s mother. Atharva says she should think about Devika, Shivani, Rudra, and others as they are Kairi’s family and can’t live without her.

Imlie says they were Kairi’s family even then and didn’t support her. Atharva pleads to stay back as a storm will come soon. Imlie says he is worried about this storm, but not a storm in their lives; he should be thankful that she is not filing a kidnapping case on him. Atharva pleads her not to take his daughter away from him. Imlie gives him Kairi’s promise and walks away from there with Kairi. Atharva stands crying. Dil Dediya Hai.. song plays in the background.

Precap: Imlie seeks a rented house but is rejected as she has left her husband. A society agrees to rent her a house on Atharva’s request. Imlie notices Atharva playing with Kairi and warns him that he doesn’t have any place in their lives.

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