Kundali Bhagya 4th October 2023 Written Episode Update

In the night, Rajveer is in the room wondering how is it happening and how is there a wall in the middle of the room, Rajveer gets dizzy and says that there is not even a window in this room, he sitting in front of the mirror questions what sort of room is this as there is no window or wall, he is shocked seeing Shanaya so asks her to stop and not enter because if she comes then would not be able to go out as there is no window or wall, Shanaya also agrees to not come inside because if she comes inside then how would she be able to leave.

Shanaya instructs Sandy to make sure everything is in order and the video from all the cameras should be on his mobile, Shanaya is shocked to see Shaurya who insists she must return to the room from which she came but she insists on going to some other place, Shanaya explains that there is no door in the room but Shaurya after pushing Shanaya into the room closes the door behind her, Shanaya scares Rajveer asking if he knows how she came, she informs she came with the door. Sanju mentions he is leaving because his father is coming, Sandy asks Sanju to stay back as it would be a lot of fun but Sanju insists on leaving so Sandy goes to see him off at the door.

Shristhi secretly comes out of her room and thinks that there is no one here, she wonders she should go and talk with Rajveer as he is not answering her call, Shristhi tries to leave when Preeta questions where is she going as Shristhi herself said that she is hungry so she has prepared the dinner, Gurpreet coming asks Preeta to come with her as she cannot find the Chunri of the dress so wants to borrow it from Preeta, Shristhi thinks she was praying how she can leave the house but then she got the help of Gurpreet di who will surely keep Preeta di busy until she comes back, Shristhi quickly leaves.

Palki is really dizzy in the kitchen and wonders why is it happening to her, she thinks it cannot be due to weakness as she had dinner but did not eat after that, palki gets up to have some water when she looks at the snacks and realizes that she even ate the Parshad which Shaurya was serving, Palki is sure Shaurya has done something to irritate them, she feels he has mixed something in the Parshad which is why he was not letting her have it, Palki pours out a lemon in the glass of water thinking it would make her feel better, she is about to fall so after managing to sit down, Palki finally has the lemon shot, she thinks Shaurya is planning something, she is sure of it so thinks of finding out the truth. Palki is not even able to walk properly at first but leaves after gathering her strength.

Karan is in the room with Rishab while Karina bua and Bani Dadi are angrily looking at him, Karan turns to Rishab asking what has happened but he after a while apologizes, karan asks the reason for it, Rishab replies that both bani Dadi and Karina bua are scolding Karan in which he does not have any problem, karan asks if Rishab does not have any problem because he would stand in front of everyone for him but now does not care for it, karan asks if the feelings of love that he has have ended, Rishab asks Karina bua and Bani Dadi to look as karan since their childhood emotionally blackmails him, Rishab explains that he has tried to teach him and even papa and mom has tried to advice him but he does not listen so now Karina bua and Bani Dadi finally are trying to explain it to him. Karan says Rishab knows that he is not able to understand his advice as Rishab does it n a very difficult manner, they both start arguing when Karan says he is accepting the apology from Rishab. Karan informs Rishab has made a mistake when Rishab replies it is because he did not take the side of karan.

Karan aks Bani Dadi to saw that she wants, she says she also wants to say the same thing that Rishab is saying hearing this Rishab starts laughing, Bani Dadi asks Karan to be like a friend to Shaurya, karan says he is the father of Shaurya when Bani Dadi explains Karan must behave as Mahesh did when they both were young as parents also tend to live their childhood with their children, Karina also explains that she is first the friend of Kritika and she does not have even the smallest secret from her, karan is quietly listening to them both, Shaurya and Sandy both come to the room, Shaurya explains that he has a gift for them all but for that they all have to go to the hall, Karan realizing the advice of Karina bua turns to Shaurya, and with a smiling face says that his son has a present for him explaining his son is the best friend in his life, Karan says he is waiting downstairs telling for him, Shaurya is confused when Rishab goes to hug him explaining he also wants to see what Shaurya has planned, Shaurya asks Sandy what has happened right now, Sandy explains that his father has called him as their friend, Shaurya asks Sandy to come as they cannot let everyone wait.

Karan walking downs stairs starts praising Shaurya for setting the projector screen when Rishab holds karan telling what he is looking seems a bit fake and what Karina bua said to him upstairs he should do it but this seems fake, Karan asks if Rishab thinks this is fake but he is really happy as his son has set this screen for him and Karan Luthra is never fake, Shaurya is amazed seeing the change in attitude of Karan and so asks if Dad has taken something, Shaurya explains he is not able to digest it, Karina replies he should since he always complained that his father does not pay any attention to him, Bani Dadi says he has eaten a lot of chocolates so has gotten a big excited as they say in their language a chocolate rush, Karina explains that everything happens a lot in the rush. Kavya asks Karan to stop since she only likes him when he is happy, Mahesh explains Karan only stays happy with kavya but is always furious with him, karan hugs Mahesh explaining that even he is his best friend and the entire world is the best friend, Palki is worried thinking he wants to talk with Shaurya to ask if he has mixed something in the Parshad. Sandy says that he has never seen karan sir talk like this and he feels Karan has a peg, Rishab angrily scolds Sandy questioning what is this behavior to talk with someone as Karan Luthra, but Karan stops Rishab explaining even Sandy is his best friend, Palki asks Karan if he has eaten the Parshad, hearing this Shaurya and Sandy get worried, Karina is also tensed when Palki says she meant everyone should have the Parshad. Karan once again hugs Shaurya who says that he is just waiting for the VJ, Karan is sure that Shaurya has prepared a music video but Shaurya replies it is not that but he has a movie prepared for them all relating to the festival. Shaurya leaves with Sandy while everyone else is waiting.

Shaurya instructs the VJ to connect the video of his room with these audios, Palki gets worried thinking about the planning of Shaurya so starts following him, Nidhi thinks that she has to close the eyes of this Palki otherwise she will ruin the entire plan of her son.

Rajveer is standing staring at Shanaya asking according to her she came through the door but where is it, Shanaya points to the mirror explaining that this is the door, Rajveer accepts it and then jumps onto the rug saying he has come out of the door, Shanaya also stands beside him saying even she ahs come out of the door.

The VJ connects the equipment together when he is amazed to see Rajveer, Sandy comes asking if the VJ likes them both as they are cute, VJ questions if he should show this on the big screen but Sandy says they would play it when Shaurya asks them to.

Rajveer says that this is not the door but a mirror, he even touches it saying he is telling the truth but Shanaya does not believe him saying he is lying, Rajveer and Shanaya keep arguing with him, Rajveer says she never listens to him as he has asked her to stay away from Shaurya ash he is not a nice person but she always stays around him like a bee, Shanaya warns Rajveer to shut up, he then asks what kind of clothes is she wearing and where is the Dupatta, Shanaya angrily questions if Rajveer is stupid, and pulling him beside her asks what is it, he says they are clothes when Shanaya explains that it is a gown and who wears a dupatta with it, Rajveer once again tells her to shutup but she asks how did he dare talk to her about the dress, Rjaveer says he has a lot of strength and asks Shanaya to listen to him clearly, advising she must wear proper clothes and stay away from Shaurya, he says she does not have any manners when Shanaya angrily sits on the bed asking him to shut up, she asks him to not say anything as she is really furious, Rajveer also sits on the bed facing the other side, they both say that they are more furious then the other.

Shristhi walks out asking the auto driver if he would go to Bandra but he refuses when she asks why do they drive the auto if they do not want to go, Gurpreet calls Shristhi saying she should have at least had some tea before leaving, Shristhi is very glad that Gurpreet managed to distract Preeta di, Shristhi asks why is Shristhi herself going when Shristhi replies she is going because Nidhi threatened her, Gurpreet asks why is she taking Nidhi so seriously, Shristhi replies that Nidhi said she would make Rajveer her pawn and it is not a threat which they should take lightly, Shristhi is worried.


Update Credit to: Sona

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