Imlie 24th April : Surya Stands Strongly With Imlie!

Surya tells his family that he had promised Imlie that he will help her complete her studies and he will not break his promise. Indira asks even if he has to go against her. CJ says it’s not an election that he will stand against her; Surya took a right decision, he should get ready and leave for Banaras. Indira asks Surya if only she is wrong always, if he is against her order that Imlie shouldn’t study. Surya says she taught him to stand against wrong and this time she is wrong. Indira walks away angrily. Mahesh says he was afraid of this situation. Surya says his family ladies’ problem is his problem, Tai amma is angry because of him and he will go and calm her down.

Surya walks to Indira who is gardening. Indira asks what is he doing. He asks since when she is against education. Indira says Imlie told she will work after studies. Surya says something is bothering her and she should explain. Indira says she fears Imlie is snatching him from her, Imlie will destroy him completely. Surya says he is capable of distingushing right and wrong for him, Imlie can’t harm him, Indira should look into his eyes and tell him that he is wrong. Indira says for whom he is doing this is wrong.

At night, Malti informs Anjali that Surya is taking Imlie to Banares. Anjali imagines Imlie romancing Surya and pulling him to bed. She shouts Surya stop. Malti gets her out of imagination and asks where is she lost. Anjali thinks she can’t let her nightmare come true and let Imlie and Surya visit Banares. Next morning, Surya packs Imlie’s documents and clothes for traveling. Imlie feels guilty for misunderstanding him. Nirmala with Indira and Hemalatha watches from window and cusses Imlie that she insulted her and Indira and shouldn’t get her admit card. Imlie and Surya take CJ’s blessings and look for Indira and Nirmala. CJ asks them not to bother about senior citizens and sees them off. He then walks to them and asks why didn’t they come down to see off children. Nirmala says Imlie and Surya humiliated her and Indira by disobeying their orders. CJ says Nirmala never liked Surya and tells Indira that she should have come down and blessed kids as she knows they are not wrong.

In car, Surya taunts Imlie. Imlie says one can live without oxygen but not hope and thanks him for giving her hope again. They reach bus station. Surya asks conductor about Banaras bus and goes to get snacks. Imlie goes to washroom. Anjali locks the door from outside. Surya buys samosas. Anjali walks to him and asks if he changed his habits now for Imlie. Surya asks why is she stalking him even here. Anjali warns him not to go with him as Imlie is trapping him, let Imlie go alone. Surya warns her to stop interfering in his life. Anjali says Imlie will not come now. Surya asks what did she do to Iml/ie. Anjali insists him to say that he loves only her.

Precap: Surya searches for Imlie and calls her. Anjali throws Imlie’s phone in dustbin. Imlie from bathroom shouts that she is locked in a bathroom.

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